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Good die young: Goatzilla stomp their feet all over our fragile speakers with Leave It All Behind

Shredding all sofas into tiny pieces and booming in a sound which might either age or excite, Goatzilla is at its roaring best with a lionhearted exhibition on the hard-road-ahead ripper an ace cricket bowler would be proud of on Leave It All Behind.

Goatzilla is a Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece band who are best known for their explosively entertaining live concerts and have been on the scene since 2015.

They like good whiskey, cars, heavy music, and collecting way too many guitars.” ~ Goatzilla

On their first album since 2019’s Muthafukasaurus, Goatzilla seemingly has the power to destroy all tired faces with the ultimate pick-me-up. This is hardcore and raw. Are your ears ready for a pounding? If so, press play and turn it all the way up.

Leave It All Behind from Gold Coast, Australia-based indie punk rock 4-piece act Goatzilla is a meaty song which needs a steak for consumption right next to it. There is a hugely colossal track on the cards for anyone brave enough here.

With so much strength from all corners and a vivid vocal rendition to take note of, this is a truly life-enhancing single for anyone who likes it rather heavily textured.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian alt-indie singer-songwriter Greg Barnett advocated for nature in his existential serenade, ‘The C-Bomb’

Starting his single with clips of Donald Trump’s cognitive dissonance was a bold choice, but his obnoxious tones will always evoke a visceral reaction from the minds Greg Barnett aimed to compel with his standout single, The C-Bomb.

Taken from his massive 30-track debut LP, The Flat White Album, the single reminds us of the role we all need to play in salvaging the planet before it burns hotter than the temper of a right winger when expected to find a modicum of empathy or awareness.

The orchestrally laced alt-indie-folk soundscape that will make any Elliott Smith fans feel instantaneously at home delivers a shot of vindication through the affirmation that you’re not alone in your climate anxiety. Which is as warranted as it is a necessity if we want to take back our world from the disaster capitalists who would be happy to walk in the ashes as long as there are enough 0s in their bank balance before the curtains close on humanity.

The C-Bomb is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Gold Coast singer Amela hits all the right notes on her ‘DNM’

Australian alt-pop singer-songwriter Amela hits all the right notes on her brand new song called ‘DNM‘.

With a glossy start, the sultry vocals soon flow into place to make beautiful pop music. The production is tight like a tiger and the claws come out when you scratch deep into the song. I feel like this song relates to millions around the world right now. That human touch and real chat energy is so low right now as the world digs itself out of this mess of a year.

The beat is scrumptious here and the vibe is a party starter. The house style with the fantastic glossy vocals adds a wild twist to the alt-pop genre, Amela sings from the heart and the results are so lovely for the soul.

DNM is really about a yearning to talk to someone about all the things on your mind.. to go deep and within. I hope that y’all have someone you can talk to about all the things on your mind.” This is a such a great message and you can tell that this is a genuine musician, one that cares about others.

Amela slides into our heart with the brilliantly constructed ‘DNM‘ and this young Gold Coast artist is swimming nicely through the waves and gets a few barrels here. This is a great song, full of love and heart which is perfect for 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Rabbit Hole’ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song that is full of love

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is a beautiful song full of love and sweetness to snack on during the wild world of 2020.

Australian-born singer-songwriter Alisha Todd has that type of voice that makes you stop whatever you are doing. She just has it. Her genuine style makes her even more lovable too, her lyrics open the curtains into her world. Everything has been done in good time here and nothing has been rushed or flossed over. Real music.

I love how this song gets you in the mood, down the rabbit hole of love where you think of good times. Making babies with that special soul, you want it so much and know what you want to. The world is crazy and you just want to be happy, nothing else really matters right now when you are in this mood of love.

Rabbit Hole‘ by Alisha Todd is such a gem and the travels to Europe really helped this young singer. She has seen the world, been through tough times and is now comfortable in her own skin. This is that type of indie-folk that should be played on full volume, as it will warm your heart.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen