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8udDha bl0od shows a (slightly) soffer side with new release iN3x7 2 M3

Experimental and alternative rock artist 8udDha bl0od has released another (this time, shorter named) single ‘iN3x7 2 M3.’ 

While being known for sonically brash and overpowering soundscapes, this number is a relatively softer one. It’s more reminiscent of early Britpop meets grunge and ‘iN3x7 2 M3’ proves that 8udDha bl0od is able to retain a notable portion of his usual artistic presence on the track. 

For those wanting an experimental rock sound made in a Britpop-voiced manner, 8udDha bl0od’s new track could very well be up to your music taste – just don’t expect to be able to remember any songs by name if you dive into his rather rapidly expanding discography. 

Listen to 8udDha bl0od’s new track iN3x7 2 M3 on his Soundcloud account here.


8udDha bl0od – !n57.:.j.:.M: Di0nY5U5: Cinematically Dystopian Scuzz-Laden Psych Rock

!n57.:.j.:.M: Di0nY5U5 is the recently released cinematically dystopian single by Brighton-based musician 8udDha bl0od. At least, that’s how it starts.

As the aural doom starts to clear, the ring of the distorted guitars gets sharper while the energy in the mix amplifies through the tribally percussive beats which start to manifest in the mix.

With !n57.:.j.:.M: Di0nY5U5, 8udDha bl0od proved that harsh discordant psychedelic scuzz has always had the capacity to be entrancing. Who knew?

No one does progressive tracks like 8udDha bl0od. No matter how many times we delve into his Machiavellian ingenuity, we’re always left psyched. Pun intended.

You can listen to !n57.:.j.:.M: Di0nY5U5 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


 8udDha bl0od has taken his sound to celestial new heights with his recently released single

“8!ll&73D580gU5j0Urn3Y;JAckDAn13lj0hn570n:3Arn3s7h0m1ngrAy0n7h38UllD0g5mA5h1ngDjAng05l3m0nPUmpk1n5” is the absurdly titled symphonically celestial soundscape from easily one of the most beguiling artists we’ve discovered in 2020.

Perceptibly, there’s no limit to 8udDha bl0od’s talent, we’ve heard them alchemically attack everything from Psych Rock to Alt Electronica. But this time, they’ve crafted a cinematically arrestive instrumental single. And it’s definitely one of the most progressively epic tracks we’ve heard from 8udDha bl0od so far. Be prepared to fall down a Rabbit Hole. The track kicks off with a Wagner-style orchestral electronic composition which you’ll easily be able to tie your rhythmic pulses to before an unexpected Psych Rock crescendo featuring heavily-distorted scuzzy over-driven guitar following on from the flurried orchestral notes.

We’ll never know what to expect from 8udDha bl0od next, but one thing which remains as a constant is their ability pique our interest with the preludes and leave us well and truly consumed by the outro.

You can check out 8!ll&73D580gU5j0Urn3Y;JAckDAn13lj0hn570n:3Arn3s7h0m1ngrAy0n7h38UllD0g5mA5h1ngDjAng05l3m0nPUmpk1n5 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mulini releases Insomnia: Experimental Alternative R&B

UK based artist Mulini has released his latest single ‘Insomnia’ the Alternative R&B style is one you must check out.

Starting off with a thunderous drum beat that leads into a synth like sound effect, to then introduce Mulini perfectly timed smooth vocals. Within the first few minutes, you’re instantly hooked on the mysterious yet super intriguing piece as everything stays similar throughout.

The instrumentation and the vocals are always kept at the same high volume and the same drum beat goes through the background. As the middle of the song begins to creep up, the pace begins to get quicker as the whisper of a voice cuts through the overpowering instrumentals.

Mulini has created a mesmerising piece of music that many will have on repeat. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next!

Check out Mulini Insomnia by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


Electronica and Neo-Classical Converge in Ben Alexander’s Strikingly Arrestive Single “Daybreak”

If you’re looking for aural escapism (and let’s face it, in these insane times you probably are), look no further than the latest release “Daybreak” from composer, producer and artist Ben Alexander.

The stunning contemporary take on neo-classical piano soundscapes is peerlessly efficacious at arresting your own rhythmic pulses and making sure that each striking note hits with masterful accuracy.

I would give you spoilers and tell you what to expect from the momentous crescendo, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise of what’s in store once Daybreak reaches its climax. And quite honestly, I’m in awe. While it doesn’t bode well for this review that I’m fairly speechless, it definitely bodes well for Ben Alexander’s captivating composition.

You can check out Ben Alexander’s single Daybreak which was released alongside the other single “Upeo” on a 2-track release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dakota Chappy – Right There: Entrancingly Danceable, Mindfully Inspired EDM Pop

Every once in awhile, it’s possible that you’ll stumble across a track which offers massive beats and an even more sizeable serving of soul. That’s just what we delved into when Electronic Pop artist Dakota Chappy appeared on our radar.

The strikingly talented vocalist dropped her latest entrancingly danceable yet mindfully inspired single “Right There” on March 4th. If you want to raise your vibration, strap on a pair of headphones and experience the vibrancy of the upraised radio-ready single.

There will undoubtedly be bigger and more refreshingly absolving music to come from Dakota Chappy. So, we’d suggest that you follow our lead and firmly affix her to your radars.

You can check out the official music video to Dakota Chappy’s latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alien Private Eye- No Call: Electronica at it’s finest

Experimental Electronica shines through in Alien Private Eye’s new single ‘’No Call’. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s for sure impressive and shows a lot of creativity.

This track takes Electronica to a whole new level, there is so much suspense as you listen, it’s mysterious, dark and even eerie in places. It’s one that you really feel yourself going on a journey through the evolution of sounds and the impact they have on a listener.

Most of the time with this specific style of music it’s either vocals and a mix of sound effects or just sound on its own. Well Alien Private Eye decided to combine the two together by adding this almost hypnotising rhythm as well as these mesmerising vocals that gives the track this dose of up-beat energy.

The melody compliments the vocals and the pitch and pace is so similar that nothing seems out of place, the use of sound effects fits with the vocal ranges perfectly. Be sure to check this one out!

Check out No Call by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Indie & RnB Converge in Alternative Artist gmj.’s Debut EP “morning breakthrough.”

Up and coming artist gmj. has recently made their soulful genre-mashing debut with the 3-track EP “morning breakthrough.”

Each of the singles is as experimentally captivating as the last. But the perfect introduction to gmj.’s instrumentally hypnotic yet blisteringly raw lyrical approach to production is the single “Children in the Rain”.

Children in the Rain starts by unfolding as your fairly archetypal RnB ballad. Yet, the familiarity which is found in the prelude and former verses slips away and creative ingenuity starts to build in its place.

As the track progresses, cuttingly sharp Indie tones are infused to completely transform the soundscape. It was a transfixing listening experience to hear the discord being thrown into the mix after such a mellifluous start. gmj. is undoubtedly one to watch.

You can check out gmj.’s latest single along with the rest of the EP by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Shimmering Indie Tones Meet Trap, Electronica & RnB in L9cket’s Single “La Heroina”

Rather than hitting you with mesmerising experimentalism straight off the bat, up and coming Alternative artist L9cket allowed the ingenuity to slowly emerge in the standout single La Heroina from their EP Butterfly Calling.

You’ll be able to expect a Saul Williams level of authenticity in La Heroina. But, the reminiscences in the sound to other artists are few and far between. La Heroina plays with warm reverb-soaked elements of Electronica, infuses shimmering Indie tones in the melodies, and weaves in plenty of sticky sweet resonance through the RnB vocals. It is a must for anyone on the hunt for refreshingly immersive soundscapes.

The spoken word versing on the outro was the cherry on the cake of a superbly produced record. The emotion contained in those lines was as subtle as a brick to the face. The poetry will stay with you for long after the track has faded to a close.

You can check out La Heroina along with the rest of the EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


FYB Frank ft Kino ‘Why’: Experimental rap single

Rapper FYB Frank featuring Kino dropped his new single ‘’Why’’ and to go with it was a music video by Famous Motion Film and Photography.

The duo both have different vocal ranges but they intertwine well together. FYB Franks are a lot more high-pitched and energetic and Kino’s tend to be a lot lower. This is a key aspect of why this track works because it does not all sound the same, the two voices blend in well with the fast tempo and the overall Hip-hop sound.

It has this wild energy about it, that you really feel when you listen through and the vocals and instrumentals add to that to make you want to listen.

You can check out FYB Frank ft Kinos new single Why and the music video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall