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To Hell With Tradition knows that they will always manage through the sneaky ‘Paper Cuts’

Showing us it’s indeed possible to be in total bliss if you have the right mentality, To Hell With Tradition returns with a unique song that will have you pondering life in its fullest form on ‘Paper Cuts‘.

Founded in 2019 by Achim Hofmeyer, To Hell With Tradition, is a Heidelberg, Germany-based indie alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Bringing us a track with so much intellectual ingenuity intertwined inside, To Hell With Tradition shows us his smart moves with a tremendously insightful song to unwrap with gleeful joy. Vocally serene and packed with a meditative rhythm that will have you thinking rather deeply, this is a single to enjoy for its calming demeanor throughout.

Paper Cuts‘ from Heidelberg, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer To Hell With Tradition is a catchy track that might get you sensing that we can certainly make our own luck if we try hard enough. With elegant vocals, cleverly written lyrics, and a vibe that will get you in tune with reality again, this is a song to turn up loud and with intent.

Sometimes you need to take a few cuts to see how strong you really are when the chips are really down.

Listen up to the song on Spotify and follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

German music producer Don Tocabajo drops 6-track instrumental EP ‘Booster’

BOOSTER by Don Tocabajo

With a groovy atmosphere that seems to slam into your mouth like tasty ice cream after a summer swim in the sea, Don Tocabajo catches our attention with his latest 6-track experimental release that will raise your heartbeat as a ‘Booster‘.

Don Tocabajo is an award-winning Heidelberg, Germany-based solo artist, composer, bass player, former school teacher and music producer.

With easy-to-dance-with highlights such as ‘Supreme Noise‘, ‘War of Thruths‘ and the final track ‘Spiced Vibes‘, this is a captivating cocktail that will probably explode rapidly into your delicate soul and warm you up as you have just jumped into a sauna with your ideal lover. There is so much mystery to unpack on each single – as you sense a glow of intrigue – that simmers so sweetly as you just sit back and close your eyes, away from the world’s evil rays that are always watching.

Booster‘ from Heidelberg, Germany-based music producer, bassist and composer Don Tocabajo, is a superbly-made release that has your mind alive with ideas as your body lathers deeply inside each creation. This is an innovative 6-track instrumental release that is certainly enjoyable and will have you thinking profoundly about how music can lift up your mood from the gloom, and into a better space to truly open up your soul. If you are a fan of music that will shake you up and wake you from any previous slumber, this is a powerful EP to truly sink your tender teeth into.

Hear this new release on Bandcamp and see more via his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Milena Estelle sends love kisses to her crush on ‘You & I’

Milena Estelle sings with such sweet energy on her sexy new R&B laced single ‘You & I‘.

Milena is a singer, performer and music tutor from Heidelberg in Germany. She was educated in London, England and this experience behind the mic is for all to see.

You want to be with your crush so badly. You can’t stop thinking about this love and how it makes you feel. This is all you want and you will do anything you can to make it happen. This is true love all the way, you can feel it in your fingers and you can feel it in your bones.

Milena Estelle has been playing music for many years and her variety in different genres is for all to see. She discovered her first own musical style when she started rearranging Pop songs into Modern Jazz. She released her first album in 2018 which has been the start of constant music releases. German Pop/R’n’B Single ‘Der Weg’ in 2019 was a big success. One year later she released a Cinematic/Alt/Pop song called ‘Free‘ which backs up this fine music discography.

You & I‘ from Milena Estelle is a wonderful song with gorgeous lyrics and such stunning vocals.

Head through to hear this on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Rolo

Rolo is a young singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Heidelberg, Germany. Warm vocals, a smooth guitar sound and catchy melodies mixed with electronic beat elements make up his unique Pop/Folk sound.  After delighting over 800,000 listeners all over the globe with his first single ‘’Too Blind’’, he is now proud to present his latest home-production ‘’Take it easy’’.

Giuseppe aka Rolo says ‘‘The music has always been inside my mind, I just needed to find a way record it.’’

Now that he found his way to create music, he is planning to release a few more singles in 2017 and sooner or later a whole album. So stay tuned and follow his journey on Spotify, Facebook and Youtube.