Cachel Hamilton – We Make it Look Easy: RnB Pop Hip Hop

London-based R&B Hip Hop artist Cachel Hamilton has recently dropped their latest single “We Make it Look Easy” and injected the airwaves with plenty of grooves and gritty introspection.

With sharp pop hooks, the soundscape is all too easy to immerse yourselves within and enjoy the soul which pours from the empowering lyrics and vocals. While there’s a hint of experimentalism within the instrumentals as they seamlessly switch from R&B, Trap, and Pop, the 90s vibe to the single means that We Make it Look Easy greets you with an ample amount of familiarity.

It’s hard to capture the reasons why you instantly warm to artists by listening to their music, but it definitely happened when checking out this sticky-sweet resonant mix.

You can check out Cachel Hamilton’s latest single by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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