Rand Bowman – Radioman: Psychedelic Groove-Driven Pop Rock


Prolific Pop Rock professional recording artist Rand Bowman is back with his latest single “Radioman”. With his latest single, he’s deepened the psychedelic groove and amped up the reverb from his deft fretboard licks. With a fairly experimental start, Rand Bowman’s accessible style soon kicks in with a slight mix up to his usual up-vibe style with starker lyrics and plenty of raucous energy.

Whilst fans of unadulterated Rock n Roll may have limited choices when it comes to finding an authentic grinding and rolling rhythm, Rand Bowman never fails to deliver. To keep his sound fresh, he’s weaved in playful elements which will quickly enamour fans of the Beatles and David Bowie. It’s almost a little impossible to believe that each of the artist’s pitch-perfect tracks are 100% self-produced.

You can check out Rand Bowman’s latest single Radioman for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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