Fighting Desires: Canadian-Pakistani RnB creative Sameer Amir fights those reckless desires on Autopilot

Wondering if it was true love or something that was destined to fail, Sameer Amir searches for closure on the excellent new single to reminisce with on Autopilot.

Sameer Amir is an innovative Canadian-Pakistani RnB artist who is based in thriving Toronto, Canada and has the kind of refreshed mind who inspires all listeners.

is about the fact that we don’t have control over our lives no matter how much we try to resist our desires. It’s written as the dance floor at the club being someone’s heart and how we dance alone a lot to be comfortable, pushing away the people that try to enter our space as a reaction to being constantly hurt before.” ~ Sameer Amir

Performed with so much intensity and soul-healing vigour, Sameer Amir unlocks the moment which shall change romantic notions forever. Doused into a dynamic vocal performance to turn up loud, we find a contemplative single to reflect on while the pain stings slightly longer than first expected.

Autopilot from Canadian-Pakistani RnB artist Sameer Amir is a truly striking song to swim deeply into when that period of self-reflection kicks in. Packed with a splendidly illuminating passion and desire, this is a striking single for anyone who has dealt with the cruel twist of love.

Finding inner peace to love again, is the only way to live after dealing with heartbreak.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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