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Slip into the hypersonic vortex of Peach Giraffe’s latest experimental track, Intertwined

Peach Giraffe’s new single, “Intertwined,” is a masterful blend of skate punk, hyper-pop, trap nuances, and a touch of Arcade Fire, creating a vortexical kaleidoscope of avant-garde electronica. The grungy and antagonised vocal lines sink into this eclectic mix, stitching “Intertwined” with a mind-altering amalgam of aural aesthetics.

This daring combination cements Peach Giraffe as one of the most bold, indomitable, and fearlessly innovative artists in the alternative music scene. As genre lines blur in “Intertwined,” Peach Giraffe’s commitment to sonically visualising emotional themes shines through. The single is a lyrically poetic exposition of a relationship where distance doesn’t necessitate disconnection, despite the ambiguous parameters that could easily send the mind into a spiral with too much contemplation.

Peach Giraffe’s approach to music is an unforced journey of experimentation, spanning over a decade. His process involves piecing together a puzzle of sounds and ideas, driven not by genre constraints but by spontaneous inspiration. “Intertwined” is a testament to this organic and free-flowing approach to music creation. It’s a track that doesn’t just fit into the alternative music scene; it stands out as a bold statement of Peach Giraffe’s unique and unbridled creativity.

Intertwined reached the airwaves on March 10; stream the official music video on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Duality resounds in Touch By Mirror’s cultivation of ethereal visceralism, ‘Send Flowers’

Touch by Mirror’s latest single ‘Send Flowers‘ from the EP ‘A Fox is a Wolf Who Sends Flowers‘ is definitive proof that there are always new intersections to explore in alt-rock. This 6-minute track transcends far beyond the ordinary bounds of sound; the genius lies in its masterful contrast: the raw, overdriven guitars clash and harmonise with ethereal electronica melodies, crafting a visceral and delicate atmosphere in the same progressive breath.

Juxtapositions in the same vein resound in the vocal chameleonic finesse as the vocals oscillate between the grungy rawness of Kurt Cobain and the haunting, melancholic harmonies that echo the legendary Ian Curtis of Joy Division and Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen. This vocal duality adds layers of emotional depth, making each listen a compelling discovery through the corridors of Touch By Mirror’s creativity.

The South African artist’s rapidly growing discography is a haven for true music aficionados. His experimental soundscapes are not just heard; they take listeners on a journey through varied sonic landscapes.

Remarkably prolific, Touch by Mirror has already graced 2024 with an EP and an LP within the first three months; most artists would kill to know the secret to his unfaltering creativity and alchemically affecting ingenuity.

Stream Send Flowers on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mercy Vibe – Funkymamabass: A Bold Instrumental Leap into RnB’s Unchartered Waters

Mercy Vibe’s latest single, ‘Funkymamabass‘, is a bold, unorthodox RnB foray. This track, released mere months into her career, showcases a daring blend of soulful melodies and experimental beats, marking her as a trailblazer to keep on your radar.

The single opens with an audacious, distorted intro, reminiscent of a radio lost between stations, before plunging into a rhythmically rich terrain. Mercy Vibe’s mastery in fusing 80s soul with contemporary RnB is evident as she weaves spiritual, transcendent tones into the fabric of the track. The result is a captivating soundscape that both challenges and charms the listener.

‘Funkymamabass’ stands out for its heavy, funk-infused bass lines that anchor the track while the soulful melodies float above, creating a scintillating juxtaposition. This instrumental piece is a testament to Mercy Vibe’s avant-garde approach as she fearlessly navigates through the intersections of RnB and soul.

Mercy Vibe, hailing from the Midwest, brings a fresh perspective to the genre. Her commitment to breaking musical boundaries and her advocacy for copyright protection highlight her as not just an artist, but a visionary in the industry. Her collaborative spirit and dedication to her craft shines through in this release.

While ‘Funkymamabass’ may not align with traditional RnB tastes, it is a must-listen for those who appreciate innovation in music.

Stream Funkymamabass on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Isabelle Mettle charted new constellations of soul with her interstellar track, Jupiter and Mars

Isabelle Mettle

In the cosmos of contemporary RnB, Isabelle Mettle’s latest single, ‘Jupiter and Mars’, is a celestial defiance of the ordinary. From the outset, the track asserts its uniqueness with stabbing synths and spacey euphonic iconography. The influence of Erykah Badu, Prince, Jill Scott, and Blood Orange is palpable in Mettle’s work, yet she transcends these inspirations to assert herself as a firebrand of a visionary.

Mettle, a London native, brings the city’s rich musical heritage into play in her latest release by weaving the rhythmic beats of RnB with the smooth sophistication of jazz. Her soulful sound is a reflection of an artist who has not only mastered her craft but also knows how to push boundaries. The track’s transition from a strikingly future-embracing intro into a melodious groove is seamless, with Mettle’s divine vocal lines adding a touch of classic soul to the stylistically rich composition.

What sets ‘Jupiter and Mars’ apart is its ability to straddle genres effortlessly. The track sits comfortably between the raw, unfiltered energy of Brooke Combe and the ethereal, dream-like quality of Warpaint. Mettle is not just following trends; she is setting them in constellations of her own making.

Jupiter and Mars will come into Earth’s orbit and hit the airwaves on February 23rd.

Stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

NÍNIVE – Aleluya: Celestial Permission to Shed the Weight of Emptiness

After making one of the strongest debuts of 2023, the Ecuadorian Alt-Pop conduit of cinematic experimentalism, NÍNIVE, has returned to the airwaves with her sophomore single, Aleluya, created in collaboration with the world-renowned producer, Enrique Gonzalez Müller.

There’s not just something in the ethereal atmosphere of Aleluya; the intricate complexities within the explorative instrumentals as they oscillate, glitch and melodiously flow are dynamite to the rhythmic senses as they create a beguiling platform for NÍNIVE’s celestial vocal timbre.

As the deeply confessional single professes the weight of internal emptiness, the transcendence within the production is permission to free yourself from that feeling and let light and colour into your soul through resilience, love and awareness of inner beauty. The sonic meditation is the ultimate antidote to the agony of our current era, which makes it so hard to find meaning and fulfilment. We can’t wait to hear what the superlative songstress constructs next.

Aleluya was officially released on February 2nd; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 weaved scathing socialism into a grungy dreamscape with ‘Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty’

The London-based solo artist, djamesk13, is no stranger to the arenas of Avant-Garde alt-rock, but for his latest release, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty, he went deeper into the domain than ever before while exploring our strained relationships with high society.

While we used to look at royalty and other figures of the elite ruling class with awe, the tables are gradually turning on the perception shared by the masses. Simply put, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty is a socialist masterclass, but instead of running in the same vein as the Manic Street Preachers, djamesk13 orchestrated a dreamy grungy dreamscape to run his reflective lyricism through.

How can you be magnificent when we can buy you” will go down as one of my favourite lyrics of all time, and for the way the instrumentals and ethereally sludgy vox juxtapose the lyrical sting, Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty became an unforgettable release; a paragon of the post-grunge movement.

Everything Is Certain – Your Majesty was officially released on January 28th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Species Spoke on Staying Inspired on His Experimental Grind in an Exclusive Interview

Minnesota’s Taylor Spiess, better known as Species, has been carving a niche with his experimental trap-tinted hyper-pop edge. A&R Factory pulled him from the studio to explore his musical journey, influences, and how he’s been holding dominion over the airwaves with his hit singles, Barely Breathing and Use Me.

Species, welcome to A&R Factory! We’d love to hear more about your highly anticipated upcoming project with The Lotto Tribe, “Old Me”.

“Old Me is a story about an obvious toxic relationship. It ended with me either coping with it or breaking away from it for periods of time using different substances. Old Me is a song I wrote about that.”

How has the indie label imprint, The Lotto Tribe allowed your music career to gain momentum?

“So far, they’ve helped redistribute my entire catalog professionally and introduced better opportunities for me in this industry. They’ve also shared a lot of knowledge and helped me build a good base for my upcoming releases.”

How did your collaborations with Pardyalone and Henny Hermes come about, and are there any more collabs in the pipeline?

“Pardy grew up in the same town as me; Big Lake, Minnesota. Through mutual connections and just being in such a small community, we ended up in the same crowd. He ended up being influential to me at the beginning of my career by helping me become a better artist/person, building my image and eventually collaborating on a song titled, Sunset Drive. I played it for Pardyalone and his manager Jake, they liked it and thought he would fit on it, so he hopped on the song and killed the feature.

With Henny Hermes, it was a little different. I found him on TikTok, he was promoting a song of his and I liked his voice, so I hit him up on Instagram. He messaged me back and said he would be open to working with me, so I sent him a song I had called DANCING WITH THE DEVIL. He sent me back the verse for that on the same day and I knew we’d be making more together; the sound was just there. Right time, right place. You know? Since then, we’ve released two more collaborative records that we’ve done together, Novocaine and Use Me.”

Your previous projects like Barely Breathing caught plenty of momentum, what do you think was the key to the success of this single?

“I think the key to that project was honestly just loving the song so much and believing in the message. If you have a single that you’re confident in and you want the world to hear, it comes more naturally than trying to push a song just because you “have to drop.” Quality over quantity 100%. With Barely Breathing, I also shot a professional music video to accompany it, so that helped.”

What are your influences and goals as an artist? 

“Definitely the homie SLOE JACK. His work ethic is insane. He’s always doing something to better his craft and embracing a style you don’t hear much of anymore, all while doing it perfectly in my opinion. Also, an artist named, Kringe, for sure. He has out-of-the-box ideas and brings them to life beautifully. He’s a huge example of quality over quantity. My goal is to impact as many people as possible with my art while maintaining who I am and not giving in to pressure around me for I’m hoping a long time.”

Can you tell us about your new distribution deal with AWAL/The Orchard and being involved with the Sony Music network via The Lotto Tribe and A&R Bezel Brilliant?

“I’m super thankful to have this opportunity with The Lotto Tribe and to be distributed through AWAL. I’m grateful to the people who made it possible. I’m just excited to see what’s next and keep doing what I do.”

What does being an artist mean to you, and what are your future plans?

“Being an artist means you can voice your thoughts to be heard and help the people who listen and may face those same struggles in their own life. That’s what it should mean to anyone who’s doing this, in my opinion through music the world can come together. Stories that make people feel and a good beat go a long way! I have a few releases and some cool stuff planned throughout the next couple months. Live sessions, acoustics, and more music for sure. I’m just really looking forward to sharing my art with the world and seeing where it takes me next! So stay tuned.

Hear Species on Spotify and discover more about Species here.

Interview by Amelia Vandergast

Face the wrath of Moose Wrench’s synthesised surrealism through their latest single, Ginnel Dick

Not Dead Yet by Moose Wrench

Moose Wrench, a Leeds-based alternative outfit, propelled us into a vortex of macabre synthetics with their latest single, Ginnel Dick, from their debut album, Not Dead Yet. This track is an audacious escapade into the realms of electro-cyberpunk, infused with a Lynchian nightmare aesthetic and Kafkaesque surrealism. The song is a cacophony of genre-bending sounds that merge to form a unique auditory experience, making Moose Wrench a standout in the “dad-bod alt-core” scene, which they created because no other genre pigeon-hole is wide enough for the sheer insanity that ensues once you hit play.

After an 80s horror-adjacent intro, the single opens with a punchy, rolling beat reminiscent of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, setting the tone for what is to unfold. As the track progresses, it spills over into a psychedelically dark atmosphere, transforming the listening experience into something akin to a séance rather than a mere song. The symphonic synthscape towards the outro echoes the dramatic flair of a Cradle of Filth release, adding an operatic depth to the already rich sonic tapestry.

It’s a masterfully twisted orchestration that mocks conventional structures and sounds and is a testament to the trio’s ability to confront and creatively express life’s annoyances, from poor driving to the existential dread of mid-life. It is a must-listen for those seeking a fresh, unconventional sound.

Ginnel Dick will debut across all major streaming platforms on December 18th; in the run-up to the official release, purchase the single on Bandcamp.  

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bang beckoned his audience into a celestial utopia with his authentically orchestrated release, My Heaven

The South Asian-American Michigan-hailing artist Bang gave his audience a slice of heaven with his latest release, which seamlessly weaves his diverse musical heritage into a genre-defying masterpiece. Bang’s upbringing, enriched by classic Bollywood melodies and the pulsating beats of early 2000s hip-hop and pop, shines through in this unique fusion of sounds.

My Heaven stands as a testament to Bang’s skill as a songwriter and producer, showcasing his ability to create an auditory experience that transcends conventional genres. The track is an alchemy of folk, electronica, and dream pop, culminating in a sonic representation of utopia. Its title is aptly chosen, as listeners are invited into a celestial soundscape that is both ethereal and profoundly grounding.

Bang’s orchestrations are characterised by a unique aura that swells with soul. The track is imbued with honeyed vocal harmonies, commanding yet consoling, with hushed, sweet, and subtle timbres that envelop the listener in a comforting embrace.

The true brilliance of My Heaven lies in its ability to be both an intimate reflection of Bang’s personal journey and a universal solace. It speaks to the power of music to bridge cultures, experiences, and emotions. Bang’s diverse influences are not just mere footnotes in his music. They are the heartbeat that gives life to his sound.

My Heaven was officially released on November 29. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marlon Bianco used psychedelic subversion in his cosmic jazz surf single, Telecosmo

Telecosmo by Marlon Bianco is a frenetic odyssey that propels listeners into a cosmic realm of sound while showcasing the artist’s unique ability to blend diverse genres into a cohesive and captivating sound. Bianco, a self-taught musician and former frontman of Dead Coast, demonstrates his eclectic influences and experimental spirit in this single.

Bianco’s mastery in synthesising multiple genres, including jazz, blues, psychedelic surf, and cosmic pop, results in a composition that is richly layered and full of sonic wit. The jazz elements stand out with their complex time signatures, adding a dynamic and somewhat unpredictable rhythm to the mix. This jazz foundation, combined with the other genre influences, creates a sensation akin to a futuristic gameshow theme, transmitted from a distant galaxy.

The production of Telecosmo is a testament to Bianco’s artistic evolution. Recorded and produced by Monte at The Adriatica Studio in the UK and mastered by Francesco Gaudio at StudioGaudio Taranto in Italy, the single benefits from a high-quality production that enhances its intricate layers and textures.

The track is a clear indicator of Bianco’s continuous evolution as a musician and composer. As he prepares for more shows in the UK and a new album release followed by a European tour in 2024, fans can anticipate swathes more innovative and captivating music from this talented artist.

Telecosmo was officially released on December 1st; hear it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast