Early Life Forms – A How To: A Lo Fi Melodic Masterpiece from a Mindful Mastermind

Early Life Forms by Early Life Forms

A How To is a dreamily melodic track from Early Life Forms, an essential listen for fans of Lo Fi sounds that like to get lost in the landscapes of Progressive Rock Black Holes. Being a massive fan of bands such as Pavement, Wavves and the Libertines, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the track right from the first discord, their wobbly yet ethereal harmonies have the sweetest resonance behind them against the vocalists succinct Indie 00’s style. The Early Life Forms have to be the freshest new Lo Fi band on the scene today with their eclectic aesthetic and their no holds barred approach to creating uniquely sublime sounds. What gripped me most about the band is the vocalist and guitarists Dalai Lama level intelligence and wisdom, that once you read becomes tangible through the lyrics to their latest track A How To.

I can’t rate the band enough, so stop reading me fangirling all over the place and check out Early Life Forms new single A How To on Bandcamp:


You can also follow the bands antics/new releases on Facebook:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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