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Meg Chandler finds herself on the visceral side of ethereal in her intimately nostalgic indie alt-pop single, Woodland

Meg Chandler

Given that it has been a fair while since we weren’t living through a historical event of some devastating global nature, it’s all too easy to crave the uncompromised simplicity of youthful nostalgia. Meg Chandler brought it by the smorgasbord in her single, Woodland, which precedes her debut EP, due for release in 2023.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter divides her time between a remote village in Shropshire, where she finessed her authentically out-of-the-smoke alt-pop style that will be a hit with any fans of Daughter, Adrianne Lenker and Phoebe Bridgers, and in Manchester where she enlists the help of the production/writing duo SOAP.

Never a truer line has been delivered than “now everything just seems to hurt” in Woodland, which flicks through the sepia-tinged memories of a childhood “chasing shadows by the lake”. Projected through intimately vulnerable indie pop vocals that resound on the more visceral side of ethereal, Meg Chandler, with her proclivity to hold nothing back in her lyrics, is set to make major waves with the profound consolation in her music.

Woodland will officially release on November 18th. Stream it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Waiting For Tomorrow: Paul Hand prays for that strength to block those lonely nights away on Mind Give Way

Finding that hard-to-find inner force to move on from the past and those torrid memories, Paul Hand joins paths with the good parts of his soul to see that bright light of progression make everything better again on Mind Give Way.

Paul Hand is a Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a timeless style and keeps it classy throughout.

Pulsating with a catchy energy and filled with so much promise, Paul Hand is in rarified air with a cloud-jumping single about finding that ideal zone to flourish like the birds in the sky. This is a quality listen and is drenched in rather pure vocals to get thrilled about.

Mind Give Way from Manchester, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer Paul Hand is the call to soak into that happy path again and move from the rain-clouds within. Searing with a likeable sound and filled with introspective lyrics, this is a stylish release from a gritty artist who doesn’t know how to give up.

When you get your mind back to the proper place, you can move mountains.

Listen up to this new song on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

To The Devil: The Superphone shows love for that special soul on Guardian Angel

Sung with a supreme magnificence which shall take your mind away from the noisy pollution, The Superphone shows us deeply into a reborn state of mind on Guardian Angel.

The Superphone is a Manchester, UK-based 4-piece alternative band who are the type of outfit who shall set your heart alive because of their nostalgic nature.

We have an extensive gigography, supporting many acts across the country.” ~ The Superphone

Taking us on an electrifying ride through time which shall get all those senses ready for something different to the rest, The Superphone drops a fuse-filled explosion of a single to turn up to full volume.

Guardian Angel from Manchester, UK-based 4-piece alternative band The Superphone is a vibrant single that is laced in so much class that shall set your mind free from the temptations lurking. Lathered in so much exquisite vocal projection and with a sound that feels so precise, this is something rather fulfilling and shall change our perspective into one that is only looking forward.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Buzzcocks made it a little less grim up north with their single, Manchester Rain

‘When it rains, it pours’ seems to be the perfect adage to capture the deluge of dissatisfaction drizzling over the entirety of the UK. But Buzzcocks siphoned euphonic punk rock dynamism from the dismal atmosphere in their single, Manchester Rain, taken from their upcoming studio album, Sonics in the Soul.

Inspired by the relentless motivation of grassroots artists to keep the scene thriving in Manchester, Manchester Rain is a smorgasbord of riotous optimism. One that will stir even the most ennui-soaked souls through the blasts galvanic garagey guitars and assertively upbeat vocals that create hooks sharp enough to hang your leather jacket on.

In the tragic wake of Pete Shelley, co-founder and co-singer-songwriter Steve Diggle has kept the buzz reverberating through their iconic-since-the-70s-sound. Shelley would undoubtedly be proud of Buzzcocks continuing to stand at the vanguard of punk-rock euphoria.

Sonics in the Soul will release on CD, Vinyl and across streaming platforms on September 23rd. Until then, weather the precipitation in Manchester Rain on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Green Wire launched their latest indie-rock attack ‘Upside Down, Inside Out’

“Upside Down, Inside Out” is the latest feat of era-spanning indie pop rock from the Manchester raconteurs of raucous innovation, Green Wire.

With notes of garage rock, pop punk and 80s rock fusing to create their dynamic sonic signature, Green Wire are by far one of the most authentic Manchester up-and-coming powerhouses as of late – a fact I can fully attest to as a fellow Mancunian. This high-powered frenetic earworm is sure to see the cheeky fourpiece go far.

Upside Down, Inside Out will officially release on September 2nd. Check it out via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

We Can Live Like Animals: sleeping together wants this love to last forever on Summer Girl

Produced by Tayte Nickols from Madfox Studio, sleeping together guides us through a gloriously innocent romance that ended rather hastily when it had the potential to blossom rather radiantly on Summer Girl.

sleeping together is a Bury, Manchester, Liverpool and Wrexham, UK-based indie alternative band who shows us that memorable music has the power to change your entire mood for the better.

Summer Girl was inspired by a short and sweet summer romance. At the end of summer, the couple agreed to go their separate ways. Like the romance, Summer Girl is short, bright and sweet, capturing the highs of a British summer in its emphatic chorus. However, much like the British summer, this romance was rained off too soon. These fleeting glimpses of a love, destined for rapidly approaching heartbreak, are conveyed perfectly through Summer Girl’s climbing vocals.” ~ sleeping together

Thrilling our sweaty bodies alive and tickling our glowing senses awake to what is possible if two souls can combine for a short time, sleeping together shall have us all smiling cheekily at each other. Bringing us all the way to the top of our emotions and then showing us the other side, this is a must-listen for anyone who still believes that true love is real.

Summer Girl from the UK-based indie alternative band sleeping together is a terrific song from a dynamic outfit who just knows how to make you groove rather sweetly. With a soundtrack to those long days that are filled with sunshine and never seem to end for a few months, you will find yourself clicking repeat on this fine song. Teaching us that all good things have to end eventually, this is a striking single that will make you stop and think about how love actually forms.

Love is so kind and so cruel sometimes.

Tune in on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter Jack Eppington asks us to work together on, ‘We’re Gonna Fly Now’

Urging us to fuse our minds together rather than following the selfish path that so many do, Jack Eppington returns with his highly enthusiastic new single about working as one team on, ‘We’re Gonna Fly Now‘.

Jack Eppington is a New York City-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter, journalist and photographer who now resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Jack’s influences include The Beatles, Peter Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin, Bread, Badfinger, Bruce Springsteen and others.” ~ Jack Eppington

Turning his mind to what needs to be done to make the planet a better place, Jack Eppington shows us that by looking up and not down, things can indeed be better than we could possibly imagine if we are all looking in the same direction.

We’re Gonna Fly Now‘ from New York City-born indie folk-pop singer-songwriter Jack Eppington, is a single that shows us the passion of an experienced musician who is following his dreams. His mind is elevated on this new single as he looks for solutions to try and help humanity, which needs leaders to stand up right now so that we may mend this world up like a doctor applying stitches to a patient. A single with a beat you won’t forget is in store here, as we look above to see what is actually possible if we all join hands.

Check out the single on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Irish RnB artist Donohue let’s us in on dynamic debut track, ‘Solo’

Showing us that he is here and never going to let anyone bring him down, Donohue sends us into a happier state of mind with a debut single to remember called, ‘Solo‘.

Donohue is an 18-year-old Galway, Ireland-born, Manchester, UK-based indie RnB solo artist who is a true entertainer at heart and is clearly ready for the big time.

Donohue looks to bring a timeless style of music back to the forefront by blending influences from Prince, Stevie Wonder and D’Angelo, with his own modern, musical sensibilities.” ~ Donohue

Inspired by so many different genres and with a confident perspective that has him thriving when others are doubting, Donohue will have you dancing and getting into the mood to reach your goals no matter what barriers are in your way.

Donohue was lucky to be given a wide musical palette at a young age, listening to everything from Bach to the Beatles, from Jazz to Folk.” ~ Donohue

Solo‘ from Galway, Ireland-born, Manchester, UK-based indie RnB solo artist Donohue is a catchy track that is loaded with quality and freshly-toned vocals that send you into a new stratosphere of delight. His voice sounds ravenous for more, as we are placed into a world packed with potential, from a young musician who seems absolutely fearless. With live music back globally and venues opening their doors again, he seems to have chosen the perfect time to launch himself into our consciousness.

Real music with soul, is always welcome.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester-based Dámì Sule feels so lost currently as he worries about ‘Taking L’s’

As he examines the grim clouds above and wonders why things are so bleak right now while he cleans up his wounds, Dámì Sule delivers one of the more honest singles you are likely to hear today with the contemplative release about finding your destiny on ‘Taking L’s‘.

Emmanuel Damilare Sule aka Dámì Sule is a Nigerian-born singer and rapper who is based in Manchester, UK and shows us his good-guy-vibe mentality with music to stimulate your deepest emotions.

Taking L’s’ is a fitting title for this emotional and personal tribute to failing to meet one’s own expectations.” ~ Dámì Sule

Dámì Sule is a gifted underground storyteller who seems to have that rare aptitude of expression that lets you into exactly what he is seeing right now. In a carnage-loaded world far too full of gloom and unnecessary hate, he is taking his time to work out who exactly he is – so that he may flourish like a free bird – and banish all those ghastly demons that are hiding in his mind forever.

Taking L’s‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie singer and rapper Dámì Sule is a soundtrack for those who need some comfort about their current projection in this harsh seemingly alternate universe. There are others battling too and we can feel a sense of unity as we all get lost sometimes when our GPS malfunctions before we have a chat with ourselves and get back on track again. Featuring softly spoken poetry-like gems to awaken the mind again, this is a thoughtful single that should see you gazing outside and wondering if you are in the right place.

After all, you never know where your road will lead if you don’t experience some bad times – so that the good times will feel even more treasured like shiny gold – and make you extra appreciative of what you actually have.

Hear this deep track about finding your way on Spotify and follow him on IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester’s most ethereal synth-folk artist, Test Card Girl, is transcendent in her latest single, Fly

From the definitive home of UK indie, the Manchester-based synth-folk artist, Test Card Girl, is here with their intricately alternative Kraftwerk-inspired single, Fly.

Her choral folk vocals float into the slightly Avant-Garde, endlessly ethereal electronica progressions as the lyrics navigate the stir craziness that lockdown stirred inside all of us. In their own words, “It is a rallying cry to stand up and walk to nowhere”, inspired in part by the colliery bands in British mining towns.

With Seadna McPhail (Airtight Studios) on production and the I am Kloot drummer, Andy Hargreaves, responsible for production, this Arts Council-funded single was worth every penny. There really is no understating how much its gentle gravitas cuts straight to the core of frustration while exploring art in the context of desolation.

Fly, the second single from Test Card Girl’s debut EP, was released on February 25th. You can hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Keep up to date with new releases from Test Card Girl by following on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast