Empty Room: Abi Nav paces with that racing mind as he fights the tiring battle with the ‘Devil With No Name’

Influenced by John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and The Script, Abi Nav brings us his latest piece of brilliantly performed art with a true story about trying to brush off those pesky troubles on ‘Devil With No Name‘.

Abi Nav is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter. He writes honest songs about struggles that we all face inside our worried souls, as he sings with such a peaceful style that you can’t help but like this incredible artist.

Abi’s raw, self-aware lyrics, coupled with his ability to write unforgettable melodies make him a songwriter to look out for. His smooth, buttery vocals along with his melody-driven guitar playing come together to create a unique sound.” ~ Abi Nav

There is much to love about such a pure musician who performs with flippers on his feet as he guides his precious heart away from the stormy seas, to instead rejoice with a beaming smile on his face. The beautifully written words are a real gem – on a soothing track that will have you finding that inner superpower – that has been lost like a kite in the woods, that needs to be found again.

Devil With No Name‘ from the Boston-based indie pop/rock-based indie singer-songwriter Abi Nav, is the story about being held captive by your insecurities, as you do your best to swim away from the pain and into the calming flow of happy days again. You will find an inspiring song indeed which also has a happy ending, to teach us that life can be okay if you try hard to tackle your own fears and never give up.

Hear this top new track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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