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D.In.Ge.Cc.O returns with a fascinating release to warm the heart on, ‘Say Goodbye’

Lacing down an underground track that takes you into a whole new perspective we haven’t fathomed before, D.In.Ge.Cc.O shows us into a new invention that will trigger your startled senses to wake up again to the possibilities inside on, ‘Say Goodbye‘.

D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a Gianluca D’Ingecco-created project from the always-evolving published poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The spirits of southern music, who transported me to a dimension beyond time and space. I incarnated in other lives, in presences of the past and the future, in the suburbs of the big cities of South America, breathing the life of the alleys of Santiago, Lima, Caracas, Bogotà, San Juan, on the streets of Mexico City, the day of the dead, Immersed in the Rio de Janeiro carnival or running along the Caribbean beaches late at night or alone, walking like a lonely rider on horseback, in the desert of Chihuahua.” ~ D.In.Ge.Cc.O

Sending us into a whirlpool of emotions that have you wondering deeply into this strange planet that can keep you underwater until you have a plan to stay afloat, D.In.Ge.Cc.O is the type of artist you press play when you see his music, and never turn back.

Taken off his 12-track album called ‘BACANADERA‘, this is a welcome release from an artist who seems to be on a mission to make music that really shakes your soul and is truly original in form.

Say Goodbye‘ from the skilled multi-instrumentalist/poet D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a super single that is packed with so many imaginative juices, you won’t be thirsty for a week. He seems to weave a web of intrigue here with a distinctive beat that is packed in an electronic/house style that is truly his own, with catchy vocals added for our pleasure. You will struggle to find anything more creative than this in 2022.

Listen up to this groovy single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bed Made Out Of Leaves: Thelia finds that loving escape with the special soul on ‘Treehouse’

As she sweetly gazes at that lucky human who makes her beam so brightly like a shooting star each time she looks in their direction, Thelia lives in the moment and holds onto them close so that they may live in peaceful harmony with only delicious kisses and body warmth needed on ‘Treehouse‘.

Thelia is a highly creative indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and poet who is based in the buzzing lights of New Orleans, Louisiana and was born in a small cosy town in Minnesota.

This song is about flashing back to the moments of pure bliss when you’re just slow dancing in your living room (or any room for that matter) with the person that you love.” ~ Thelia

Sometimes you hear an artist once and fall deeply in love with their rare genuineness and heart-healing vocals. Thelia is that and more, as she kindly brings us a tremendously passionate single that has you thinking of the one who you truly care about, as you wish you could both just escape into the jungle and be together forever.

Treehouse‘ from the nature-loving and free-spirited New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie-pop artist and poet Thelia, is such a romantic single that you will be lighting up the candles next to the bubble-soaked bath to this real gem. Featuring succulently alluring vocals that are classy and loving – the whole melodic soundscape puts you in a dreamy mood – and with a cheeky smile you feel is purifying your delighted soul.

Life should be about being happy in beautiful nature, after all, not stuck in a city block looking at walls with no soul.

Hear this splendid new single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Fool: Ives regrets opening up her heart to a greedy soul on ‘Fallin’ for You’

As she digs deeper into the reason why she fell for someone who didn’t care for her valuable heart properly, Ives is quite superb on her second compelling single ‘Fallin’ for You‘.

Ives is an incredibly talented indie-pop singer-songwriter and poet who is from stunning Auckland, New Zealand. She is a fairly new artist who shows an undeniable quality that is easy to hear, with a sensually classy style that is hard to ignore.

You feel her reflective mind going back to the moment that she realized that things needed to change, as she was tired of someone who gluttonously sucked all the life out of her for too long. There is comfort in her lungs as she moves onto the new chapter, as you feel her brushing the self-doubt away like knotted hair on a brush that needs to be straightened.

Fallin’ for You‘ from the Auckland, New Zealand-based indie-pop artist Ives, shows us a sad moment when someone who you loved previously, showed their undesirable cruelness. After letting them go like a lost shoe that is stuck in the mud, everything now focuses on that healing process. Sung with an honest tone and beautifully peaceful vocals from a truly angelic artist, this is a sizzling single that will be stationed strikingly in your curious mind for many hours.

Hear this lovely new single on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Why Can’t You Stay: Las Vegas singer-songwriter Ashley Marie disappears into the night on ‘Unravel’

After the underground success of her well-received debut single ‘Gravity‘, Ashley Marie is at her breathtaking best as she tries to keep things together on the wonderfully soul-searching track ‘Unravel‘.

Ashley Marie is a youthful Las Vegas, Nevada-based poet and indie-pop artist. She fuses an emotive blend of evocatively conscious-stirring music, that has you feeling in a compellingly contemplative mood.

Her sensually elegant vocals has your beating heart in a serious spin like a washing machine, as you think back to someone you cared for who kept on running away – as you wish you had gone after them – rather than wondering why they left.

Sung with a thoughtful ambiance on a body shaking soundscape which has you thoroughly enthralled as you look up at the dazzling stars for guidance, you feel an air of regret as to why she is in this state of mind. Ashley wants to be calm like her future lover –  but right now – she needs to get this feeling out of her system and figure everything out alone.

Unravel‘ from the new Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-pop solo artist and poet Ashley Marie, is an enchanting track all about wondering why you can’t seem to smile and be truly happy. Made with a stunning honesty from a dazzling musician with so much potential and who sings with such realness attached – this is a highly reflective vivid picture – as you find the mirror and wonder why things can’t be simple for once.

Sometimes you just need to vanish like a ghost for a while, to truly find your destined path and be truly free, as you work out who the right soul for you really is.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide Our Thoughts: Chicago alt-pop artist Chandler Poe wonders about the state of existence in this world on the poetic debut ‘No One’

With a poet-like style that changes up your current mindset to thinking more thoughtful, Chandler Poe is in inspired form via his brand new single all about this weird life called ‘No One‘.

Chandler Poe is a twenty-one-years-young alt-pop artist from Chicago, Illinois. He is a true underground poet, who puts on a stunning display with a performance which will have you listening twice and telling your friends about.

This is the message of looking a bit deeper as no one is the same at all – as you look to find something truly meaningful to hold onto – in this rather odd world full of misdirection and loneliness. He sounds ready to project his thoughts in his own way, which ultimately is the best way to do things.

With so many lazy copycats and fake posers lurking at every corner, this is an inspired effort from an artist with an abundance of creative energy just waiting to burst open and cure us from all the heartbreak around.

No One‘ from the Chicago-based alt-pop solo artist Chandler Poe, is the story about thinking deeply about this man-made alternate world which we currently live in. With so many people watching and listening to our every move, the power of hiding your thoughts and actions has never been more important.

Featuring a deep tone, introspective lyrics and an authentic beat that seems to end before flourishing rather quickly again, is one of the more fascinating debut tracks you will hear all year.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blood On The Carpet: Captivating California-based emo-folk artist Kiera Lyons watches her sad heart break into pieces again on ‘For You’

With a mind-blowing elegance which has the hairs on your arms standing up and a free-flowing style which is mightily sublime, Kiera Lyons sings with so much splendid angelic grace on her new single all about fixing your shattered heart on ‘For You‘.

Kiera Lyons is a prolific eighteen years young Boston, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles, California-based, self-proclaimed twitchy witchy girl, emo-folk/pop artist, poet, visual artist and multi-genre creative. She loves to make meaningful music that explores her vivid mind, as she takes ideas from her dreams and turns them into reality.

Her lyrics grapple with our youth’s bitter burden: a world of decay, anxiety and depression, of alienation, heartbreak and longing at the core of Gen Z’s struggle. Her raw, unapologetic vocal performances capture the authentic spirit of her peers, while offering a powerful insight into their experience for others.” ~ Kiera Lyons

For You‘ from the wonderfully dreamy and multi-talented Los Angeles-based emo-folk/pop artist Kiera Lyons, is an absolutely outstanding song from a young artist who sings with a real love and stupendous vigor. She is a hard working musician who has been creating so much brilliant content during this horrific pandemic that doesn’t seem to want to go away – and makes a sterling effort here – which is stacked full of an honest story, most of us have felt before. This is class personified.

The heart can take a few breaks but each time it is a bit longer, until you can fully love in unison again.

Hear this expressive new single on Spotify and follow her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Throw A Kiss: Imagesong exude excellence on ‘And Was It Just Luck?’ (ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth)

After returning to our gradually healing minds in February 2021 with ‘‘Three Magic Wishes‘, Imagesong kindly shows us into more true beauty with the excellent ‘And Was It Just Luck?(ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth).

Connie Marotta, the much-loved Northern California-based songwriter and poet, brings Imagesong to life with the help of some wonderfully world class professional musicians, to bring her superb original music and poetry to our happy ears. Established with her partner recently, the aim is to promote beauty and to inspire love to flow through naturally all over the world, just like it should.

From a very early age, Connie’s poetry was intrinsically motivated by a haunting and deep-seated desire for musical expression. This desire eventually came to fruition as inspiration began to flow into unique songs that generally span the smooth jazz/easy listening genres with specific relevance to love as a healing force in the world today.” – Imagesong

This is such a stunning jazzy-filled-with-sweetness single that puts you back into a time when no one was stuck like glue to their pesky phones, and appreciated true music with truth wrapped all over it like a stupendous bow of love. Her vocals are so calming and with such incredible musicians all over the place, this is an ode to a classic time with makes you smile deeply like you have just won the lotto.

The story of longing for the resting place with a kind lover is so abundantly sweet, when the road can be treacherous and lead you astray if you aren’t careful with who you let into your world. This is that magnificent feeling when you know that you have found someone who you can trust, as you lay closely next to them and feel each others warm hearts beat all night.

And Was It Just Luck?‘ from Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth), is an awe-inspiring effort from a group of extraordinary top class musicians, who once again bring Connie Marotta’s vision to life.

They say form is temporary and class is permanent after all. This is a fine example of what can be achieved, when the sole goal is to promote love and harmony as one.

Hear this glorious new single on Spotify and see more on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can Make Anything: London singer Elle Perry kindly lets us into her mind with deep fascination on ‘Hands’

With her delightful voice on high voltage as she looks closer in constant imagination, Elle Perry wonders about the power, creativity and uniqueness of the ‘Hands‘.

Elle Perry is a splendid London, England-based classically-trained jazz singer-songwriter and poet. She has that rare ability to pitch upwards to a level that is unimaginable to some, as you can feel her hunger to succeed in this fickle world.

Influences of mine include Joni Mitchell, Stan Getz, the poet Louise Gluck. They weave ballads and ideas, and their handling of language itself has always seemed to me to be strikingly musical. My aim has always been to create the best music that I can, drawing influence from my own experiences and modern culture.” – Elle Perry

With a moody but classy start, we stare vividly into her mind as she looks deeply at those hands to see what they are hiding inside. She sings with such assured confidence and this feels like a James Bond soundtrack that simmers deeply into your soul, as it only seems to web with mystery as the track flows deeper inside.

Hands‘ from London jazz songstress and pen-sharp songwriter/poet Elle Perry, has you floating into another level as she sings with so much desire and has your ears on full attention, simmering hot with a stunning song that will leave you shivering in anticipation. With a lot of heart and so much desire, you feel her strength and hunger through a smoothly delivered single that will have you so fascinated, on this often untouched subject.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see her IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Sounds Of The People: London-based spoken word poet AMD SPEAKS astounds yet again with ‘Black Holes II’

As he warmly encourages us to only transmit true love from our words and actions despite the dreadful fire burning all around us, AMD SPEAKS returns with his thoughtful new album called ‘Black Holes II‘.

Aaron Daniel aka AMD SPEAKS is a world class London, England-based spoken word artist. He carefully fuses that real storyteller vibe — that keeps your mind alive with that proper insight — despite what is going on in the world as we speak.

This is that rare piece of absolute brilliance, that is made with so much calm energy, as his relaxed tone of information forms a sheet of guidance, to cover up our eyes from the things which we don’t actually need.

There are all highlights here and ‘Grand Rising(ft. Miss Yankey), ‘Sage‘, and ‘A Prayer’, are particular standouts on this superb nine track waterfall of emotions. His deep voice and truthful lyrics rises above all of the noisy conversation that ultimately, isn’t helping you at all.

This is that music release that strikes you hard in your beating heart, as you strive to be a better person and to not let fake gossip and garbage consumerism block your mind up, into the swampy gutter below.

Black Holes II‘ from London’s AMD SPEAKS, brings us that real word on life through his lens, as he perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the world, as he sees it right now. This is the type of album that is highly needed in this unconnected word that has malware flowing through everywhere like an infected water stream. The awaiting world needs more music like this to heal us all of those scars, that need some love and truth lathered all over.

Stream this top album on Spotify and check out his IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dream About Me: Emerging Wisconsin singer Poet22 powers our hearts into a romantic flutter with her beautiful ‘Crush’ (feat. Shakko)

With her first much-anticipated full-length ten-track album ‘Chrysalis‘ on the way shortly, Poet22 teases us gently with her lead single that will have your mind in a romantic state called ‘Crush(feat. Shakko).

Kala Lones aka Poet22, is a Appleton, Wisconsin-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/poet. Since she was very young, Poet22 has always dreamed deeply and visualized calmly about being a successful singer, who tours the world and performs with such joy.

”It was important for me to be as honest and as vulnerable as possible with this project. I have been so blessed to work with other young Black independent artists like myself, who do what they love and love what they do.” – Poet22

She sings gloriously with such a stunning tone, each word seems so glowing and somehow effortless like she is performing right from the core of her beating heart. This is the cute story about that real feeling inside that you can’t easily explain but just know — as you don’t care if they feel the same at first — but of course wish that they returned the love.

Crush‘ from Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and multi-talented creative Poet22, has our beating hearts in a game of intense twister, as we feel the interwoven love bow of goodness from this wonderful artist. She gives us a dazzling single that hits all the right spots deep into your preciously designed soul — as you feel all giddy and smile cheekily to yourself — thinking of that person in your life that you care about so much, as they make your heart beat so fast like no other human can.

Stream this soulful single on Spotify and see more visuals on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen