Good die young: Goatzilla stomp their feet all over our fragile speakers with Leave It All Behind

Shredding all sofas into tiny pieces and booming in a sound which might either age or excite, Goatzilla is at its roaring best with a lionhearted exhibition on the hard-road-ahead ripper an ace cricket bowler would be proud of on Leave It All Behind.

Goatzilla is a Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece band who are best known for their explosively entertaining live concerts and have been on the scene since 2015.

They like good whiskey, cars, heavy music, and collecting way too many guitars.” ~ Goatzilla

On their first album since 2019’s Muthafukasaurus, Goatzilla seemingly has the power to destroy all tired faces with the ultimate pick-me-up. This is hardcore and raw. Are your ears ready for a pounding? If so, press play and turn it all the way up.

Leave It All Behind from Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece act Goatzilla is a meaty song which needs a steak for consumption right next to it. There is a hugely colossal track on the cards for anyone brave enough here.

With so much strength from all corners and a vivid vocal rendition to take note of, this is a truly life-enhancing single for anyone who likes it rather heavily textured.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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