Georgia’s John Omen is brilliant on ‘Changing History’

Changing History‘ from John Omen is a reflective piece from the Atlanta singer-songwriter who’s voice transcends this new single.

John Omen is a songwriter & poet from Atlanta in gorgeous Georgia. John’s diverse musical background has seen him work on a variety of songs from Metal & Industrial to Spoken Word & Rock. His contemplative musings dive into the depths of the human psyche while exploring sonic realms ranging from folk & bluegrass to neo soul & ethereal atmospherics. With his latest full-length release ‘Changing History‘, John takes us on a meditative journey that transcends musical & philosophical boundaries.

Despite the diversity of his sound, there’s an esoteric thread that runs through all of John Omen’s work. With the full album called ‘Changing History’, he ties his diverse influences together in historic new ways.

The self tilted single from the album, ‘Changing History‘, is a wonderful indie-folk song from the fantastic John Omen and he sings so powerfully on this new track. You can hear in his voice that he is an absolute pro and his guitar skills leave one knowing that a true master is at work here. You can’t changing history so making your own mark is of the utmost importance.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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