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Test Card Girl shines on synth-pop treasure ‘Holds Me Down’

A fantastic mesh of indie, folk, synth and soul all wrapped up in a cute bow by Test Card Girl on ‘Holds Me Down’.

Test Card Girl is a solo project by Manchester singer-songwriter Catherine Burgis who started unexpectedly writing songs in 2019 aged 35. Bored of an admin-based existence, Catherine set off on a song-writing journey into all corners of her mind, simultaneously becoming a stand-up comedian touring the country with a novelty miniature keyboard. In late 2019 she began working with producer Dave Fidler on upcoming debut album ‘Seven Dolls‘ and featured on Tom Robinson’s’ Fresh On the Net ‘Fresh Faves’ list in June 2020. She takes her name from the iconic image of the girl and clown used on UK television to signal the end of evening broadcasting – a girl trapped in a technicolor world of screens and machines.

Holds Me Down‘ is an optimistic lofi Indiepop love song stacking folk harmonies over retro 80’s/90’s synthesizers. Test Card Girl draws on the musical giants of her Manchester heritage echoing the punchy synths of New Order and the confessional songwriting of Guy Garvey and John Bramwell.

A tale of love loss and gained here. On one hand you have lost some love as they tried to wrap you up in a box and keep you confined. On the other, you have learnt something and will perhaps love yourself more?

Manchester’s Test Card Girl is rather splendid here and Holds Me Down’ is a terrific track that hits the highs and there are no lows here. What a talent and we are so happy that she is no longer stuck behind a desk.

Click here for the stream link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ian Chamberlain works wonders on ‘Too Many Wires’ (Remix)

Musician Ian Chamberlain is back with the very intriguing new instrumental single called ‘Too Many Wires‘ (Remix).

Ian is a composer and musician living and working in Adelaide, Australia. He is inspired by musical genres past and present, mechanical sounds, and the world of nature.

The energy is dark here, moody almost and you imagine a late night out. Suddenly the energy changes and we are catapulted into a bouncy, almost indie back-beat of a song with the occasional sprinkle of a different sound to keep your brain wondering. This is a truly remarkable song from Ian and he navigated all over with so much gusto and experience.

Ian Chamberlain is absolutely on smashing form here on ‘Too Many Wires‘. This remix is one of pure quality and we are treated to a quite marvelous effort from the Australian artist.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Menna bring us quality uplifting track ‘Feel This Way’

Menna is here with lots of bouncy tech house on the new single with stunning male and female vocals on ‘Feel This Way‘.

This is all about having fun together and not taking things too seriously. Life is wild right now and falling in love is the last thing on your mind as you just want to enjoy yourself and be happy. This is a mainstream driven track with heavenly vocals, polished off with a heavy hitting, festival rocking drop. The beat is scrumptious and has zero assumptions. There is a contemporary style here that makes me want to dance all night, all sweaty on the dance floor.

Menna brings his a-game on this ripping beat that catches your attention all the way through. A marvelous fusion of powerful vocals really impresses all listeners and I love this fine track.

Feel This Way‘ from Menna is one of the best dance songs that have been released in 2020 due to the quality production. After the success of debut ‘Sunset‘, this should be a new favorite on playlists all over the world.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


FØNX is looking for his way in on ‘Angle’

Coming from a musical background FØNX started learning guitar at the age of seven and was soon introduced to rap and hip hop, sparking his enthusiasm to start writing lyrics and create backing tracks from samples.

Shortly after graduating from The Brit School FØNX gigged his way around the South East and London circuit, playing at festivals and different venues.

With radio play and his music all over the Caffe Nero and Zara stores, this is an artist to know.

FØNX is so vibrant on his new song full of chemistry. ‘Angle‘ is a quality track.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC artist Micky impresses on new trap track ‘Northstar’

US emcee Micky is back with the trap filled new single for ‘Northstar‘.

Michael Persall, better known by his artist name Micky is a regular name in the vibrant New York City’s live music scene. His latest single and video Northstar’ impresses highly by taking us on a unique journey that reminds us all of the value of hope, resilience and hard work. This is such an inspirational tale and I love the beat here.

When asked to describe the inspiration behind the track, Michael tells us that;

“Northstar is about my journey these past few years living as an artist and entrepreneur in music tech. The line in the song ‘Northstar never lost sight through the movement’ speaks to the challenges building a company and career as an artist, and developing the patience to learn from failure and stay focused on moving forward despite the setbacks.”

The visuals to ‘Northstar’, cleverly echo Micky’s sentiments of building oneself from the ground up with his choice of a VHS-Esque, home-video style treatment that gives off an organic, rough and ready feel. The video is filled with seemingly self-shot footage of the artist followed by flashing, glitch-like lyric overlay, which further adds to the grittiness of the self-made entrepreneur’s song and its meaning. This type of style is taking off as artists have learnt new skills in lockdown while gigs were unavailable due to the tragic pandemic.

Northstar’ is the cool, synthy, trap-pop number that’ll act as the lead single for Micky’s upcoming six-track mixtape of the same title.  This will also mark the launch of Micky’s, Northstar Records, an independent label and management company that works with cause-driven talent. With lots on the go, you can see this artist going all the way in the game. You have to have grit.

This is a fantastic song with lots of new school energy and Micky is a new name to watch.

Click here for the Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jay Vinci seduces on new R&B track ‘Late Nights’

Those gloomy nights are over thanks to Jay Vinci on his new song ‘Late Nights‘.

Hailing from Canada, Jason Collins better known as Jay Vinci, is an up and coming emcee and singer, with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Jay Vinci is greatly inspired by real life drawing inspiration from personal experiences and hardships which allows him to invoke strong emotions in people and also greatly influences him as an artist and make quality music.

Jay Vinci’s music journey began when he learnt about Hip Hop in 2010 and started to pursue his burning passion for the craft ever since. The bug bit real bad and the rest is history.

Jason Collin’s stage name Jay Vinci comes from Vinci, an island name for St. Vincent. Jay is an urban name for Jason.

The inspiration for his song ‘Late Nights‘ came from when he went to his local club in Edmonton. He kept on seeing a girl that was his crush. One day, he went over to talk to her, and that night inspired him to write ‘Late Nights‘ when he was 27 years old. He recorded ‘Late Nights‘ in Edmonton. When he’s not writing music or recording, he works as an apprentice Electrician.

Jay Vinci lights up the candles here and sets the standard on a higher level. This is a seductive song that is all about those late nights with that special person.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Nate Leblanc and Mirai Ishii make beautiful melodies on ‘Running’

French producer Nate Leblanc and the dazzlingly gorgeous voice of Mirai Ishii make beautiful melodies on ‘Running‘ and this is a worthwhile listen in 2020.

Rockies-based producer Nate Leblanc makes our ears glow with blushes due to the sexy tension and energy with the sultry sweet vocals of Mirai Ishii.

Sometimes that special one just spins in your mind all the time and you feel like you are always taking a ride. What you really want is to be with them, take your shoes off and be alive. Your love feels so real and right now.

This is a perfect song for all times of the week as this is an exhilarating experience from start to finish. There is an exploration of the house vibe and we are in for a treat.

Nate Leblanc from France sends us a real treat with Mirai Ishii on ‘Running‘. This is a waterfall splashed scrumptious sea of soothing music.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Collective Beats send us message of hope with Zero Malaria Campaign inspired ‘Win This Way’

Collective Beats send us a peaceful message about spreading the word of the terrible malaria disease ‘Win This Way‘.

With an exciting collaboration and fantastic fusion of artists, cultures and sounds, Collective Beats was initiated at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have managed to deliver their new debut ‘Win This Way‘ which was written for the Zero Malaria Campaign.

Due to Covid-19, none of the musicians have met in real life, with the entire recording being done in isolation and tracks being sent back and forth. A triumph of technology and music, ‘Win This Way’ demonstrates the true power and community of music. I love how the musicians have grouped together to make some stunning music.

Collective Beats is a melting pot of world music, featuring Ngoma, Mbira, Ghatam (the earthen pot from South India), Morsing (the Jewish harp), Konnakol, Guitar, Bass, Piano and Electronica, together with unique voices from many Commonwealth countries. Led by Kevin Jenkins (Oxjam, ‘Make Poverty History’), ‘Win This Way’ features the lyrics of British-Namibian poet Christi Warner and Zimbabwean writer Edith WeUtonga. Collective Beats is also made up of Dr Ahir Utsav, James Chamanazi, Othnell Mangoma Moyo, Christophe Putters and Roshen Maduranga.

Collective Beats wins the day on the malaria-inspired ‘Win This Way‘ that features some top quality artists who have grouped together to make a well-needed song to spread the message of getting rid of this horrible disease.

Click here for the video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Vicious Fishes bring their introspective indie bite to ‘That Girl’

That Girl‘ is the brand new indie-blue track from the exciting band with the awesome name called Vicious Fishes.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Vicious Fishes‘, the band are in full form here. This is an outfit who are at one with themselves and they play with such a smooth bluesy style that makes you relax. I love how the song breaks up in a 5 minute masterclass.

With the full moon high, you want her to be your girl. You lust for her and just want to be in her arms. The passion is there between you both and the lights are low, with candles in the room. Will this love story end the way you want it to or will you be apart forever?

Vicious Fishes impress highly on this fine new track that certainly cleans the airwaves with beautiful sounds on ‘That Girl‘.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bomethius sings sweet melodies to share his wedding story on ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19’

Goodbye, Covid-19 by Bomethius

Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ is a beautiful story from the soft but striking vocals of the extremely talented Bomethius.

Bomethius is the alter-ego recording alias of Jonathan Hodges who is a Dallas based-musician. An accomplished violinist, Hodges started studying music at age 3. Addressing doubts, fears, and disappointments from his own personal experience, Hodges recorded the first two Bomethius albums alone in his bathroom and quickly developed a unique baroque pop sound informed by melancholy, and wit. This is an artist that loves to challenge himself and make striking, real music.

Goodbye, Covid-19‘ chronicles Jonathan’s experience with getting married in the midst of a pandemic. It’s not really something he would recommend, but despite the fact that, him and his wife were deprived of their original venue, the majority of their close friends, and some of their family too. They found it to be surprisingly beautiful and while the world appears to be a long way off from actually saying goodbye to this virus, the song is about how good it will feel whenever we do finally get to say goodbye to Covid-19, and hello to one another — in person.

With breezy vocals and a soft piano that adds such a relaxing energy to this fine song ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ from Bomethius. This is one of the better songs on 2020 from such a genuine musician who shows us how crazy life has been lately.

Stream here from Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen