German music producer Don Tocabajo drops 6-track instrumental EP ‘Booster’

BOOSTER by Don Tocabajo

With a groovy atmosphere that seems to slam into your mouth like tasty ice cream after a summer swim in the sea, Don Tocabajo catches our attention with his latest 6-track experimental release that will raise your heartbeat as a ‘Booster‘.

Don Tocabajo is an award-winning Heidelberg, Germany-based solo artist, composer, bass player, former school teacher and music producer.

With easy-to-dance-with highlights such as ‘Supreme Noise‘, ‘War of Thruths‘ and the final track ‘Spiced Vibes‘, this is a captivating cocktail that will probably explode rapidly into your delicate soul and warm you up as you have just jumped into a sauna with your ideal lover. There is so much mystery to unpack on each single – as you sense a glow of intrigue – that simmers so sweetly as you just sit back and close your eyes, away from the world’s evil rays that are always watching.

Booster‘ from Heidelberg, Germany-based music producer, bassist and composer Don Tocabajo, is a superbly-made release that has your mind alive with ideas as your body lathers deeply inside each creation. This is an innovative 6-track instrumental release that is certainly enjoyable and will have you thinking profoundly about how music can lift up your mood from the gloom, and into a better space to truly open up your soul. If you are a fan of music that will shake you up and wake you from any previous slumber, this is a powerful EP to truly sink your tender teeth into.

Hear this new release on Bandcamp and see more via his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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