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The Ruby Tears are here with the fantastic single ‘Make Up Smile’

Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is one of those songs that makes it all worth it. The Liverpool & Manchester connection dribble up and score such a great goal with this new single.

This duo was born from the womb of the weird life that is Covid Lockdown. Right now, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist-songwriter Jeff Skellon. Imagine when they can practice live together? The music is already incredible so what comes next could be truly ground-breaking.

Taken off the new EP ‘Fallen Star‘, ‘Make Up Smile’ is a lovely entry in the music world with indie-rock flows and that road trip kind of feel. This is that type of song you turn up loud of leave it, playing it again and again until you are feeling okay.

This is such a classy song, made with such care and the production value is quite scrumptious for the tired ears of 2020. This is that uplifting song for the ages, the vocals grab you and help you carry on. You smile and start to dance around, avoiding burning out from this crazy year that we have all faced. ‘Make Up Smile‘ from The Ruby Tears is an underground gem.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Reverend James Elmore Jenkins released self-aware gem ‘A Lament’

US Singer-songwriter Reverend James Elmore Jenkins sings with such self-awareness and realness on the Black Lives Matter inspired- ‘A Lament‘.

Reverend James Elmore Jenkins is a minister and musician from Manchester in Tennessee. He seeks to entertain and educate through songs, sermons, and sayings. As a Christian, he hopes to honor and glorify the Lord in all that he does.

This is a song all about the sad loss of life that is happening especially in the USA at the moment. Pointless killings that seem to be motivated by racial hate. This is a shocking story that is so sad to see.

A Lament‘ from Reverend James Elmore Jenkins is an indie-folk song packed full of thoughtfulness and love. This is an artist that seeks peace and this is a fine effort indeed. Hopefully his message will inspire change, change that is so needed in a world that seems to be full of hate but deep down, is full of love.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head here for the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Heavy Salad are sharing the good vibes with their rapturously Grungy Pop track “The Wish”

Ever since the earworm contained in Heavy Salad’s Psych Pop sophomore release Battery Acid made itself right at home, I’ve been psyched by the promise of the debut release by the Manchester-based masters of good vibes.

The wait is almost finally over. The Cult Casual LP produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys) is due for release on September 25th via Dipped in Gold Recordings. Ahead of the LP release, they’ve released their psychedelically rapturous grungy Pop teaser track The Wish. It’s so timely it is almost serendipitous.

The Wish is an accessible introduction to the debut album which promises a smorgasbord of enlightenment-aiding experimentalism. The driving punchy Rock rhythms possess a convictive bite and drip with a bravado-less Alt 90s-style cool which will appeal to any fans of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Weezer.

With the feisty instrumentals perfectly paired by the exuberantly high-vibe vocals offering mantras such as “I cannot save you, I can’t even save myself”, it will be hard to determine what you fell in love with first, the powerful lyrics or the tone which shatters the Manchester mould.  So many Manchester-based artists succumb to the ease in the process of assimilation for their sound. But with Heavy Salad, their sound is so revolutionary that if they were handing out invites to their cult, you probably wouldn’t need to think twice before accepting.

The massive choruses in the Wish go down like a euphoric storm as they allow you to consider the futility in attempting to rescue everyone in a world where we’re all without a compass in the chaos. If you’re as afflicted with empathy and nihilism as I am, you can consider the Wish a playlist essential.

You can check out the official video to The Wish via YouTube, add the track to your Spotify playlists, or download the single via Bandcamp.

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Cult Casual will be available to stream on all major platforms from September 25th, or you can pre-order the album here.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Alt-Pop artist Eve Perrin showcases her immense talent with ”Nostalgia”

Eve Perrin is a fabulous singer-songwriter based in Leeds and Manchester in the UK. She is back with her latest single and this new song finds Eve in nostalgic mood with her ”Nostalgia” single.

Taken off the latest EP ”Hiatus”, ”Nostalgia” is a wonderfully crafted track for 2020. The vocals are smokey cool and I like the bounce and vibe of the creation. This is indie-pop soaked with a powerful style that makes you listen twice as it’s so nice for our tired brains sick of the depressing news.

The young alt-pop artist from the UK makes dreamy indie music with a R&B sprinkle to keep it all so fresh and so clean. Eve Perrin has the sound of the younger generation in the palm of her hands. She makes everything feel so safe and pure. Eve’s voice is effortless and I can’t stop dancing to her style. This is exactly was 2020 was shouting out for.

Stream the new single right here on the Spotify music channel.

Check out the Facebook page for more info and gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manchester’s The Superphone heal the airwaves with ”Fly So High”

That special feeling of caring so much for that person in your life that makes you happy. Your heart flutters like a cheeky bird that is in the beautiful blue sky. Life seems so simple and you smile. This is what life should be.

Manchester indie-folk band The Superphone are back with new music and have blessed our souls with the deliciously tasty ”Fly So High”. I was in a funk today as the weather outside really got me down. All changed after playing this single on repeat.

My ears feel like they are flying so high in the trees when I turn this song up. UK act The Superphone are such a crispy bundle of treats and spoil us with ”Fly So High”. 15 years plus experience in the music business shows on this one and you just want to sing along. I just want to hold the hand of my future girlfriend while listening intently and my smile beams like a purring kitten. This is all about love and that inner feeling that everything is going to be okay. This is a happy anthem and we all need this kind of music in our ears to remember that things can be simple and the world should be kind. The Superphone from Manchester are a band that deserve lots of love and I for one will be making an effort to see them live when venues open up again. This is good music that is of stupendous quality.

Fly so high with this wonderfully made song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Warrington’s Kaleiders pay homage to their roots with ”Subway Station”

With an energy-filled style that keeps you thoroughly hooked throughout, Garage Rockers Kaleiders are proud of their new release and it shows. I love everything about ”Subway Station”. The track is stacked with heart and includes a catchy melody that is guaranteed to have you singing along joyously, all through the track.

After gigs in Manchester, Liverpool and London, I feel like this act are making their name known in the UK and the music just seems to improve after each release. With their debut album set for later on in 2020, these are exciting times for the 3 piece.

Kaleiders take us on a journey in the local subway station, falling asleep on trains and wishing that she was still around with regret tingled lyrics of lost love. The band are punk inspired and have garage rock influences that keep you listening intently. ”Subway Station” is a fantastic single that has been delivered via the train speakers at exactly the right time and the results are spectacular. This is a band that deserve more respect and will surely be rocking out live as soon as venues open up in the UK. The crowds await.

Stream this fantastic single and more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manchester’s SZOU drops electro-pop Orwellian reminder with ”Dystopia”

A slow build to tease us in, before dark clouds form and we are lifted into a dream, all created by SZOU. She just wants to be safe and live fear-free from all this madness and uncertainly. A sentiment millions of us feel right now, we just want to be safe and sound too, a simple human right you would think. This is a quality track from vocals to beat, lyrics and delivery. Made in Manchester with love.

With a brilliantly descriptive imagination, SZOU drops a futuristic electro-pop song that is ahead of it’s time. The way she reminds us of the dark times of George Orwell’s game-changing book 1984 and at the same time has produced the song to sound so new school. A remarkable feat indeed which makes her 2020 release ”Dystopia” a song that deserve lots of love and listens. In a world that has completely changed over the last few months, I feel that this is one of the most important releases all year. UK

Stream more from this fantastic female artist on the rise via her SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Recorded and produced while in lockdown on canal boat in Leicestershire; Folk artist Calum Read inspires us with ‘’Demons’’

Her voice is stuck in my head. What a sad but inspirational story this is. This is what real music is, in the grand scheme of life. A true Folk singer-songwriter who makes music to express his pain about a close one’s heart-breaking suicide and the after effects emotionally, that are attached forever to such a traumatic experience. 

Manchester’s ‘Calum Reed’ has found solitude on a canal boat during this terrible pandemic and has made inspirational music to escape the madness and give us a piece of beauty to enjoy. 

Calum had very little resources but wanted it badly enough, so made it happen somehow with the support of family and friends closest to him. This is the 3rd track from his debut release, ‘’Long Cool Girl EP’’ and it’s a beautiful song, full of emotion and realness. I found my eyes watering up while listening to ‘’Demons’’. The passion in the track is clear to see and it was so well executed. Well 

I hope to meet Calum one day soon and see his boat Long Cool Girl that he has been living on. Calum seems like a guy with incredible stories and with his soulful voice and music, I’m rooting for his success, no matter where or what it is. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indie and RnB Soul Alchemically Combine in Alvin’s Immersively Raw Single “Sentient”

Manchester has another reason to feel smug about their repertoire of musicians after RnB Soul artist Alvin released their latest EP Seven Oaks on May 1st.

Each of the tracks offers unfiltered candid lyrical poetry alongside absorbingly authentic beats, but the best introduction to Alvin’s succinct stylistic sound is undoubtedly Sentient.

By allowing the same haunting guitar tones as you’d expect to find in a Chameleons track to create the perfect platform for their equally as ethereal vocals, Sentient offers plenty of pensively immersive alchemy. But just because Alvin let his soul candidly spill out into the mix, that doesn’t mean that the track is without its soulful catharsis. Warming to new artists may not be easy, but it’s never been easier for fans of Alt Indie RnB.

You can check out Sentient along with the rest of Alvin’s latest EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mr Jones howls at the sky with new UK rap release ‘Moon In My Sky’

Manchester-based rapper Mr Jones has released new UK boom-bap infused rap track ‘Moon In My Sky’.

It’s a track steeped in decades of UK hip-hop and grime influence – a scene which has exploded in an honestly baffling number of dimensions, so much so that it has made it incredibly useless and difficult to use a ‘UK Rap’ tag, (trust me) – and ‘Moon In My Sky’ is unreservedly one of those rap-on-a-beat releases that stays in the boomy, bappy slipstream. 

Jones delivers with some nice charisma at points and there’s hints of decently formed wordplay dotted throughout the track, so there’s some elements that do shine through with this release.  

If you like independent, vintage-styled hip-hop from the UK, it’s a track I’m able to shout out to check out – but if it’s not your lane this isn’t the kind of release I’d suggest to hop into it. Still though, listen to it to gain an appreciation of the sheer numbers of UK hip-hop artists breathlessly bubbling below the surface. 

You can listen to Mr Jones’ ‘Moon In My Sky’ on his Soundcloud page.