From B to B want to take us out for some ‘Hungry Love’

Social networks in the era of Covid-lockdown have taken on a whole new meaning, especially around relationships and those fledgeling romances which kicked off before the world closed down. The lyrical refrain of ‘I want to go out’ within From B to B’s new single ‘Hungry Love’ must have been uttered by most of us at some point over the last twelve months, and if you can’t empathise with that sentiment than, frankly, we’re beyond hunger here.

Good, bouncy, American-style pop, bubblegum and beatsy, with a touch of “Marshmallow” and a little of the “junk food” taste and a side-order of hip hop, ‘Hungry Love’ is perfect, summery driving dance-pop for lazy weekends, pizza-and-coke-floats on the couch, and Netflix-and-Chill of an evening. It’s instant, it’s catchy, it hooks you in with sugar and fills you up with sunshine. What better antidote to the January Blues?

Check out ‘Hungry Love’ on Spotify now.

Review by Alex Holmes

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