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Fearless San Diego DJ Erick Diaz drops thrilling 2nd single Closer to Love

After previously spending a year in silence so that he could fully comprehend the power and beauty of a whisper, Erick Diaz thunders in with an emphatic performance to summon all energies back into the light on Closer to Love.

Erick Diaz is an experienced San Diego-based DJ, art director and music producer who is also a much-respected poet, artist and music philosopher.

A veteran DJ of many years, Diaz has shared stages with top DJs and producers of the present and past from Duke Dumont to Test and many more.” ~ Erick Diaz

Replenishing our ears with a new direction from his previous work, Erick Diaz kicks sleepy speakers back into shape and shall create a dynamic spirit within us all. Goodness me this is good. Really good.

Closer to Love from the San Diego-based multi-skilled music maestro Erick Diaz is a seriously fine tune to soak up rather radiantly and with that extra passion needed. Soaked with smooth vocals and taking us back to that first meeting when everything is so new and loving, we find a stunning song to treasure forever and forever.

When there are no fake games, true love is actually possible after all.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

B!TEZ advocates uninhibited authenticity in her alt-pop hit, Be Like You

It’s time to let the dust settle on the archaic records from New Order and The Stone Roses and lock into the viscerally fresh talent from Manchester-based artist and poet B!TEZ, who has been taking the rainy city by storm.

For her latest single, Be Like You, B!TEZ (Princess Arinola Adegbite) reinvented the 80s pop wheel with her afro-futuristic edge that is sharper than any papercut. The infectiously melodic earworm is a stellar hit based on the instrumentals alone. When the socially conscious lyrics are thrown onto the stabbing synth lines, it is impossible not to get wrapped up in the vindicating euphoria.

“The first single on Vintage Destiny is ‘Be Like You’. A self-love disco pop anthem integrating rock, and funk elements encouraging listeners to be their authentic “exceptional” selves despite living in a comparison-driven world.”

After finding influence from a broad range of artists, including Nina Simone, Mazzy Star, FKA Twigs and Bjork, the songstress carved out her niche and thrived in every arena she threw her multi-faceted talent into.

The multi-award-winning poet, filmmaker and BBC Words First artist has won Manchester Young Creative of the Year and been commissioned by Selfridges, the BBC and the University of Cambridge. In addition to performing in  Manchester’s most iconic venues, including Blues Kitchen, Soup and Band on the Wall. She’s definitely one to watch.

Honestly, I’m inspired by her after just one hit on Be Like You. Eat your heart out John Cooper Clarke.

Be Like You will officially release on February 17th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sorry For The Pain: Sensational Swedish angelic wonder Sofia Ilektra feels like the Lucky Charm

Sung with so much delightful grace and illuminating beauty, Sofia Ilektra rockets our tired souls into a whole new world of intrigue with her mesmerizing new single called Lucky Charm.

Sofia Ilektra is an experimental Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter, poet and creative director who is one of those rare artists who takes breaths away to be rejuvenated.

She’s often exploring introspective topics whilst blending playful, rhythmic vocals with soothing, ethereal tones.” ~ taken from Sofia’s Spotify page

Showing us how a self-enlightened essence can flip moods around with beautiful melodies, Sofia Ilektra is a tremendously luminous anthem for anyone who needs to be reminded that mindset is everything. Easing our apprehensions into calmer waters, we find a lifeguard-like song to rescue all of our concerns away with calming confidence to savour.

Lucky Charm from the enticing Stockholm, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Sofia Ilektra is a supremely stunning soundtrack to get enthusiastic about as it’s pure and sweet on the palate. This exceptionally genuine spirit has reminded us that music is there to be cherished if made with love. Just like life should be right?

Soothe your ears on Spotify. See more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Decuma unleashed their rogue existentialism in the spoken word viscerally experimental hip-hop track, basketball. ft. yska

Blurring the lines between poetry and hip hop, the atmospherically magnetic first single, basketball., taken from the Detroit rapper and musician, Decuma’s album, let’s play pretend, reaches the pinnacle of gritty dynamism.

Switching up the vocal tone to match the sentiments in each verse as they stay true to their brand of rogue existentialism, basketball. ft. yska is a defiantly disarming window into the mind of an artist committed to holding the world accountable for its prolific sins.

The instrumentals that seamlessly drift through cutting orchestral layers to dark and distorted bit-tune-ESQUE beats to nostalgic jazz hip-hop samples always fall in line with the provoking lyricism that makes no bones about reaching vindication by rehashing injustice.

There is little to tie each blister of candour together. When they are put together collectively, you hear a true account of how generational, romantic and institutional trauma can amount to breaking points for even the most tensile who walk amongst us. Decuma did Nietzsche proud.

Check out the official 360 Video that premiered on January 3rd on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Don’t Be Mad: Texas-based hip hop artist Hafto urges us to be way of those devil trick on timeless classic comeback track The Soul Pt.1

With a magnificent vocal intro which will surely warm our inner soul, Hafto shows us where satan’s wings fly and educates us so that we can steer well clear on the truly extraordinary The Soul Pt.1.

Hafto is a Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist and renowned street poet who is a creative soul who makes those unmistakable gems.

Skillfully establishing to us (via a barrage of ear-tingling vocals) all how to avoid those false narratives and big-headed fake heros which can only harm our hearts with their greed and games, Hafto is that cleanse from evil deeds which might shred all self-dignity away and open up the taps of despair.

The Soul Pt.1 from Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Hafto is a vocally mysterious single which shrewdly has us turning the volume up to maximum to decipher each carefully scribbled word. There is so much quality substance bolted inside this absolutely mesmerisingly ear-healer. This is one of the best track of 2022 without doubt.

Real hip hop lives on through the underground.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Domestic Violence Awareness: Tendayi Sutherland moves on from the evil lips of a monster on Gold

With the excitement slowly building for her upcoming album, Your Love is Civilisation, Tendayi Sutherland floats away like a butterfly after dealing with something absolutely tragic no human should ever experience on her important single Gold.

Tendayi Sutherland is a Kent, UK-based Zambian-British indie pop singer-songwriter, poet, music producer, and visual artist who loves to build up wisdom into her spirit.

It was inspired by positive shock, after past experience of domestic violence and love that was ambivalent, piercing and confusing.” ~ Tendayi Sutherland

Showing us her quality spoken word experience, Tendayi Sutherland shows us far inside that cage which threatened to destroy her forever. This is as honest as they come, you see. Vocally authentic and with lyrics which might cause a small tear to flow down our cheeks, there is so much to take in here from an artist who has lived through so much trauma.

Domestic violence can ricochet from your past into your future and colour the fabric of new love. But I have found hope and I hope to fly this personal flag, from my mountain of recovery, to signal that hope is within reach.” ~ Tendayi Sutherland

Gold from Kent, UK-based Zambian-British indie pop artist and music producer Tendayi Sutherland is a heartbreaking anthem which is intertwined with so much hope. Filled with so much vivid detail and a sound which might reverberate in the farthest part of your soul, this is something rather special for the world to learn from.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nour Rakha exhibits his killer cadence in his perceptively galvanising latest single, Poet Turned Rapper

Nour Rakha (previously Tut the King) set the bar lyrically high with his latest old-school East Coast hip hop single, Poet Turned Rapper, but your jaw will drop just as hard as the mic when it metaphorically hits the floor after every flawlessly insightful line delivered.

The superficiality of modern reality that is stained with false pretences and egos didn’t stand a chance against the Egyptian American rapper and producer whose expressive cadence always submerges you in the depth of his introspection.

While the bars give you a candid view of Rakha’s relatable dim opinion on 21st-century disparity, the smooth summery beats set up by producer Rifado Beats bring a stylish sense of soul, complementing Rakha’s always authentic expositions. We are officially obsessed with Rakha’s new style and sound.

Poet Turned Rapper was officially released on September 27th. Check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stop And Stare: futur3persona knows she looks perfect on backless dress

Inspired by XXXTENTACION, cleopatrick, and Lil Peep, futur3persona shows us deep inside that stomach-churning feeling when you are infatuated with someone else beside your current partner on backless dress.

futur3persona is a UK-based indie alternative hip hop artist and poet who also fuses in rock, metal and EDM into his genre-bending style.

It helped me to express myself without the judgment of others as well as help me realise who I really am.” ~ futur3persona describing the music process and what it all means

Rapped with a strikingly unique style and opening up the curtains to his current predicament, futur3persona sends our imaginations into overdrive on this startling single that so many will find eerily familiar. Leading us into his romantic mind that wishes that he was still with that other lover, showing us that finding that happy zone is so hard in an overly stimulated world.

backless dress from UK-based indie alternative hip hop artist and poet futur3persona is an underground track from a creative soul who is with someone quite outstanding, but is completely obsessed with another woman. With a raw tone that makes you feel like you’re in the recording studio, this is a track that will have you pondering that moment when you were thinking about someone who you shouldn’t be.

When you feel you shouldn’t be in your current room, your head shall spin like you are on another planet.

Listen up to this fine song on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dwin, The Stoic hopes for their connected souls to be closer again on ‘Gkw’

Urging his lover to come back as he feels that lonely energy that is bringing him down, Dwin, The Stoic shows us that true love which has him wondering why he can’t be reunited again on the contemplative single, ‘Gkw‘.

Dwin, The Stoic aka Edwin Madu is a Lagos, Nigeria-based singer-songwriter, composer, poet and journalist who is also one half of the local indie band, Ignis Brothers.

Dwin, The Stoic employs vivid storytelling in his music while exploring themes ranging from love to death to politics. He has written music for acts like Adekunle Gold, Ibejii, Jessica Bongos, Bigfootinyourface, and others.” ~ Dwin, The Stoic

Guiding us through a ponder-packed moment that will take you deep inside your memory if you have ever dealt with the sad vibe inside your soul before, Dwin, The Stoic has us all gazing into the distance and embracing those who we love.

In January 2022, Dwin, The Stoic opened the Lagos leg of Fireboy DML’s tour. He has also performed at Felabration, Ake Festival and for the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria.” ~ Dwin, The Stoic

Gkw‘ from Lagos, Nigeria-based singer-songwriter, composer, poet and journalist Dwin, The Stoic is a song for anyone who is missing their romantic partner. He sings with a truly smooth and honest style that takes you back into that time when you just wish you were together again. With lyrics that will strike you inside your heart, this is a well-constructed effort that is certainly made with that caring mixture that you can’t help but appreciate.

Sometimes your heart just wants to be close, no matter the distance.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KIMMERLY shows us sweetly inside her beautiful disaster with exceptional debut, ‘Waterlily’

After taking a hugely fearless leap and moving from the safe confines of her hometown, KIMMERLY shows us the truth in a world that is often trying to deflect what actually makes you unique on her debut single, ‘Waterlily‘.

KIMMERLY  is a Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, music producer and violinist who was inspired to take up music when she was in the sixth grade at middle school while in the orchestra.

I sing about being a beautiful disaster and a train wreck. I sing about how one can put together, when in reality we’re all like works of Impressionism.” ~ KIMMERLY

Showing us the authentic soul inside her inventive veins that cares about the earth and loves wholeheartedly like we all should, the classically trained KIMMERLY displays poise and love that is so rare in this instant gratification world that needs to rethink that mentality rather quickly. Here is a genuine artist who sings with such reflection in her own life, hoping that she can find a fellow mess to be happy together with.

While I am sometimes an artist, and sometimes a poet, I am above all a musician.” ~ KIMMERLY 

Waterlily‘ from Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter/guitarist, music producer and violinist KIMMERLY  is an incredible first single from a truly astonishing creative who has made something rather special here. She takes her time and draws us the sketch of her picture that is filled with honestly, as we melt inside her gorgeously elegant vocals that will take you into a faraway place of ponder.

Made with a really classy style that hasn’t been rushed unnecessarily, this is the start of something rather remarkable.

Hear this graceful soul shine so brightly on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen