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It Will Hurt More: Manchester electro-pop artist Test Card Girl reminds us to avoid going back to the pain on ‘Don’t Go’

As she energetically starts her cozy car and thinks about turning back to the incredible times that sadly moved swiftly to heartbreak, Test Card Girl stays strong and remembers that she is on the new path now with her quality new third single called ‘Don’t Go‘.

Test Card Girl is a terrifically unexpected solo project by the wonderful Manchester, UK lofi synth-folk singer-songwriter Catherine Burgis, who ditched the dull office life and now makes music to help us all realize that life is too short for regrets.

After recently being awarded a much-cherished Arts Council England grant to write and release her first EP, her career has skyrocketed upwards and you can hear why so many love her authentic nature that sits satisfyingly in your happy stomach.

”Combining elements of synth pop with a simple folk playground melody, this is a summer song inviting you to get up and dance away bad times and regrets accompanied by an imaginary band of synthesised players”.-Test Card Girl

This is the story of not going back, no matter what the magnetic pull says or does to your beating heart. You left for a reason and despite it being easy to go back, you are telling yourself to have the strength to overcome this lust to go again. Instead, the new plan should be to look for a new road that will make you truly happy, inside your deepest feelings of content.

Don’t Go‘ from the fast-rising Manchester electro-pop artist Test Card Girl, is a stunning array of synth-filled soundscapes that washes all over your mind to give you a feeling of relief, that you made the right decision to avoid heartbreak part two. Trusting that gut is always a good idea, even if your heart wants something different sometimes.

Stream this lovely new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Relax The Mind: Welsh musician dWyn sings us the perfect ‘Lullaby’ to soothe all worries into the dark

Taken off his latest eleven-track album called ‘Young Signal‘, dWyn sings with such meaning and effortless charm on his new single called ‘Lullaby‘.

Dewi Wyn Williams aka dWyn, is a creative Caernarfon, Wales-born, Manchester, England-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and courageous NHS Hospital Pharmacist. He lovingly makes that wizardry music that boggles your mind, as you appreciate his sensational skills that has you amazed beyond delight.

The inspirational and soothing song has your whole mind in a relaxed state, as he takes us to a happier place above, with his softly spoken poetic-like words and style has all the stress wiped away like an iron getting out the creases warmly and with precision.

Lullaby‘ from the Welsh singer-songwriter dWyn, is a fantastic piece of beauty from a dark time in our history. He has the blessed ability to strike your whole body with soothing energy, as he brings us a peaceful ode to help us sleep again. A true underground classic is the overriding feeling here and this is a remarkable effort that has clearly been made with such love and care.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Feel So Free: Young Manchester-based RnB singer RAYRAY is ready to move on to greener pastures on 2nd single ‘Tell Me’

After the quick success of her debut single ‘8‘, RAYRAY returns with a breathtaking new single called ‘Tell Me‘.

The soulful RAYRAY is a fast-emerging Manchester, UK-based, Congolese-origin and Rome, Italy-born RnB/neo-soul singer-songwriter, who elegantly tells us true stories about love and performs from the heart, with every line sung from life experiences.

You feel her relief through the curious speakers, she was in love but is now happy that its all over as they can’t take your kindness any longer. She has survived the manipulative relationship and has grown stronger – perhaps a bit wearier than before – but still willing to love if its a kind person, not a selfish one.

Her voice is still young and raw, as she finds her true sound you can hear her quality rising to the top. Her crisply textured RnB vocals are such a lovely listen through the mellow beat, that compliments her vibrant voice just right.

Tell Me‘ from the effortless Manchester-based RAYRAY, is a terrific new single that has you lost in her voice, as you close your eyes and let her elegance guide you to a much better place than before you turned her on. Feeling free and expressing yourself properly, is the only way to truly be happy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out her growing IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Addictive Kisses: Manchester’s radiant indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy wants to get out of feeling trapped on ‘Substitute’

As she vividly tells us the tumultuous story about feeling so overwhelmed from a highly seductive but ultimately soul-destroying love, Minerva Daisy is absolutely brilliant on her new single called ‘Substitute‘.

Minerva Daisy is a spellbinding Manchester, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and keyboardist, who has a wildly special voice and makes the type of music that has your attention on her closely, as she eagerly swirls your heartbeat into a spin with her stunning tone.

As we take a sip from the story about how being with someone that has cleverly wrapped their powerful fingers around you to keep you in – while you try and get out quickly but are trapped inside by a supremely manipulative person – who has you exactly where they want you.

She sweetly sings with such heart and determination, with her lyrics written so well and with that extra class that separates her from the rest. On an vibrant beat that suits her voice perfectly, this is an excellent song that so many will relate to as we remember those times we loved the kisses so much – but ultimately they were tainted with poison – that seeped like evil fluid into our kind veins, to freeze us like a statue while we are still awake.

Substitute‘ from Manchester’s dazzling indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy, is a catchy song and truthful track that has you thinking deeply about who you lend your heart to, as it can be dangerous if the wrong person has control.

Hear this top quality single from the classy wine lover on her Spotify and support her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Staying Up All Night: The Sleeping Man Awakes captures the moment perfectly on ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

With a sweeping sound that knocks all the cobwebs out of your sleepy brain, The Sleeping Man Awakes takes us a for a star-gazing high on his mesmerizing new single called ‘A.T.M.O.T.’

Blackpool-born, Stockport in Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a focused EDM producer/writer, who pushes the boundaries of what is consciously possible with a wondrous fusion of magnificent ear-bending soundscapes, to satisfy your eager ears for healing through music.

He lifts the lid off and back on again at the same time, with a warping energy of a man who has experienced the energetic highs and bone-snapping lows of the music world, his sound is uplifting and dark at the same time. You imagine listening to this at a now-closed nightclub, the electric crowd alive like hungry vampires, their music thirst like none other as they let their bodies take them wherever the music goes.

A.T.M.O.T.’ from Manchester-based The Sleeping Man Awakes, is a spectacular amalgamation of luscious sounds morphed into an impressive array of dance beats, that will certainly catch your attention rather quickly.

Dazzle your ears on Spotify and find out more about his fascinating musician on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The fire needs the cold: Ben Kezia heats up his motivational forces on ‘Charge’

Bringing us his lead single from 2021’s four-track EP named ‘Manifest‘, Ben Kezia takes ‘Charge‘ of his new sound that has been patiently waiting to be performed live to his adoring fans.

Ben Kezia is a supremely underrated crossover underground Manchester-based singer/producer with Jamaican, German and Syrian roots. He makes that RnB fused hip-hop with jazzy undertones from previous influences, that stirs up your emotions and quickens your heartbeat.

After studying songwriting in London, he morphed his sound and music style from being a saxophonist and clarinet player in jazz bands, half of an indie music duo called De Novo, to a melodic RnB vibe with so much soul squeezed in like that extra welcome piece of toasted cheese, inside your deliciously wrapped music sandwich.

His voice is so strong and creative, each verse is backed with that unwavering self-belief that either makes you, or breaks you down like a ton of bricks. The pleasurable beat has you in a thoughtful daze, with your mind wondering with ideas on how to do the things you thought were impossible before.

Charge‘ from Manchester, UK crossover-RnB/hip-hop artist Ben Kezia, is a delightfully genre-filled ear-warping track, that generates the elusive spark you need to take hold of your life too. You only have a short time around so instead of wishing, why not go and open those doors you know are there for you to unlock.

Stream this powerful track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Missing you now: The Ruby Tears hope for the train to never stop on ‘Change Your Mind’

Running Steady EP by The Ruby Tears

Powering in with their lead track on the latest ‘Running Steady‘ EP, The Ruby Tears  do their best to try avoid looking at the sun of heartbreak on ‘Change Your Mind‘.

The Ruby Tears is a world class two-piece indie-rock duo created online during the strange times of languishing lockdown, between the legendary Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and fellow all-star Liverpool guitarist/songwriter Jeff Skellon.

This incredibly pure collaboration have been hard at work with their 4th EP finished over a ten month time period, and their music only appears to be getting better and better, as their partnership blossoms into a must-hear operation.

This is the sad story of hoping that their partner changes the end-it decision for the best, as you don’t want this journey to end at all. They sing with such passion and meaning, whilst the guitarist matches the vocalists mood perfectly with ultimate precision.

Change Your Mind‘ from Manchester/Liverpool duo The Ruby Tears, is the tale of trying to make the moment last and never wanting it to end. Feeling right and loved during this time is absolutely necessary, as you hope that there is another way to stop going to the final station, of this exhilarating ride.

Stream this top track on Bandcamp and see more when gigs are back on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Solutions are tomorrow’s news: Manchester’s Urban Theory open up our curious minds on truthful ‘A Poet’s World’

Leading our overly-stimulated minds to shy away from the mainstream thinking that only adds to the gloom, Urban Theory scribble down courageous clues for us to enamor ourselves with, on the wonderful star-gazer called ‘A Poet’s World‘.

Fast-rising Manchester, England-based four-piece indie-punk band Urban Theory, fuse together delightfully that extra thoughtful music, that takes you to a new place so you can reassure yourself, that everything is going to be okay again.

With their first released single of the year, they sound especially hungry and show intimate intent with a stunning array of thunderous soundscapes, that simmers in hot like a steaming induction cooker. They have that raw power and are impressively self-aware, as they have seen so many around them lose their way. Their message is to wake up the masses with that sonic boosting vibes, that stomps you in the soul so nicely.

Recorded by the talented team at Bury’s Edwin Street Studio, this is one of three singles planned for 2021 as the band take things up a notch with a pure single, that makes your body move and groove with delight and thoughtfulness, all somehow at the same time.

A Poet’s World‘ from Manchester’s riveting indie-punk/rock outfit Urban Theory, is that special type of song that has you thinking about the current world and how broke the structures really are. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, avoiding the cracked steps of today is vital so you can maze safely into tomorrow, with your head held high looking at the stars to rest your weary mind.

Hear this excellent track here on their Spotify and find out more via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manchester’s smoothest synthpop outfit MODELS will send you swooning back to the 80s with their latest single ‘Thriller’

Manchester-based newcomers, MODELS’, latest single, ‘Thriller,’ will send you swooning right back to the 80s. With glassy synths, RnB-style romanticism and intimate indie vibes, the three-piece were successful in creating a sweetly elysian soundscape which would have dancefloors swaying – if they were accessible right now. But the extended sax solo and the smooth rock n roll crooning is just as enamouring when hitting you through a pair of headphones.

The level of passion contained in Thriller could convert cynics into hopeless romantics. It’s a stunning release which will undoubtedly stand MODELS in good stead when venues in Manchester are safe to house their honeyed retro sound once again.

Thriller was officially released on February 14th you can check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Showing them how its done: David Rey shows superior skills on the mic with the excellent ‘Days & Nights’

David Rey shows us what quality Hip-Hop in 2021 sounds like, as he is putting in ‘Days & Nights‘ to elevate his craft to that legendary level of respect, for the true music fans.

Bermondsey, London-born, Manchester-based fast-rising Hip Hop artist David Rey, makes that gritty type of music that shows his lyrical sword-like abilities on the mic to full effect. He is been through the ups and downs in life, so is perfectly positioned to deliver those real street stories that aren’t fabricated or twisted to fool anyone. A real artist with bags of potential, he is keeping his head down under the traitorous fake hype, so that he can see clearly and not get smoked out by all the greedy noise- that can destroy even the smartest man.

Signed to Mic Check Management (MCM) at the start of 2019, his unique journey is one that is on a wave that might of been slowed down by covid-19 like most musicians, but seems to have that extra inner self-motivation to put in those extra late nights, to reach his own lofty goals.

The hauntingly intense beat busts through the fragile door and sparks vividly into life with a hungry rapper who shows that lyrical prowess on the mic, that is only improving over time like a fine wine. Getting better is the aim, not being hot for a week and then flaming out like a gassed out oven.

Days & Nights‘ from the phenomenally skillful Manchester emcee David Rey, is a real lesson to the youngsters out there that want to get into music. It isn’t about the likes or how cool you look, its actually about working hard on your chosen craft so that you can last as long as possible in this game and be widely acclaimed, as being the best at what you do.

Putting in those extra hours is tough sledding but feeling like you have achieved something special, is a priceless feeling that can never be bought.

Stream this real message on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen