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East Meets West in Taichmania’s Alchemically Rendered Single “Arabesk”

Hitting play on a masterfully rendered non-western track always makes me question why we don’t do it more. Which is exactly what happened when I surrendered to the exotic invigorating rhythms contained in the first track “Arabesk” on Taichmani’s 2019 album “Seventh Heaven”.

Instead of ingesting the same four-bar chords, Arabesk is a vibrant mix of Bass-driven EDM, Jungle, Turkish rhythm, British Psychedelia and Middle Eastern mysticism which comes together in a commandingly arrestive fashion. It is a perfect reminder that true rhythm shouldn’t just leave us with the compulsion to move to it, it should give us very little choice in doing so. I never expected synths, the violin, and sax to be able to come together in such a truly alchemic fashion, I don’t expect that anyone else will be better prepared than me

You can check out Taichmania’s single Arabesk along with the rest of their album Seventh Heaven for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Comfort Creature – Pyramid Room Exit: Undiluted Experimental Expression

If you always find yourself in search of non-archetypal hauntedly atmospheric soundscapes, look no further than the latest single “Pyramid Room Exit” from Melbourne-based artist Comfort Creature.

The single, which was released on April 6th, could be easily compared to the aural delights from artists such as Bjork, yet Comfort Creature’s creations of hypnotic defiance to the usual structures of songs carry plenty of distinction.

The dark Indie Electronica artist rests her captivating yet gentle vocal layers on a bed of constantly transgressing instrumental arrangements, from friendly keys to slightly caustic digital effects to transcendental layers of pure harmony. There’s a real sense that Pyramid Room Exit isn’t just a mechanical process of going through the motions of song writing making sure that every box is ticked. Instead, you’re treated to pure undiluted experimental expression.

You can check out Comfort Creature’s latest single Pyramid Room Exit for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Madzy – Aspirant: Experimental Just Got a New Epitome

Summing up Madzy’s latest single off the 2018 album ‘Protest Songs in the Key of Silence’ is like trying explain the entire philosophy of Immanuel Kant in a few choice words. It’s impossible. For the most part because I’ve never actually heard anything like it, but also for the fact that the single Aspirant could only be loosely defined as music. Instead, Aspirant translates through the soundwaves as a Lo Fi antagonistic experiment which has an ultimate goal of leaving the listener utterly complexed. Whilst I can give the instrumentals, lyrics, or vocals any critical acclaim, there’s no disputing that Aspirant, along with the other tracks from Madzy’s album are experimentally genius. It’s almost impossible to pick up on any other solid genre’s around the sound. There’s a faint hint of Trip Hop in there, around some Lo Fi Rock n Roll approach. I’ve tried putting Madzy in a box, it turned out to be somewhat of a futile endeavour.

You can check out Madzy’s latest track Aspirant alongside with the rest of their 2018 20-track album Protest Songs in the Key of Silence on Spotify, in fact, I insist you listen to it and discover the mind warping soundscapes for yourselves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




Bartosz Lasecki – Bricolage: A Vibrantly Macabre Composition of Experimental Ingenuity

Where do I even start explaining Bartosz Lasecki’s release of Bricolage which felt more like an experiment of science than with sound? In the 12-minute composition you’re treated to philosophical lyricism which I can only assume was created with a voice synth to create that old school eerie public service broadcast creeping of nostalgia. Bricolage’s evil genius style of pioneering music almost had a Lynchian quality, as much I loved the immersive ambient swirls of sound, there was a feeling of dread that gained momentum throughout the atmospherically haunting track.

To create his macabre masterpiece Bartosz Lasecki solely relied on audio production software, using cacophonies of orchestral sound around synthesised modulations with a vibrantly beautiful range of samples which included everything from bird song to hospital heart monitors. The experimental nature of the track is increased even further with a range of guitar pedals and effects which frankly puts every other ‘experimental’ artist out there to shame.

After listening to Bricolage, I couldn’t stop there, I was compelled by Lasecki’s genius level of talent, which is when I stumbled across his (infinitely more traditional) composition of piano and violin Sonatina. It took two minutes for the weight of the melancholy to hit me and reduce me to tears.

You can check out Bricolage by Bartosz Lasecki on YouTube or head on over to his official website to check out some more of his stunning compositions.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Harvey Lemmings ‘Latley’ Will Take Listeners Through A Musical Journey

Harvey Lemmings is an artist who managed to perfect his unique take on genres such as electronic music, experimental, ambient or neo-soul.

His sound is striking because it can appear extremely sophisticated, yet pleasantly simple, appealing to a wide variety of crowds and listeners. With his brand new release, Lately, Harvey managed to progress yet another step forward in his songwriting and production aesthetics. This song is a perfect example of what happens when balance is taken into account. This artist managed to craft the music with a particular attention to details, making for a very special combination of edgy energy and personable intimacy.

“Lately” will take listeners through an exciting musical journey, where rhythm dances along with melody, creating something really special. When listening to this music, Harvey reminds me of artists such as Tame Impala or Flying Lotus, just to mention a few. The sound is roomy and expansive, yet humble and down to earth, making for an absolutely special compromise between ambiance and intimacy.


Vandenborre Release Atmospheric Track ‘The Unstoppable View’

Vandenborre is an independent band with a truly unique approach to their music. Their sound blurs the lines between trip hop, alternative rock and experimental music in a truly special way. Their recent song, “The Unstoppable View”, is a masterfully produced track that has some fascinating atmospheres and hypnotic sonic fabrics.

The clever and unusual melodies of this song make me think of artists as diverse as Bjork or The XX, but Vandenborre also have a slightly old school feel, which echoes back to the sound of great 70s rock music (including bands such as Pink Floyd or Tangerine Dream, just to mention but a few).

The most striking thing about this production is definitely the oneiric feel of the composition, and the way the understated and elegant recordings managed to capture the group’s stunning artistic vision in full. The artwork also deserves a special mention, as it truly speaks volumes about the tone and feel of the music itself.
Vandenborre managed in the hard task of combining different musical influences into a formula that can unquestionably be identified as their own.

“The Unstoppable View” is a song that feels dreamy and ethereal, with cascading melodies and stunning vocal harmonies that add depth and presence to the whole arrangement.


Masses release dark experimental alt rock track ‘Owl Eater’

Masses is a musical outfit hailing from California. This song instantly appeals to fans of dark experimental alternative rock music, with a penchant for post punk melodies and a love for industrial landscapes.

The massive riffs and wide-open melodies of this track make me think of the music of artists as diverse as Thursday, Taking Back Sunday or At-The-Drive-In, just to mention a few. The guitar tone is monolith, and the bass and drums lock in together perfectly, to form the backbone of a powerful rhythm section. However, what makes the band stand out is definitely the backdrop of unique ambient sounds and drones, adding a lush, dream-like and sometimes dark atmosphere to contrast with the band’s alternative rock energy.

The song, clocking in at 3.35, is a perfect example of what this band stands for in a nutshell. This track has everything you would expect from a great post-punk band: melody, energy, darkness and light.

Find out more and listen to “Masses” directly through their official page on Bandcamp:

-Andrea Caccese


A&R Factory Present: Snails

‘Jennifer Jones’ is the lead single from ‘Safe in Silence’, the debut LP from Bristol (UK) based experimental pop band Snails.

It follows a brace of 7” singles on cult label The Great Pop Supplement, praised by Jarvis Cocker on his BBC 6 Music show and hailed by Stephen Pastel as “Eerie, beautiful, modestly majestic.”

The 10-track album is released on 5th September 2016, again via GPS on 12″ vinyl LP and DL. It was produced with Ali Chant (Gruff Rhys, PJ Harvey) in Bristol.

Snails generate moments of suburban guitar pop reverie for lonely people walking to the shops. Formed after a friend’s request to soundtrack a budget slasher involving a homicidal nun, their sound bears the influence of chamber pop mavericks such as Basil Kirchin, Syd Barrett and Nico. The 5-piece band were hand-picked to support Teenage Fanclub at their Bristol show in September, where the album will be launched.

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