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Chloe Southern – Naked: Intimately Confessional Neo-Folk-Pop

Taken from her debut EP, Last Man on Earth, Chloe Southern’s indie neo-folk-meets-pop single, Naked, strips emotionally bare. The urgency of the distinctive vocal delivery paired with the intimacy in the confessionalism makes for a powerful listening experience. Anyone that has ever wrestled with entropy to feel viscerally again will be consumed by the conceptual score, which runs through the dim views that get dimmer in the wake of loneliness.

Narrating how she hates coffee because she only makes it for herself and the smell of snow which takes her to places where she finds a lost love’s shadow proves how easily our perceptions of elemental to inane things can change over time and with the absence of the co-creators of our stories before a chapter closes.

Through and through, it is a stunning single from the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter which deserves to complement the next heartbreakingly cinematic Blockbuster.

Naked is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

She Love Me: C4$hie returns with the catchy street track Gone For a Min

Knowing that his style is loved by many ladies because of his likeable charm and impressive performances when it counts, C4$hie is at his honest best with a story many will smile at on his latest track Gone For a Min.

C4$hie aka THE BIG DUB is a 25-year-old indie hip hop artist who lives deep in the legendary city of Brooklyn, New York and charges up that lyrically advanced manuscripts for others to learn from.

He talks about entrepreneurship, independence, being a single father, overcoming his insecurities, and the various obstacles he faced to reach his full potential. While giving you the motivation to do the same, using his personal experience to let you know you’re not alone.” ~ C4$hie

With influences taken from legends such as Big Sean, Jay Z, Outkast, J-Cole, and Eminem, C4$hie shows us his witty technique and teaches the kids how this fickle rap game rolls with realistic stories to snack on.

Gone For a Min from Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip hop artist C4$hie is a vibrant effort from a wildly talented rapper who seems to make everything look so easy. His personality shines as hard as his bars and this is a bona fide speaker shaker for those all-night parties which never seem to end.

Even when you go away for a while, you can always elevate if you want it enough.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Squalor: Brooklyn’s Price Tag breaks his back on the old school gem Just Another Dollar

Rock The Mic by Price Tag

Taken from his much-anticipated and self-therapeutic debut album called Rock The Mic, Price Tag drops that Beastie Boys-like sound that has us pushing through all challenges presented on Just Another Dollar.

Price Tag aka Mike Preis is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie musician who makes his own authentic brand of self-coined Urban-lofi-hip-hop-punkadelic-street-pop-electro-hop-electronic.

With an MC-909 sequencer, Mike has created a sound that transports you back in time to the suburbs of Chicago where a younger nerdy version of him grew up.” ~ Price Tag detailing where it all started

Showing proper respect to the legends who trail blazed a path of ingenuity and creativity that changed everything, Price Tag is a reminder of that fresh-sounding music with that electrifying old school feeling that millions miss.

Drenched in that blue collar attitude who just wants to work hard, get paid and go home, this is a reminder that the underground shall never stop despite whatever fads are currently dominating the airwaves.

Just Another Dollar from the Brooklyn, New York-based multi-genre artist Price Tag is a track that might have you transfixed beyond previous levels of belief. Pumping up the volume and guiding us through life in this hugely busy city, to show us that realness when there are so many copycats pretending in every corner. Showing us his MTV and VH1 fused memories in one, this is exactly the rocket fuel we all need to sip rather quickly to keep on trying no matter what.

Keeping the faith when others give up shall give you a renewed sense of achievement no matter how small it is.

Tune into this underground master at work on Bandcamp and see his career blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Count To Infinity: Duotrio wants that stay to last forever on Light of My Life

Urging for that spark to precipitate so joyously, like a hot summer’s day at the pool, Duotrio rises through the clouds and wants that romance to be something special and different from the rest on Light of My Life.

Duotrio aka Daniel Nissenbaum is a renowned hip-hop fused Brooklyn, New York-based trumpet player, composer and film scorer who graduated from Berklee College of Music.

As a trumpet player and recording artist, Daniel has recorded with and/or performed with Donald Byrd, Marcus Miller, Bobby Rydell, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, MISIA, Darlene Love, The Drifters, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Mary Wilson (The Supremes), The Marvellettes, The Toys, and The Disco Biscuits.” ~ Daniel Nissenbaum giving us further insight into his impressive career so far (taken from

Showing us where the love is after so much darkness and rain, Duotrio has presented us with that thrilling amorous adventure that should get you smiling again. Dripping in luscious vocals and loaded with a kiss-filled vibe that shall make any day better, this is a sizzling single for when you just want to let your hair down and have fun.

Light of My Life from Brooklyn, New York-based trumpet player/composer Duotrio is a quick-fire track with a groovy beat, rapid raps and soothing vocals, that shall illuminate your day. This is as romantic as it comes, as those heart-healing words move closer like that first kiss, with that huge beam of hope to set two hearts free.

When you know who you want to be with, you only hope that they feel the same and express their feelings.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flirt All Night: Couvo wonders if their words are actually true on Purgatory

Sung with a fabulously passionate vitality and showing us why it’s so important to leave a frayed romance sometimes, Couvo guides us into the bar that has him sensing that he’s in the wrong place altogether on Purgatory.

Couvo aka Josh Couvares is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who makes that ear-bending music that is simply world class.

We’re still waiting for that tomorrow. And to me, that sounds a lot like purgatory.” ~ Couvo talking about the idea that sparked his latest album, The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory

With an enormous voice that deserves the big stages, Couvo is in an inspired form of magical proportions that will embrace you tightly and lead you into a happier world.

Purgatory from Brooklyn, New York-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Couvo is a vital single for those who feel stuck in a relationship that has reached the end. Urging us to close the door and not be controlled by someone who would rather flirt right in front of your face with someone else, this is a stunning experience that will shake you awake if you were in a sleepy state before.

Opening the door and getting a fresh start is sometimes the best move of them all.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hey You Kids! grows sick of the dirty lies on Cure for the Common Cold

Taken from the brand new 10-track album that might cause you to listen twice, Hey You Kids! hopes that the horrid hex won’t follow him any further on the solo-cruisin’ new single Cure for the Common Cold.

Created by Per Kristoffer Hoffman, Hey You Kids! is a supremely well-oiled Brooklyn, USA-based alternative music collaboration who always has some of the best underground artists around.

Features musicians who have performed and recorded with artists ranging from Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent, Chris Cornell, Television, Joe Jackson, Freedy Johnston and more.” ~ Hey You Kids! 

After trying to make something work romantically on June 2022’s Now and Then, Hey You Kids! demonstrates to the kids how it’s done on Cure for the Common Cold. Showing expert guile, scintillating skill and pure precision this is a perfect example of how a proper track is cultivated. Brimming with smokey honesty, there is so much to appreciate about a release that has that genuine soul intertwined inside each fabric.

Cure for the Common Cold was written in the heart of the pandemic in NYC, as I lived across the street from a freezer filled with bodies waiting to be buried. Little did I know that some of my own family members would be in that freezer at some point.” ~ Hey You Kids! 

Cure for the Common Cold from Brooklyn, USA-based alternative act Hey You Kids! is a quite fantastic new single that will take you into a passion-fueled moment in your life you can’t ever forget. Realizing that if you want to win at life, you have to go for it, this is a quest to rid yourself of all previous darkness without fuss.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fading Out knows that his actions have been rather reckless lately on ‘Falling Apart’

Opening up his heart and showing us the truth that many would rather choose to hide away in a concealed cupboard, Fading Out wonders when everything will be normal again on the emotional new track to hold your lover tightly with, ‘Falling Apart‘.

Created by Evan Bieber, Fading Out is a Brooklyn, New York-based alternative singer-songwriter who makes anthem-sounding music that belongs in the movies.

Fading Out’s reflections on relationships, isolation, and growing up radiates through his direct storytelling.” ~ Fading Out

Performing with a magnetic blend of intensity that has you pondering if you are too much sometimes, Fading Out displays a really calming touch after all these wicked storms of recent times that have been rather rocky to handle.

I wanted it to sound like something I grew up listening to, without feeling like I was copying a sound that already exists. I grew up on pop-punk music and love the energy and emotion that it brings. I also love the feel of today’s indie music and especially songwriters who tell specific stories.” ~ Fading Out

Falling Apart‘ from Brooklyn, New York-based alternative singer-songwriter Fading Out is a wonderful single that has your mind thinking rather deeply about how relationships are held together. Showing us that he needs a rock right now while he works out a way to vanquish his inner demons – this is an apology for being difficult – to his loyal lover that he cherishes rather intimately.

Hear this honest new release on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Enough: Hey You Kids! wants more time to make it work on, ‘Now and Then’

Taken from the brand new 10-track album called ‘Cure for the Common Cold‘, Hey You Kids! shows us the extra measures needed to make a casual love turn into something special with the new single, ‘Now and Then‘.

Created by Per Kristoffer Hoffman, Hey You Kids! is an experienced Brooklyn, USA-based alternative music project with an assortment of quality artists.

Pandemic woes! Technological overload! Race and gender politics! A country and world divided! Remember the Twenty-Twenties? Relive them here in all their melodic glory.” ~ Hey You Kids!

Showing us into a true story that could be from an episode of Friends, Hey You Kids! wonders if they can take things to the next level with a gloriously entertaining vocal display that will leave your cheeks brimming with flush joy.

Now and Then‘ from Brooklyn, USA-based alternative music project Hey You Kids! is a spirited new track with plenty of punch to keep your attention the entire way throughout as we are kindly led into this fascinating story. Packed with a really refreshing tone and enhanced with a stunning ambience to embrace this is a song that will surely have you reflecting deeply into your own memories.

When you want something to happen, it’s best to ask, otherwise you might never know if it was possible.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brooklyn’s Marian Renta knew it would end this way from those cold arms on ‘Shot in the Dark’

As her soul was reinvigorated to come back to her true love after being on an extended hiatus from 2014 to 2020, Marian Renta shares the visuals from her latest single all about wondering why a previous lover didn’t let you in as you desired with ‘Shot in the Dark‘.

Marian Renta is a Brooklyn, New York-born indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, pianist, and music producer who makes that passionate soundscape that has been made from the deepest part of her heart.

Known for her prolific songwriting and highly emotive singing style, Renta gained popularity in 2011 with the independent release of her debut studio album ‘One of a Kind’. Despite the album being met with generally positive critical reception, Renta stepped away from music in 2014 to focus on her personal life.” ~ Marian Renta

With a vibrant vocal ability and honest lyrics that might have you on the edge of your seat, Marian Renta is a multi-talented artist who is as authentic as they come. Her music stands out from many others due to its pulsating energy that will have you shaking in admiration for what you have just witnessed.

This is the message of knowing when to walk away from someone who just couldn’t provide what you needed – as you knew that the sad ending would happen – no matter how they thought this would unfold.

Shot in the Dark‘ from Brooklyn, New York-born indie alt-pop singer-songwriter, pianist, and music producer Marian Renta is an ear-warming experience that has been interwoven together by a truly dynamic artist who puts her all into each carefully made release. After being away from her creative outlet for many years, you feel her hunger on each note that might have you shedding a tear as we are drawn into the story of her heart being suffocated for too long.

This is a track to play when you need to vent out your own personal love-torn experiences, to clear an open path to find that special soul who is just right for you.

See this expressive music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Guess Its My Fault: Mickey Gold opens up about his recent struggles on ‘My Mind Is Made’

As he gently shows us into a scar-filled world that so many of us can relate to, Mickey Gold faded away for a while as he worked on brushing away the mental demons forever with his new single called ‘My Mind Is Made‘.

20-year old Long Island, New York-born Mickey Gold is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop/rock/electronic recording artist and music producer who fuses in hip-hop with a tasty blend of Lo-fi.

One night, I was in a depressed state, just burnt out basically. Using music as a coping mechanism, I made a song. My intention wasn’t to write a story but it became one.” ~ Mickey Gold

With a true account all about mental health and performed from two perspectives on the trauma from that deafening silence, Mickey Gold leads us into a picture that many will find eerily familiar. This is a natural storyteller who isn’t afraid to open up his heart, to a world that can wrap you full of plastic until you struggle to see where you need to be.

My Mind Is Made‘ from the Brooklyn-based music producer and artist Mickey Gold is a soul-healing new single for anyone who needs to hear the truth. You can feel like you need to hide away for a while to deal with your issues when actually the best way is to be around those who truly care about you. Meshing your soul together to make everyone stronger should be the plan, as keeping yourself locked away just makes it all worse.

Sung with real insight into a feeling that millions deal with each day, this is a superb track to play when you need inspiration away from the cold darkness and into the warm light again.

Hear this intimate new single on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen