Otherwife – Tired of Fighting: But We’ll Never Tire of Hearing Their Adventurously-Arresting Pop Anthems

After checking out Otherwife’s first single ‘Talking not Touching’ earlier in the month, I can guarantee that once you hear their magnetic sound you won’t forget it easily. For a start, how many bands mixing Prog Pop, Electronica and Rock with a country twist do you hear every day?

As much as I loved their debut single, I have to say they’ve outdone themselves with their second single Tired of Fighting. The sensational vocalist has clearly stamped down her ethereally strong style in this track, whilst it wasn’t audible that she was finding her feet in the previous release, Tired of Fighting has a beautifully domineering, empowering sensibility behind it. If you could imagine a mash up between Amanda Palmer, Alison Kraus and Taylor Swift you may get an idea how captivating her vocal offerings are. The instrumentals provide an Americana-soaked, Folk tinged, guitar-driven country melody that creates the perfect progressive Pop backing but once you get to the riff you’ll see Otherwife in a whole new light. It’s with that sensational guitar riff Otherwife moves from being considered as just another loosely defined Pop act and really take hold of their Rock roots.

You can check out Otherwife’s latest single for yourselves over on SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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