Fell for you: Sami the Collector wants to know how she likes it on Vuitton

Urging his lover to tell him exactly what she desires so he can make everything better, Sami the Collector shows us a true gentleman mindset with a superior display on the rather impressive Vuitton.

Sami the Collector aka Sami Ali is an Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter, family man and master networker who has built up a rather impressive sound.

Brilliant once again. Sami the Collector has alleviated all nerves with a radiant song for the ages. Baked in so much goodness, this is the tasty treat we needed to nibble on before finding someone who changes everything.

Vuitton from Indianapolis, Indiana-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter Sami the Collector is a smooth soundtrack for all true lovers. With a kind outlook and showing us how to treat a romantic interest properly, this is an example to the youth of what the correct procedure is. In a world with so many confusing notions and misinformation, we find a single with a meaningful message to elevate all mindsets.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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