Following Me: Lewis Ross-Robson is in a reinvigorated form we should surely savour on Black Again

Making his return to the music world after a much-needed hiatus to complete his studies and explore the perimeters of his sound, Lewis Ross-Robson is in extraordinary form on the rather memorable new single Black Again.

Lewis Ross-Robson is a York-born Manchester-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who has overcome those easy-to-pickup-bad habits to make music with a real message and pure purpose.

Lewis’ take on introspective folk is a reminder of the importance of simplicity in music, seeking to retain a delicate and distinctive essence through his sound.” ~ Lewis Ross-Robson (taken from his Spotify page)

With quality overlooking at every corner as each note stirs the soul, Lewis Ross-Robson has cemented his name into our anxious hearts with a simply superb showing on his much-anticipated single Black Again.

Black Again from York-born Manchester-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Lewis Ross-Robson is a single all about trying to stay positive in a rather tempting and destructive world, He sings with truth and love. The realness attached is rather refreshing and shall float our minds away from the harsh vortex, which can take our souls away if safeguards aren’t put into place.

Knowing what you need to do is the start. Actually achieving your goals, is the brave battle where success is formulated.

Heal your heart on Spotify. See more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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