Hannah Savage – Feel Something: Adventure-Seeking Contemporary R&B

Hannah Savage

Hannah Savage is a singer, actress, dancer and all-around artist from Philadelphia, PA. And I tell you what; you’re in for a treat with her new song called “Feel Something”.

This is a stunningly sensational R&B song that features well done soft and lustful vocals. On top of that the lyrics are rather meaningful, they scream a craving to truly experience and live life. This is a type of song that although musically is leaning towards a specific music genre (which would be R&B/Pop) it can be linked to so many different moods: Sexy, introspective, joyful, mellow, the whole nine yards. Also, don’t let get started on the production; it’s splendid. Gentle music aimed to be played at the club just moments before the sun rises.

I would definitely encourage all contemporary R&B to keep an eye on Hannah Savage, as she is releasing her debut EP called “Temporary” on 01/02/2020. Until then, check out “Feel Something” on her Spotify page.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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