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Finding that closure: New York City singer-songwriter Javarr drops ‘The End’ visuals

The End‘ from Javarr is the true story about how dealing with closure can either keep you stuck into what happened, or whether you decide to accept the circumstances, and move on to a fresh start.

Brooklyn, New York singer-songwriter Javarr returns with his signature smooth style and is highly impressive here on this new single. His voice is vibrant and honest, he hits the high notes that so many can’t, while never overstretching or straining his vocals. The fantastic falsetto energy blows in hot and you find yourself swaying along and reminiscing about breakups and how they can either go well or badly.

”They say closure happens right after you accept that letting go is more important than protecting a fantasy of how the relationship/friendship could have been”.- Javarr

The visuals are so real and shows how the classy way to end things is so hard to do, but necessary. The pain is there but you both need to move on and start fresh after healing first.

Brooklyn’s Javarr sends us a message that needs to be heard on ‘The End‘. In life, being happy inside has to be number one and holding onto things, no matter how much you miss them, only sucks you down and does nothing to help you long-term.

See this new video on YouTube and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Our Numbered Days’ album review: The incomparable multi-talented Queens musician Lauren Kidd drops her incredible debut full album release that finds her dealing with the final stages of grief

Our Numbered Days‘ from the Queens singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is her debut full album release and this was certainly worth the wait. We find a musician who knows herself now deep inside and is flourishing with each passing moment.

Lauren Kidd is a New York City-based writer, singer-songwriter, dreamer and ever-evolving creative who has her eyes set for the stars above and nothing less. When you set big goals, sometimes you fall down and scratch yourself, but its how you pick yourself up, that truly counts long-term.

After reviewing her excellent lead single ‘I Want It To Be You‘ recently which is now track eight, we are treated to the full experience which more than lives up to expectations.

You feel a weight lifted off your tired shoulders when you turn on this concept record and you know you are in safe hands.

With ‘Make You Smile’, there is a happy energy that is pushed through and the overwhelming feeling is that she is looking for that love again and just wants a chance to show that is ready again. The Pop pureness is such a blessing on the ear and the melodic rhythm is a welcome addition to a wild year.

Other highlights are, and there are so many, are definitely ‘Our Numbered Days‘ as this should be the theme of 2020. The days are so short and who knows what tomorrow will bring so we need that special feeling now, to get that love rush back into our veins.

Still‘ is such a gorgeous delivery and the hard hitting beat just makes it so much better. This is the chronicle of how you want them so badly when they aren’t around and the haunting vocals fills your soul. I imagine this to be a future music video for Lauren.

Ours‘ is a song my mind wandered far away on. I got lost in the track and reminisced about previous relationships and those happy memories and what went right. The sadness of losing someone to a breakup hurts hard and it can consume you but you have to keep those good times locked away and never forget them.

They say that class is permanent and this is absolutely true on this occasion. Lauren is such a talented musician who puts in the extra hard work to make her stand out and doesn’t expect any freebies. Its this type of attitude that will see her go far in the music world as that is what it takes to be the best at what you do. A lot of friends won’t understand and there will be some lonely nights but if you want it bad enough, you gotta go and get it. Its your life after all and you walk the road that choose, not anyone else.

Lauren Kidd’s Our Numbered Days‘ is one of the best releases of 2020 due to the meaningful lyrics, her excellent vocal projection and with her determined mindset, she is an example for others on how to do things with your music career. There are no fillers on this album, nothing you can skip, and this is so rare these days in a ‘quick and forget’ society where it’s easy to be forgotten.

If she can stay focused and keep on having a small but loyal team around her that always has her back, Lauren can go wherever she wants to go with her music. Form is temporary but class remains forever and with a secret track inside, this is an album that will inspire so many and warm their hearts.

Stream the new album on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Knowing you need to say goodbye is hard: Lunar Division send us a real indie-rock love story that you will ‘Hold On To’

Lunar Division are excellent on the often-sad but true single about lost love in their latest single ‘Hold On To‘.

Lunar Division are an Oklahoma City 4-piece indie-rock band who like all proper musicians, love to play live and put on a massive show that you remember for life. With a fantastic fusion they light the candle on a reflective story that digs deep into how sometimes, you can’t always have what you want in life.

The drummer taps his sticks together to signal the start of the song and leads like a train conductor, ensuring the smooth flow of the upcoming journey. With a 70’s type smoothly mixed journey, this is a funky song that gets you in to the mood to sway your body and dust off those live music dancing shoes that might have a little mouse inside them.

‘The drums and bass are the heart of the music as they give energy and intensity to the songs.’- Lunar Division

This is the story about that deep love that you wish would go away sometimes but just doesn’t. The love you have for them is so real and you can’t stop thinking about locking lips together as it was the best feeling you have ever experienced. You wish that they would feel the same way about you, but you know deep down that you can only ever been friends.

Hold On To‘ from radical Oklahoma City indie-rock act Lunar Division is a goodbye to the one that got away and the harsh reality of love sometimes. Sometimes, you need to move on get over that person you care so much for, otherwise it consumes you and hanging on is never healthy. You will however, hold onto those sweet memories, and cherish them forever.

Stream this rocking track with soul on Spotify, Soundcloud and follow the guys adventures via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Turn it up: Belgian DJ John Gilliot smashes the speakers to shreds on ‘What Are We Made Of?’

John Gilliot is back with a mind-blowing bust-down-the-door track with the volume on really loud via the new Techno single ‘What Are We Made Of?’.

Dark and Acid vibes are pushed to the forefront on this Techno powerhouse smasher that was made for those long sweaty nights in the local club. With these mostly closed worldwide, fans of this genre have had to bunker down and go back to the old days of the invite-only underground private events to hear tracks like this.

The beat is ferocious from the moment you press play and the energy does not let up ever. This is a storming single to help us all through the nightmare and back to a place that we all enjoy. That loud ass music that the lame couple next door hate but you love, is thrown against the window here and splattered all over your room. Every now and again you hear the vocals and it gives you the shivers of pleasure.

With a build up that will make your local construction workers proud, this is a single that catches you off guard after a while as you get locked into the DJ’s club and closing your eyes is ideal on this one. Tomorrowland is today in your head and the gradual mysterious sounds ease any stress or headache you might have deep inside your body.

Belgian Techno DJ John Gilliot is quite breathless on ‘What Are We Made Of?’ as he makes 2020 a happier place. This is a single to play loud in your bunker with your headphones on so loud; you might burst an eardrum. It doesn’t even matter.

Stream this new track via Soundcloud and see his socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Space travel adventures: Dorian explores the never-ending love galaxy on ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’

Released by The Living Room, Dorian has dropped his latest Rap-Pop track called ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ and this will have you lifting off and imagining being in the massive grounds of space.

Montreal, Canada born Hip Hop artist Dorian spent a lot of his childhood at school and surfing in stunning Sydney in Australia but has returned home. Home is always the safest place to create and he is a man on an important mission in 2020.

The globe-trotting atmospheric entry certainly feels like you are floating for a few moments from the piano-filled energy. Looking down at the burning earth comes to mind and you suddenly hear the fiery raps that absorb you endlessly and excite the heart.

His story is about wanting her to love him so deeply and without doubt, but something is going wrong here. She has been told that she can go wherever she wants but something is holding her back as you are waiting outside in the cold. There is a lot of extra-mural activities going on and perhaps the mind isn’t working as clear as it should.

The chorus is breath-taking and this is a song to get behind and play real loud with the true friends who want to party and ride all night. ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ from Dorian is a mind-bending indie-electro rap song that is a catchy listen and a worthwhile entry for 2020. After all, being with the right person is the only way to fully be happy inside and feel content.

Stream this space-filled journey of finding love via Soundcloud and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Catchy Synth-Pop melodies for days: Shiffley show their frustration with certain ‘Rich Kids’

This is an ode to those annoying kids at school who spend their parents money like it was their own, and do what they want. With a vibrant style, this is a band who add a catchy pop pureness that wanders into your welcoming ears. New York City’s Shiffley are back with the new single called ‘Rich Kids‘ and this is a winner all the way.

After the success of 2018’s Paper Cranes and opening for massive bands like Twenty One Pilots, you feel that this is an outfit that are only growing each day. They make music easy to listen to and this is cleverly-made music with such passion and a drive that skids along the road into the parking space so nicely.

Brooklyn’s Shiffley are such a fun band to listen to and they show realness with the synth-pop track ‘Rich Kids’. This is a song that shows that not everyone is enamored with people that have too much money and break the rules just to be cool.

This is a band that adds joy to the airwaves and their message is spot on. With enjoyable music like this, they are an act to really pay attention to. ‘Rich Kids‘ is a track to enjoy and dance along with, exactly what the world needs right now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Hope in the Dark’ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what

Hope in the Dark‘ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what the detour you take in this crazy world. This is a fun electro-pop track that simmers with hot beats to keep us entertained.

Hartford, Connecticut singer/producer Dean Frost is a poet who used his music gifts to inspire others as the summer beat really gets your feet tapping in delight. The vocal delivery is quite flawless and this is such an enjoyable ride that is of majestic quality. The added raps make it even better and shows the multi-talented ability.

You find hope in every situation and you never give up, no matter what. Giving up just isn’t in your dictionary as you keep pushing hard, doing what you love.

With influences such as Logic and The Chainsmokers, you can get an idea of what type of artist Dean is. Previously performing under the alias The American Boys, this is a supremely create musician who likes to make happy music for fans to enjoy.

Dean Frost is back in a big way on Hope in the Dark‘ as he stimulates the speakers with a sultry effort that is like giving your ears a high-5.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Island cousins McZo send the world lots of ‘Love’ with this fresh new single

Long Island cousins McZo send the world lots of ‘Love‘ with this fresh new single that is a ray of sunshine in this dark world with lots of smoke and mirrors. Love is the way forward and is the only way we can heal up from the wildness of 2020 and the challenges faced.

With a sunshine-vibe kind of start, you just know that this is going to be a top track. The New York based duo have created such a romantic masterpiece here. This is the type of song to play with that special person in your life as it feels so right, life is happy and the stars are so bright.

You love her so much and want her to be free as you support her all the way. You don’t want to get hurt but this feels different and you jump into this journey that makes you smile so much.

McZo are a brilliant duo that know each other well and you can feel this on ‘Love‘. The two cousins from Long Island bless the world with this incredible indie-pop jam that is so tasty and fresh, you will want seconds.

Check out the Spotify page to hear this new track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Conrad Ashton’s ‘The Longest Night’ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons

Conrad Ashton’sThe Longest Night‘ is a true life story about saving a friend from inner demons and this is an incredible song that digs deep inside your soul. This is the type of release that is so rare to hear and comes from a well-respected artist that sings about real stories and experiences.

Soulfully real singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton is a modern indie-rock artist that adds that classic pop sound to to fantastic results. He is a well-respected musician who always puts on a great show live.

You care about them so much and don’t want anything to happen. This is your time to step up and you do, things will be better, you can just feel it. You know that you need and want to be with your friend now, as you will reach their conscious and they will take a 2nd breath to clear out any doubts.

The Longest Night‘ from Conrad Ashton is an inspiring track that shows us the importance of speaking up when you are down. Kind people who can help are out there and you just need to ask for help if you are having suicidal thoughts.

With the way 2020 has been, its so understandable that you can feel helpless right now. This is sung with such passion from a musician who truly gets it. He makes music that is meaningful.

Click here for the Soundcloud page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘No Ghosts Walk’ from Belfast band Paper Tigers is an Alt-Rock gem that hits the right spot

No Ghosts Walk‘ from Belfast band Paper Tigers is an Alt-Rock gem that hits the right spot in your sleepy heart and will wake up all of your senses. There is something a bit special about this as the distorted start soon blossoms into an adventure that will have you jumping around the house. Turn this up, the neighbours won’t mind.

After the success of the 2 previous singles- ‘Gucci Smiles’ and ‘Flames’, this is the 3rd recorded single for the time being and this is a hot track. Full of punk rock that is up there with the best indie bands around, we are treated to fiery vocals and a sound that is like a Lion roaring for a tasty dinner. This is a marvellous meal for the body to get replenished.

No Ghosts Walk‘ from the fun 3 piece band Paper Tigers. Lead singer Hayley performs with such fire on lyrics such as- ‘It burns it stings, to watch you leave, not hold you every day’. The song is written to reflect the stages of grief and the whole strange feeling of not being with that special person. This is a feeling that lots of us have experience and it is that real feel here that is most impressive. A band with a bright future and the early streaming numbers back it up. Keep an eye on this band for festivals in 2021 when the world is ‘normal’ again.

Click here for the Spotify link to hear more.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen