Gemma Felicity lets the enlightening realness in on her honest debut single, ‘This Place’

Showing us inside a world that seems to care more about things that don’t actually matter, Gemma Felicity sings with true love and insight to inspire our precious souls to look deeper on her spellbinding debut track, ‘This Place‘.

Gemma Felicity is a London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/poet who writes from the heart and has the kind of vocal ability that will have you pressing repeat.

The happiest saddest most chilled overthinker.” ~ Gemma Felicity

Exposing the world for what it is as many drown out the noise with strong drinks and evil powers while talking about meaningless subjects, Gemma Felicity is quite incredible as she reminds us that we shouldn’t change for anything or follow shallow fads. Her gorgeous voice is pure and striking, with exquisite visuals that will stop you in your tracks, urging you to look further inside so that you remain on track to achieving your wildest dreams no matter the precarious detours tempting you.

This Place‘ from London, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/poet Gemma Felicity is one of the most real releases you are likely to hear this year. Her vocals are sensational and calming, with smart lyrics that show us that she is a deep thinker who detests the superficial energy that can break your priceless glow forever if you let it.

Life is surely about taking action and thinking about things that can change lives, not pointless chatter that just seems to heighten your anxiety and make you wonder if you can actually be in this fake place for much longer.

View something rather special on YouTube and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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