London’s Sam Seccombe sings of love that has worn out on ‘Unboyfriend’

Sam Seccombe returns with a sad tale about a relationship that has soured on his indie pop fueled ‘Unboyfriend‘.

Sam Seccombe is a 22 year-old with a love for all things musical. He is a producer and guitarist and singer-songwriter that is based in South West London.

Unboyfriend‘ is about realizing the unhealthy nature of a rapidly deteriorating relationship and seeking escape from it. It’s a bold statement that demands equality in a situation which remained unbalanced for too long. This is such a true feeling and you do feel stuck, like you are in a mud pool and can’t get out. If this is isn’t sorted out quickly it can lead to a unhappy heart.

Unboyfriend‘ from Sam Seccombe is a sad pop story that is well-sung by the London singer who seems to improve after each track. He sings with soul and passion that visualizes this story so well.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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