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I Can Hear The Sadness: Brookyn’s Cassidy Haley urges us to look further than the lies on ‘White Noise’

After being well-loved in the performance art arena for many years after making his well-respected name in music almost 10 years ago, Cassidy Haley sings with such caring intensity to help us to see more than what is been told in this strangled-for-truth world on ‘White Noise‘.

Cassidy Haley is a Brooklyn, New York-based multi-skilled creative, fashion model, stage performer, and solo indie-pop artist.

Interdisciplinary artist pursuing emotive expression and global transformation through all mediums from music to fashion to film.” ~ Cassidy Haley

With a marvellous artistic video that has your entire heart bouncing with enjoyment, Cassidy Haley shows his hunger for helping to educate and galvanize the world to join hands and solve all these issues we have currently. The message is one of doubt that the powers in charge can actually look at anything despite profit, as he sings with a steel-like strength that has to surely inspire many.

White Noise‘ from the highly talented Brooklyn, New York-based multi-skilled creative, fashion model and solo indie-pop artist Cassidy Haley, is such an affectionate effort from a true artist who sees more than most. He wants the world to do better, be more truthful and make sure that we don’t damage this planet any further with our misdeeds. With a cinematic feel and an optimistic soundtrack, this is a song to really take note of for its straightforward message.

Keeping the world alive for those who have not been born yet, should be the mission of us all.

See the new music video via YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Holding My Heart: Brookyn’s Elly Kace is absolutely wonderful on ‘I’

Taken off her just-released 11-track concept album named ‘Nothing I See Means Anything‘, Elly Kace simmers down all of our distress with her exquisite 3rd single that will have your heart feeling so much more relaxed than before with ‘I‘.

Elly Kace is an award-winning Brooklyn, New York-based world-class opera singer, pop artist and certified JM Vinyasa yoga instructor.

We find a thoroughly engaging musician who has just taken the brave step of moving into the pop realm – and she certainly defies all the odds stacked against her – with a truly mesmerizing performance that puts you into a transformative state of new-found awareness.

Elly Kace’s musical life so far has been defined by ceaseless curiosity and passion. Already an established and acclaimed opera singer, her winding and award-winning career has found her performing across the world.” ~ Elly Kace

After having to flee her brand new career in Italy due to this horrid pandemic during 2020, Elly Kace took time to reinvent herself during this time at home. We find a truly excellent talent who was spurred on by her absolute love for yoga, as she uses her outstanding vocal ability to bring us a wonderful single that is one of the best so far in 2021.

I‘ from the Brooklyn, New York-based indie-pop artist and all-around star Elly Kace, shows us an extraordinary singer who sounds reborn from a restrictive environment that is in the rearview mirror now. She flourishes to mind-bending heights with a vocally-advanced single that has your whole body in absolute euphoria, with an ear-bending encounter to truly behold and remember forever. This is that soul-healing track for us to be inspired with, as Elly leads us into a better place than before.

Hear this stunning effort on Spotify and see more from the superb creative on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stalking You: Brooklyn rapper Romayne is the lone ranger in this frightful town with ‘Watching Who’

With his laser-locked eyes pierced and ready for that moment to make that all-important move, Romayne returns with the not-joking new single that will have you on edge looking around called ‘Watching Who‘.

Romayne is an Atlanta-born, Brooklyn, New York-based model, videographer, music producer, and indie trap/soul hip-hop artist who loves to flow with a genuine ripple that streams a wave of thought-provoking music at all times.

A featured model in music videos with Fetty Wap, Tory Lanez, J Lo and others.” ~ Romayne

He takes his sunglasses off and cleans them up for a second until his mind is distracted by that person who he can’t stop looking at. This is that kind of story – which has you totally intrigued – by perhaps someone who you shouldn’t even be looking at.

Rapped with reckless abandon by a man on a mission, you feel his intent swirling from the seas of this heavy track that shows you his moves tonight. The night-lit sky of a beat is rather eerie and a bit freaky at times, as you blend in with the crowd to see what is really going to go down here.

Watching Who‘ from Brooklyn, New York-based indie trap/soul/rapper and all-round creative with an eye for detail Romayne is a haunting track from an artist – who has his binoculars on right now – as he looks for that sweet person who totally encapsulates his inner soul, to burst with excitement. With a crisp beat that has you bobbing your head around all groovy, this is a fierce track that needs to be taken seriously.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more stories via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Wally Hoak opens up in his dark pop hit, HARD FEELINGS

Dominican Republic-born, Brooklyn-based dark pop prodigy, Wally Hoak, has been garnering plenty of hype since making his debut in 2020. His most popular track to date, Complicated, has racked up over 33k streams since the release, and based on his latest single, HARD FEELINGS, it is unlikely that his career will stop gaining traction any time soon.

