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Outer Space visitors Burnt Umber Penumbra send electronic signals via music with ‘’Juno Morning’’

Very seldom does music give me chills like this. ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’’ aka BUP is the name. Their self-titled album has recently dropped and I feel like the world is sleeping on this wave of magnetic energy forces, sent from a different galaxy.

Not much is known about ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. Perhaps they are hiding this away for now, building up their music collection before unleashing a wave of information and music to us mere mortals. I kind of like it when artists hide away, it makes my job harder but a challenge is always accepted. Music-wise anyway.

I feel like this band should focus on getting their music in a movie. From there, they will surely explode. Or wait to be discovered. No matter what they choose, this is really enjoyable music that puts you in a weirdly enthusiastic mood. Bring on more ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. A perfect name for a cat I’d say.

Get more Burnt Umber right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A mellifluous, almost lustful voice: HXVE MXND releases his new track Colors on Rewind

Colors on Rewind is the new single by up and coming artist HXVE MXND, a hypnotizing electro-pop tune from the very beginning.

Playing around with his mellifluous, almost lustful, voice, HXVE MXND waves through a range of harmonic tones that fluctuate from bass to high-pitched notes reaching limpid, somehow heavenly vocals in the choruses. The music is minimal: only a few slow beats and melodic loops neatly flutter throughout the song, giving HXVE MXND as much space as possible to fill it with his vocal overdubs.

Achieving a beautiful combination of electro-pop and indietronica, Colors on Rewind classifies as a cutting-edge pop song that flourishes for its multi-hued soundscape and comforting style – still drawing from HXVE MXND’s charmingly comforting vocals. It would be interesting to see how he’d perform a cappella.

Dive into Colors on Rewind by clicking play on Soundcloud now.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Between Giants has dropped their latest single Play Dead

The trio Between Giants from Brooklyn have dropped their latest single Play Dead’ this Indie-rock band sure know how to make incredible music.

From the second it starts, you’re instantly pulled in beginning with that killer riff on the electric guitar, as the vocals come trembling in with a gravelly texture to them. Keeping the volume fairly low, to begin with. The instrumentation gets louder and the clash on the drum pulses through. Always switching it up by going to the more laid back sound to the crazy and chaotic version within a split second, always keeping you engaged.

This band is just what 2020 needs, injecting their own edginess and sound into an ever-growing music genre that is constantly adding new talent in everyday but Between Giants definitely deserve a space up there for their insane music.

Listen to Between Giants’ Play Dead by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Alex Oka – Glyphs – Where is my mind?

Water is pulled in, dragged across a shore like an unending breath, that rises so it can fall into the arms of ambience. Although you might think we’ll be spending all our time here, there’s no point getting comfortable. Even as one wave is hauled upwards, bracing itself for whatever comes next, we are taken elsewhere.

Subtle beats, that rise from beneath your feet as you forgo land for something airborne, are accompanied by lyrics. Hints of Tycho are evident, but such comparisons are only a guide for what to expect from an artist who cites the Mayan calendar as an inspiration for his music.

There is a sense of serenity in this ethereal track, which many will find comforting, so why not take a chance and see where your mind takes you.

Instagram / Spotify / Apple Music / Facebook / Soundcloud

Review by Lisa Knight


I Was Born to the Sea has been released from Sister Hyacinth by Little God Swamp

Little God Swamp has released their latest piece ‘I Was Born to the Sea’, pulling that Rock essence and infusing that into this slow piece.

Through this piece it takes you on a bit of a roller coaster through the many elements of sound, halfway through there is a little pause as the first half draws to an end, just when you think that it comes the second half and it’s done in such a different way.

It’s rather peculiar as you listen because it does take you by surprise with the way it changes. The first half is just solely based on instruments, having the rather relaxing riffs on the guitar and this rather peaceful way about it with the use of sound.

As the pause fades out faintly in the background comes the fairly quiet and raucous vocals that escape through that eerie instrumental, as the song begins to embrace a more up-tempo instrumentation and the use of different tones through the vocals.

Be sure to listen to this mysterious, dark piece by Little God Swamp, it’ll take you on a journey for sure.

Listen to I Was Born to the Sea by Little God Swamp by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


MAKUTA – Running: Power Pop Rock

It’s such a shame that songs like this one don’t make it on the Billboard top charts. It’s not about the artistry (which by the way is outstanding) but more about the vibe.

MAKUTA is a four-piece power pop/rock group from Brooklyn, NYC. The song is called “Running”. When I pressed play the first seconds reminded me of acts like Eden; this first impression dissolved quickly as the song entered its power-pop phase. There is this chorus being repeated so much throughout the song, which lands tiny kisses on your forehead. Each time I heard the singer say “I keep running, and running and running faster / running, and running and running to disaster” I almost felt like I was receiving actual tender smooches. The drumming gets more intense in the last minute of the song, building up the crescendo.

This is what I personally call a “California Slackness” song, the vibe that is a bit tad dramatic but so optimistic at the same time.

Feel it on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis



Shanghai Restoration Project (SRP) is an electronic music duo based in the hip borough of Brooklyn, NYC.  Their sound is engaging and direct, yet thought-proving and experimental in nature.

The pair’s recent studio single is a track titled “Alpha Go”, which is actually featured on the duo’s recent full-length album R.U.R.

According to the musicians themselves, this ambitious 13-tracks release is a reflections on the current state of affair in the world, highlighting the band’s fondness for technology, thought-provoking social themes and more. The album is actually a concept album with a sci-fi twist, setting an intriguing scenario: what will happen when robots, in the not-too-distant future will re[lace humans? “Alpha Go” is the opening track of the the album, and it is a perfect mood-setter, highlighting the band’s fondness for a direct, punchy and charismatic blend of electronic music. The beats are present and thick, while the melodies are often lush and textural, showcasing a kaleidoscopic approach to songwriting and composition.

Find out more about Shanghai Restoration Project and support the artists by streaming their recent work on Soundcloud:


Gene Blank Tests The Power Of Your Love

Gene Blank is a multi-discipline musical creative, writing, producing, mixing and mastering songs across any number of genres and styles. Here we find him indulging in the funkier side of his musical brain. The Power (Of Your Love) was co written with Laszlo Horvath and sits somewhere between energetic blue-eyed soul, dance grooves and jaunty ska where the foot is very much on the musical gas and the result is an infectious delivery of upbeat, upscale, uptown pop funk.

At a collision point where pop contagion smashes into soul vibes, where just enough rock solidity underpins strutting funky moves and then all topped off with vocal hooks so strong you could hang your coat on them, this song and indeed its authors are masters of all that they survey. This is funk ground zero, this is point Blank. They walk a line between unselfconscious cool and industrial strength party anthems creating a sound which has only one function…to get you up and dancing and even on the first play of this wonderfully addictive track, it is difficult to see how it could ever fail.


IVRY – Hands Off : A Retro Reinvention of Pop Magnanimity

IVRY is a Brooklyn, NY based Pop singer, song writer and producer, he’s thrown all of his deft talents together to create a sound with sharp hooks drawing to you into the beat. With a backbeat as infectious as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and just as retro the cross generational beat Is simply incorporating all of the best elements that pop has sampled since the 1970’s all the way up to the boy band sound that clogs up the radio waves today.

I adore the originality of the track, it’s evident that it’s not mass produced, polished to please the masses. Hands Off is a demonstration of pop music at its finest, with a beautiful raw element towards it. Right from the moment the beat kicks in, to the moment it fades out is absolutely flawless.

Hands Off is a track that invites R&B, soul, rock and synth into the mix. It takes a talented producer to create a sound today that sounds like it should have accompanied your favourite 80’s film. IVRY’s vocal range deserves a special mention, it’s fuelled by the magnetism of the singer as he skirts around the concepts of unrequited love.

Don’t Miss out on the infectious beat, check IVRY’s new track out on Soundcloud now


Addicted To Money Present – JUK$ x Bam Bino “We Great”

We Great is the sound of things being taken back to basics. A pulsing bass and backbeat build the most minimal of structures and washes of electronica float through, colouring the space slightly but most of the work is done by the scatter gun salvos of vocals. Not just the lead lines, high velocity rap and in your face lyrical assaults but the secondary deliveries which fly past, shoot through and generally take the place of conventional instruments.

The track is loud, hyper and instantly catchy, there isn’t a moment throughout it when these two rappers don’t sound completely, endearingly stoked. There is an amazingly revolutionary on-line movement at the moment, one that has seen Soundcloud rappers bypassing the money men and taking their DIY music to millions, creating a scene and a reach that the major labels used to spend small fortunes to create. I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon we see JUK$, Bam Bino and the whole of the ATM roster heading down that same route.