Finding that closure: New York City singer-songwriter Javarr drops ‘The End’ visuals

The End‘ from Javarr is the true story about how dealing with closure can either keep you stuck into what happened, or whether you decide to accept the circumstances, and move on to a fresh start.

Brooklyn, New York singer-songwriter Javarr returns with his signature smooth style and is highly impressive here on this new single. His voice is vibrant and honest, he hits the high notes that so many can’t, while never overstretching or straining his vocals. The fantastic falsetto energy blows in hot and you find yourself swaying along and reminiscing about breakups and how they can either go well or badly.

”They say closure happens right after you accept that letting go is more important than protecting a fantasy of how the relationship/friendship could have been”.- Javarr

The visuals are so real and shows how the classy way to end things is so hard to do, but necessary. The pain is there but you both need to move on and start fresh after healing first.

Brooklyn’s Javarr sends us a message that needs to be heard on ‘The End‘. In life, being happy inside has to be number one and holding onto things, no matter how much you miss them, only sucks you down and does nothing to help you long-term.

See this new video on YouTube and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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