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The Manchester-based producer Tao Mitsu liberated his listeners with his transcendent mix, Just Let Go.

With textures and melodic progressions that go beyond immersive to offer aural escapism, when you’re enmeshed with the pulsating rhythms in the latest instrumental mix, Just Let Go, from the Manchester-based producer Tao Mitsu, space and time may as well cease to exist.

By starting with emotional impulses and constructing musical landscapes around them, each creation of Tao Mitsu is an evocative trip tinged with the full spectrum of human emotion rather than just riding euphoric waves. The fragments of melancholy within the groove and bass-driven ambient techno beats in Just Let Go capture the bittersweetness of loneliness, encompassing the primal pain of heartbreak and the first teasings of hope that appear on the periphery.

Just Let Go may not carry the definitive Manchester sound, but with the cover art depicting one of the cosy corners of the iconic Night & Day Café, Tao Mitsu succeeded in paying homage to the vibrant and eclectic music scene via his nostalgia-driven, transcendently liberating leftfield electronica anthem.

Just Let Go reached the airwaves on August 13th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bay Bryan’s debut LP is a reverie of ubiquitous art-folk revelation

Life often imitates art, but LPs which emphasise realism and naturalism to such a vivid degree that you find yourself open to the purity and vastness of reality on this 1,000-mph spinning rock are a little harder to find, making the debut album, The Meadow, from Bay Bryan a ubiquitous revelation.

With vocals as diaphanous as the quiescent folk motifs, the omnipresent grace of the 10-track release becomes a paradox in its freeing yet arrestive proclivities. With sounds of the forestland flourishing in the same vein as Cosmo Sheldrake’s nature-sampled work in the opening singles before the LP embraces some folk traditionalism and elevates it through tantalisingly minimalist guile, The Meadow unravels as a release you should consume whole so that the euphonic album can return the favour.

There may be a lot to lament in this Anthropocene. Yet, as euphonically alluded by the Colorado-born, Manchester, UK-based artist, beauty still exists in the totality of our existence. Allowing the release to spill the solace of resonance; around the brushstrokes of pure rapture are conjurings of pensiveness, which give the LP as much soul as the euphoric dream-like layers.

The concept album may portray the tale of a protagonist trapped in an endless daydream, but with the infectious flower child celestiality, you may just find the inspiration to forego reality too, if only for the duration of The Meadow.

The singer-songwriter is often gratifyingly guilty of bringing their theatre-making talents into their imaginatively cinematic soundscapes, which have garnered rave reviews and airplay from BBC Radio 3. In an era when there is so much hate and fear, artists able to implant us in the sanctity of a daydream away from the waking terror are worth their weight in gold; Bay Bryan may just be the richest artist in the UK.

“I want you to stop. I want you to breathe. And for the next 30min I hope that you let yourself go —immerse yourself in world of the meadow —and get lost with me in it’s golden hue. The adventure is yours for the taking.” ~ Bay Bryan

Stream The Meadow via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Americana Meets British Acoustic Indie in Champagne on the Rocks’ Sentimentally Cinematic Single, Golden Hour

UK singer-songwriter, Champagne on the Rocks, tantalised timeless Americana tones and tinged them with British acoustic indie in his latest cinematically rendered single, Golden Hour.

With choruses that made me nostalgic for Semisonic, Deep Blue Something and The Calling while simultaneously affirming that Champagne on the Rocks has what it takes to become a sonic legacy in his own right, you’re damn right we were arrested by the elevated weight of Golden Hour. When the winding Americana guitar solo hits, the stripped-back sentimental hit which will allow all of your most-cherished sun-soaked memories to manifest in your mind, the track transformed into a virtuosic triumph. Repeat attention is practically mandatory.

Golden Hour is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chxmist drops an instant electronic classic to turn up all night called Rather Be

Seducing our inner party mode with punchy electronic drum lines to start the weekend with, Chxmist does his hometown of Dublin rather proud with a rather excellent soundtrack for summer on Rather Be.

Chxmist (pronounced chemist) is a Manchester-based project formed by the exceptional electronic producer and DJ Conor Barry.

Pitched vocals and garage grooves complete the sound forged from an ambient project birthed during the national lockdown of 2020.” ~ Chxmist

Scintillating with an assortment of delightfully crisp and saucy music to get enthusiastic about, Chxmist demonstrates so much quality in boatloads as we feel happy and free-flowing excellence to munch on for hours on end here.

Rather Be from Manchester-based electronic music producer and DJ Chxmist is a rocket-fueled mission that Elon Musk might listen to. This is a superbly lit experience which didn’t need too many vocals. Each ear shall feel thunderbolt stuff from a hearty meal of a song that shall change moods and get many dance fans excited. For good reason too.

This is addictive music which will get the body moving. Turn it up.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Your Words: Jon Kenzie avoids the weaving observations on Two Plus Two Is Five

Sung with a calm intensity and reminding us of that soulful blues to sip on all night long, Jon Kenzie looks for the all-important truth inside a lie-filled world on the catchy new track to meditate with, Two Plus Two Is Five.

Jon Kenzie is an experienced Manchester, UK-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter and music producer who loves to fuse folk and soul into his wholehearted compositions.

He has truly worked his way up from the grassroots, first playing on the streets and in the clubs of Manchester and then travelling Europe and the States, performing in every town that he comes to.” ~ Jon Kenzie

Taking our minds into a truly introspective soundtrack which has been made with so much poise and ingrained brilliance, Jon Kenzie sizzles our earlobes in the best possible way. This is quality stuff from an honest poet who sings with so much glorious class and love for his craft.

Two Plus Two Is Five from Manchester, UK-based indie blues solo singer-songwriter Jon Kenzie is a rather intriguing single for anyone who believes that humanity is actually going backwards. Thinking about the past and sending us a quality track to learn from, this is a must-listen single if you like things super bluesy and real.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Dirt originated allegorical psychedelia in their debut LP, Agitator.

Few Manchester music fans are strangers to the disquiet deliverances of The Dirt’s wordsmith, Jack Horner, who has been storming stages with his abrasively arresting recitations of the tolls of PTSD and orations of the graffiti on the toilet walls of iconic Manchester venues.

Standing alone, Horner’s words in his solo spoken word project, Leon the Pig Farmer, carry enough metaphoric weight to leave a bruising mark on the psyche. The curveballs in his conceits open a collective of wormholes for the mind to venture down before perceptions shift around his vindicating socialist manifestic narrations. As a part of the dualistic powerhouse, the juxtaposition between his no-prisoners poetry and effect-layered guitars is enough to tear the rug from beneath you and plateau you on a new kaleidoscopic tapestry.

The Dirt’s debut LP, Agitator, starts with a true-to-form snarled spoken word piece, which prises your eyes open in Clockwork Orange style to the systematic failures of our belligerently nefarious government. Right off the bat, the strength of the dystopic imagery sends you into a spin as the psychedelic guitars, courtesy of Sachiko Wakizaka, whirl around the repression rebellion.

From definitively Madchester instrumentals to desert rock droning originations, the soundscapes psychedelically curtail the spoken word conviction just enough to make each of the eleven tracks a palatable mind-altering cocktail. It’s hard to name a favourite, each single has its allegorical merit, but being driven to tears by the existentially delicate single, What’s the Story, had to be a personal highlight before the euphoria surges through Ignorance is Bliss, which transgresses entropy into rapture.

Grab a copy of Agitator via the Golden Believer Records Bandcamp page and watch the live launch on April 14 at the Peer Hat.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Empty Page delivered us dejection-guilt with the art rock indolence in ‘Level Sedentary’

Sloth may be the seventh deadly sin in the eyes fixated on the demonisation of the human condition, but here to absolve us of our indolent transgressions is the ever-relatable Manchester outfit, The Empty Page, with their latest single, Level Sedentary. The second single from the forthcoming sophomore LP, released on March 3rd, is an art rock masterpiece for its mid-way descent into maniacal obscurity.

Breaking from the melodic destigmatisation of idle introversion, the ties that bind dejection to depression conceptually sprawl through the middle eight, pulling you into the murky depths of discord before your cognitions collide with the reminder that some of the greatest creative minds maintained a proclivity towards inertia.

The producer, Morton Kong, evidently knew just how to pull The Empty Page into their elevated experimental own with Level Sedentary. In a time when it is impossible to fully disconnect from the chaos of the external world, the ability to revel in it under the duress of a compassionately candid duo is worth more than words could ever convey.

Check out Level Sedentary on Spotify, Bandcamp & YouTube.

Follow The Empty Page on Facebook & Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

How Do You Expect Me: Angael feels the controlled walls closing in on You Found Me

After posting her first songs in the summer of 2013, Angael returns to the solo waters with a superbly devised single to play on full volume and this one is called, You Found Me.

Angael aka Rachael Ward is a Manchester, UK-based indie alternative pop solo artist who was recently in the English-Portuguese band Rilke.

Not to be confused with being “found” romantically, YFM is about feeling watched over and controlled. Taking inspiration from Eminem and Dido’s ‘Stan’, as well as other trip hop/pop style beats from the early 00’s(cc: SugababesStronger), You Found Me will trigger an immediate sense of y2k nostalgia, that wouldn’t be too far off a sound found in the Bridget Jones soundtrack.” ~ Angael

With beautifully authentic vocals and brimming with the type of quality usually reserved for the best, Angael has dropped a much-loved song to gain courage from. This is top-tier stuff from one of the most enchanting artists on the map.

You Found Me from Manchester, UK-based indie alternative pop artist Angael is one of the more elevating tracks to play when a new door needs to open. After feeling trapped and rather unloved, this is the call to shake all fears away when the cold nights start to catch up.

When you need to fly away, it’s probably time already.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

B!TEZ advocates uninhibited authenticity in her alt-pop hit, Be Like You

It’s time to let the dust settle on the archaic records from New Order and The Stone Roses and lock into the viscerally fresh talent from Manchester-based artist and poet B!TEZ, who has been taking the rainy city by storm.

For her latest single, Be Like You, B!TEZ (Princess Arinola Adegbite) reinvented the 80s pop wheel with her afro-futuristic edge that is sharper than any papercut. The infectiously melodic earworm is a stellar hit based on the instrumentals alone. When the socially conscious lyrics are thrown onto the stabbing synth lines, it is impossible not to get wrapped up in the vindicating euphoria.

“The first single on Vintage Destiny is ‘Be Like You’. A self-love disco pop anthem integrating rock, and funk elements encouraging listeners to be their authentic “exceptional” selves despite living in a comparison-driven world.”

After finding influence from a broad range of artists, including Nina Simone, Mazzy Star, FKA Twigs and Bjork, the songstress carved out her niche and thrived in every arena she threw her multi-faceted talent into.

The multi-award-winning poet, filmmaker and BBC Words First artist has won Manchester Young Creative of the Year and been commissioned by Selfridges, the BBC and the University of Cambridge. In addition to performing in  Manchester’s most iconic venues, including Blues Kitchen, Soup and Band on the Wall. She’s definitely one to watch.

Honestly, I’m inspired by her after just one hit on Be Like You. Eat your heart out John Cooper Clarke.

Be Like You will officially release on February 17th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rockstar Energy Drink Reveals Top Secret Pre-Party with Star-Studded Line-Up

Rockstar Energy Drink Reveals Top Secret Pre-Party with Star-Studded Line-Up

Rockstar® Energy Drink is inviting fans to press play on the best night of their lives by giving away tickets to a top secret pre-party on February 23rd. Celebrating the pivotal, make-or-break moment between work and play, the intimate, 150-person gig will feature performances from MistaJam, joined by Raye, Tom Grennan and Ella Eyre perform, all before the Manchester’s dancefloors open.

Famous for being the birthplace of countless musical acts and its booming underground dance scene, Manchester nightlife is unforgettable. The Rockstar Press Play Pre-Party will set a new standard for the city’s post work, pre-party moment. MistaJam will bring the biggest dance anthems with the help of his world-class artist friends. Alongside tunes, Rockstar Energy Drink will be readily available, keeping the energy high and have fans buzzing with excitement for what the evening will bring.

To secure entry, all hopeful attendees must do is keep an eye on Rockstar Energy UK and artist Instagram channels from February 13 onwards, with all major announcements regarding ticket releases dropping online.

Radio Presenter and Headline DJ, MistaJam, commented: “I’m buzzing to be hosting the Rockstar Energy’s Pre-Party with some of the UK’s premier talent, Raye, Tom Grennan and Ella Eyre, in one of the most notorious party cities in the country.  Just like Rockstar, our set is going to give the party goers the energy they need to make the most of their night.”

UK Chart-Topper and TikTok Song Sensation, Raye, added: “Together with Mistajam and Rockstar we’re going to make sure people leave the workday behind and press play on the greatest pre-party.”

In addition, Tom Grennan, a BRIT chart-topper and Ivor Novello-nominated singer-songwriter, is set to perform at the event. Fans can also look forward to his highly anticipated third album ‘What Ifs & Maybes’, which will be released on June 9th, 2023, via Insanity Records. The album is accompanied by the uplifting and gospel-inspired new single ‘Here’, which was released last week. The song conveys a message of solidarity during difficult times and emphasizes the importance of togetherness.

And finally watch out for Ella Eyre, with a double platinum No.1 single, a BRIT Award, two MOBO Awards, and a top 5 album, is a force to be reckoned with. Currently she has over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, she’s definitely someone to keep an eye on in 2023.

Starting with a switch, Rockstar is shaping nights out for music fans and party-goers everywhere by ensuring your down time doesn’t slow you down, and setting you up to make the most of your evening. The ultimate antidote to FOMO, Rockstar is encouraging individuals to seamlessly transition from work to play while keeping the vibes and energy high.

Debasree Dasgupta, Rockstar Energy Drink, Marketing Director, Beverages, GBI, commented: “Rockstar is all about fuelling the things you love to do. We know our fans play as hard as they work, so we are pleased Rockstar can give them the boost of energy needed to transition from the 9-5 to the night ahead. We’re excited to celebrate this switch moment through The Rockstar Press Play Pre-Party, and can’t wait to see MistaJam and his guests play live.”

For more information, keep an eye on @RockstarEnergyUKI, @MistaJam, @Tom.Grennan, @EllaEyre & @Raye.