Nicholas Orthofer – Edge of the World: An Alt Approach to Indie Folk Pop Accordance

London-based Alt Indie artist Nicholas Orthofer released their latest single “Edge of the World” in September 2019, and it only took the prelude to viscerally hook me into the soft subversively progressive single.

Similar to Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, and Jeff Buckley’s soundscapes, Edge of the World gripped me with a sense of melancholy as I listened to the sweet accordance of the single. The tonality remains light and restorative, but there’s a poignant sense of beauty that through such soft and delicate vocals out pour plaintively soul-stabbing lyrics.

The weight of this single definitely won’t fail to make itself known on your chest; Edge of the World isn’t just a single which you can half-heartedly hit play on, it’s a mellifluously transfixing aural experience.

What starts off with a fairly archetypal Indie Folk Pop arrangement gradually evolves into one which offers Jazz-infused cabaret elements. At first, the brass sits alongside the effervescent jangles of the guitar and Nicholas Orthofer’s ethereal vocals before leading up to a Swing instrumental outro.

You can check out Nicholas Orthofer’s single Edge of the World for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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