Firebug has shown us the pinnacle of swampy modern blues rock with their latest single, ‘Run’.

Firebug has followed on from her 2018 album, ‘Wandering Soul’, with the highly anticipated single, ‘Run’. The Spectra Records-signed artist’s single was more than worth the wait for the international fans who were lucky enough to be captivated by her while sharing stages with Alice in Chains, Iggy Pop and Tom Morello.

The progressive single starts with plenty of vocal reminiscences to Beth Hart before the anthemic guitars, which possess a retro soulful furore akin to what you’d find if you dusted off a Holding Company record start to take hold.

With Chris Goss, producer for Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys & Queens of the Stone Age on board with production, there was little chance of Run falling flat. But plenty of the magic in the release radiates from the daring stylistic choices which merge folk-rock, blues, grunge and 70s rock with a psych desert rock twist.

The contrast between Juliette Tworsey’s vocals which exude nothing but pure soul and the swampy blues instrumentals will be a spiritual experience for anyone who still kneels at the altar of modern rock.

Run is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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