Ethan Senger invokes romantic nostalgia with “One Night”

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Ethan Senger left us enraptured and potentially a little infatuated with their piercingly evocative, melodically mellifluous debut self-titled EP.

In the standout single “One Night”, raw, unfiltered emotion lies under the smooth polished production before it tears through whenever Ethan Senger’s vibrato vocals come into play. He’d seriously give Eddie Vedder a run for his money while leaving fans of Paul Simon transfixed.

The alchemically reverb-drenched blend of Rock, Pop and Folk allows the soundscape to simultaneously exude authenticity along with accessibility. But One Night isn’t a track you simply ease into, it’s a track which takes full control of your emotions and compels your mind to scramble for romantic nostalgia.

You can check out Ethan Senger’s single One Night via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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