A&R Factory Present: ISLE

“Luna is about purpose, finding your way and following a path. It’s aboutlistening to that internal compass we all have and making sense of what it’stelling you”.ISLE are multi-‐‐medium musicians based in the stark Scottish Borders.

Comprising of producer Liam John Rutherford and drummer Ben Singer, ISLE are avid self-‐‐producers who partner audio and visuals to create an all-‐‐encompassing experience. Emotion-‐‐fuelled precision meets epic methodical drums to create raw alt-‐‐pop that punches and pulls. Luna embodies the ISLE spectrum -‐‐ driven by both darkly epic undertones andinfectiously uplifting bursts of keys and chants. As the third track from their GreyEP, Luna represents ISLE’s curiosity with storytelling and structure.

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