In HARD FEELINGS, raw emotion is projected into dark, thorny synth lines as reverb swirls around the 808s under Hoak’s emotionally sultry vocal timbre. Lyrically, it became the ultimate ‘don’t talk to me, I’m angry track’ as it alludes to the alienating emotions that sting at the surface in the wake of toxic relationship dynamics.

Hoak went so far beyond scratching around at surface level with HARD FEELINGS; he cut right to the marrow. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear the next confessional masterpiece.

HARD FEELINGS is now available to stream on Spotify.

Connect with Wally Hoak on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Rare Sound: Brooklyn’s Frank Cogliano is quite excellent on ‘Pet Ghost’

Taken off his much-awaited 7-track debut EP called ‘CRT‘, Frank Cogliano gives us that nostalgic feeling to swim inside with the new single he skillfully recorded, produced and mixed all himself called ‘Pet Ghost‘.

Frank Cogliano is a Brooklyn, New York-based sonic manipulation wizard from another time completely in this weird galaxy of ours. He makes that type of sound for the soul to nourish on happily, that has you feeling somehow comfortingly relieved and intriguingly fascinated at the same time.

After being in acclaimed RnB supergroup Sugarbad, Frank is now bravely venturing out on his own and shows us a remarkable illusion-to-intertwine into here – filled with a smokey feel to light up with – that seems to grab you tight and have you remembering the good days.

Using vintage instruments and retro-glitchified tech, he creates a universe that sounds simultaneously familiar and as if it were made by aliens in the future.” ~ Frank Cogliano

Pet Ghost‘ from the high respected Brooklyn, New York-based composer and sonic specialist Frank Cogliano, is a quite tremendous effort which has you naturally closing your weary eyes and gravitating towards opening the door to contentment in your racing mind again. He seems to naturally possess a rare authentic ambiance you just don’t hear often, as he skillfully takes us away from all the doom and gloom.

Real music always seems to stir the heart you see.

Listen to his mind-bender on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Drink By Yourself: Brooklyn rapper Joe Oxide knows where the party is at on ‘Do Or Die’

As he lets his music do the talking rather than talking a good game like most artists in his field, Joe Oxide urges us to go outside again and find the right party where the fun girls are at on ‘Do Or Die‘.

Joe Oxide is a Manhattan-born, Brooklyn-based indie hip-hop artist. He is a highly motivated underground artist who seems to know what he wants and makes that ride-with-me type of vibe, which is perfect for those late night adventures with your crew.

I’ve always been musically inclined since about 3 years old, I’ve always been playing the piano and listening to all different genres of music.” ~ Joe Oxide

With a go-get-it attitude, we feel the rampaging force of his hardcore flow on the mic as he heats up the fragile speakers. This is the type of man who tells things how it is when it matters, not wasting energy on fake talk. His mind sees what he desires and he manifests the results right before us, with a freestyle-like venom to bite through all foolish haters.

Do Or Die‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie rapper Joe Oxide, has a party night feel that has you gravitating to venturing outside again after being stuck inside for way too long. He raps with a gritty energy which has you dancing and having that wild night which you remember from before, staying away from drinking by yourself and feeling sad. This is an artist who tells us the story of going up to that person who you want to be with, and being so honest that they reciprocate your feelings back. Telling someone how you feel, is the only way to truly know if they feel the same way.

Check out his new track on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave With You: Mikey Bank$ knows that its none of his business what she does on ‘Pikachu’

Taken from his brand new eleven-track album called ‘Pr3$$3d F0r T1me‘, Mikey Bank$ crash lands with someone so alluring on the sensual new love struck track all about wondering if she feels the same on ‘Pikachu‘.

Mikey Bank$ is a self-assured Brooklyn, New York-born, Atlanta, Georgia-raised indie hip-hop artist. Inspired by heavyweights such as 50 Cent, Fabolous and Vybz Kartel, he makes an exciting blend of party late-night vibes which takes you straight to the dance floor.

You feel the message of desire from his smoothly tinted raps which toasts warmly into the oven as they get closer and closer, his wide-open eyes are only for her. The electric energy is alive here with sensual lift off – as the thought remains if she is actually single – while you casually think about what you could be doing together, if you had a romantic night alone together to get acquainted.

This is a highly motivated artist who makes those skillful moves on mic – which shows you he is truly ready for the big time – with an honest flow that tells you the story straight up. With an optimistic outlook, it feels like he likes his chances of spending that quality time, when that elusive royal flush presents itself.

Pikachu‘ from the confident Brooklyn/Atlanta rapper Mikey Bank$, is that story about wanting to be with a girl so badly you can’t stop thinking about her. You have a feeling that she is actually with someone else but it feels so right when you are together, as you wonder if she will ever leave him for you. Made with a intoxicating beat which captures the moment like a Polaroid picture when the heat is at its most steamy – this is that late-night track to play – when you desire that person you probably shouldn’t.

Hear this fresh single on Spotify and see his IG for more music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make A Move: Brooklyn rapper Dre the General makes the change in his own lane with ‘Big Dog’

Taken off his brand new five-track EP that sees him biting off the competition with a self-assured flow of intent, Dre the General shows us that he isn’t changing for anyone as he sticks together with his hungry team on ‘Big Dog‘.

Dre the General is a problem-dodging New York City-based indie rapper, clothing label owner and proud vegan. He makes that gritty hip-hop that shreds the mic off its cable, and he is in thunderous form here with a rampaging lyrical effort.

With a real flow and an terrific beat that has you wrapped inside the true story of fighting through the obstacles in front of them, you feel like you are in a movie as he takes us into his life’s ambitions. This is a confident artist who raps with an inner belief – that he is on the right path to where that all-time success is hidden away like tasty treasure – but not for long as he knows his team are stronger, than others unwisely give them no credit for.

Big Dog‘ from the enthusiastic Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip-hop artist Dre the General, is a bite-sized lets-make-it anthem that shows you his ravenous intent. He sees others who do things the wrong way and who demand respect, while he is only focused on getting that earned love, from the true crew who have backed him through thick and thin.

A lot of people want to be the main dog without providing any evidence of being able to back up the bite, when you actually get that real respect by putting the work in.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sound The Alert: Bolt Seminar bring back that excellent underground boom bap dystopian sound on ‘Gargle’

Bolt Seminar by Bolt Seminar

Taken off their special twelve-track spark of lightning into your sleepy soul that needed this mighty awakening, Bolt Seminar spray the truth all over our healing gums with the electric new single named ‘Gargle‘.

Bolt Seminar are a Dell Wells and John Sarastro combined Brooklyn and Zurich-based boom bap beat inspired duo of the highest quality imaginable. They fuse that wildly thoughtful music into your awaiting ears, which gives you a whole different perspective on the world as you see it currently.

We are your tour guides on this rollercoaster of sound and syllables. Dell Wells (emcee, singer, songwriter) from Brooklyn, NY and John Sarastro (producer, graphic artist) from Zurich, Switzerland. While paying homage to the glory days of hip hop, this international duo has conjured up a sound that can only be described as Dysotopian Dope“. ~ Bolt Seminar

You feel the swirling energy wrap vigorously around you, as you get so lost into this barrage of bars that smack the sense right back into your face, with a rampaging style which is so rare in modern day music that is hidden deeply into the underworld. The prolific storytelling is in mass abundance, the head-nodding ambiance is such a joyful wonder to all ears concerned.

Gargle‘ from the terrific Brooklyn/Zurich duo Bolt Seminar, is a cleverly-penned track that showcases such unbelievably creative rhymes that your favorite rapper wish they had even attempted to write. With a beat that punches a hole into the ceiling, this a track of immense skill which will leave you quite breathless.

This is up there with the best hip-hop tracks from 2021 without a shadow of a doubt – that certainly gives this at-times stale genre – a real wake-up call.

Stream this new single on their Bandcamp and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Door Is Locked: Brooklyn’s monroe and she want to break free from this burning world on ‘Crash Over Me’

Taken off their unmistakable four-track debut EP called ‘White Hot Fire‘, monroe and she edge bravely towards the slippery waters edge to smartly get far away from the heat-filled world of fiery disillusionment on ‘Crash Over Me‘.

monroe and she is a Matt Monroe and Lea Leone-created Brooklyn, New York-based indie trip-hop duo who fuse in sensational shoegaze and dream-pop into their stupendous sound.

In spherical lightness, Lea Leone describes how the world burns, over a crashing guitar she sings how she can hardly breathe – only to then ask herself if that doesn’t simply mean to live.” – monroe and she

You feel their astonishing soundscape that feels like you are watching the world heat up with them, as they try and heal up our imagination with a carefully penned and totally captivating song for the ages, that is up there with the best of 2021. Being challenged daily seems to be the new normal when it shouldn’t, as they elegantly show us into their wildly creative consciousness.

Crash Over Me‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie monroe and she, is a quite magnificent display from a truly elite outfit who put on quite a remarkably transfixing performance. The beat is so terrifically crisp and spellbinding, her vocals strike vividly into your mind, as you are wrapped beautifully inside such a supremely stunning track.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen