DareRick Instrumentals: 12 Whole Minutes of Transient Melodic Bliss


DareRick Instrumentals has just dropped a sensational 12 minute Trap & Techno mix for fans of Urban Electro to get behind. Whilst the mix is a little slow to start, once you get a quarter of the way into the track, you wish the mix would never end.

The sounds grow more and more palpable as the beat progresses and swirls and fades, playing chaos with your mind through the transient drops and the succinct melodies that are created in this down beat minimalistic track. It’s the perfect beat to zone into and out from, its surrealist vibe almost has an orchestral edge to the composition until it thrashes back and forth between it’s rhythmic snares. The mixtape is one of the most unpredictable tracks I’ve listened to in a long time, although it has to be said; this mix wouldn’t be out of place on a Resident Evil soundtrack with it’s occasional hints of instrumental doom being thrown into the mix.

You can check out DareRick Instrumentals Presents via YouTube, where you can also find a stunning array of his later work using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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