Serving Gas: Jl Bout-It gets the whole bag stacked full on ‘4 Zones’ (feat. P-Dub of GME)

With that Quarterback mentality throwing dimes all day, Jl Bout-It is taking over all ‘4 Zones‘ (feat. P-Dub of GME) as they tear up the fragile competition, with a barrage of savage raps that makes fake emcee’s nervous.

Vincent Di’Amond Berry aka Jl Bout-It, is an American rapper, singer and record executive of Paperchase Muzik. He flows that street vibe to show the whole world what is really going on out there in his hometown, despite what the news says.

They rap with such purpose and make a statement that shows you all you need to know about their intentions with this game. These two are here to play it the best they can, as throwing touchdown money stacks into their bags, is the only thing on their minds.

With a full venom of powerful beats, you feel the superior lyricism strike through as they avoid temptations and strive to make that master plan work to perfection.

4 Zones‘ (feat. P-Dub of GME) from the highly motivated Jl Bout-It, is that straight up tale about going for it no matter what. This is that grab and run music with lots of raw street appeal, as they fire in and leave through the side entrance, without setting off the alarms.

Hear this fire new track on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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