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Boston pop duo Blue Doll feels like the time is now to escape this broken love permanently on None The Wiser

Fellow EP by Blue Doll

After keeping their music hidden from the world and only available if you were one of their inner circle of friends, Blue Doll guides us inside a poignant story that will give you goosebumps all over your body on None The Wiser.

Blue Doll is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo who are close friends and have decided that now is the time to show the world their intimate creations.

Kendall and Steve first crossed paths at college orientation in 2007… but the inspiration to collaborate wouldn’t fully strike until they were about to graduate with their degrees in Music Business in 2011.” ~ Blue Doll

Guiding us into an emotional story that shows us a body-shaking moment when you suddenly realized you were alone in keeping a relationship alive, Blue Doll is supremely sincere and embraces our hearts with an affectionately made release that is laden with serene beauty at every corner.

Showing us deeply inside that precise realization when you knew you needed to get out before your soul was crushed forever, this is an honest song that so many shall unfortunately relate to.

None The Wiser from Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo Blue Doll is a tenderly made story from the heart. With a superb vocal ambience and a lovely production that will strike you deep inside your soul, this is an anthem for anyone who knew that it was time to walk away from something once so joyous, but now so shattered.

When you feel you’re being used for your kindness, it’s time to close the door for good.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dead Of Night: Boston-based rockers Canyons and Locusts shows us inside the Night of the Locust

Roll The Dice by Canyons and Locusts

Steaming through the airwaves with a high-speed release from their recent 10-track album Roll The Dice, Canyons and Locusts return with a raw display to mosh with all evening on their latest single Night of the Locust.

Canyons and Locusts are a Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative noise-rock duo who seem to have rocket fuel simmering inside their veins.

Their recording process took formative conversations between two cities to one studio in Boston where they dug in, found the essence of each song, and then brought it loudly to life.” ~ Canyons and Locusts

Brimming with a confident edge to tell your mates about, Canyons and Locusts are in formidable form and shake our souls awake with an authoritative performance that is quite superb and rather menacing at times.

Night of the Locust from Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative noise-rock duo Canyons and Locusts is a supreme production that is filled with intensity, a real drive, and a hugely desirable output. They are an electric outfit and show us that underground music is certainly where it’s at on this dynamic release. Laced with an ear-tingling vocal effort to turn your head and a delightful energy, this is a track to get excited about.

You will want to turn this one on loud. Neighbors beware.

Listen up to this vibrant tune on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Strong: Massachusetts-based rapper Poppa King Oats urges us to join Together

After showing us his hustling Biggie Smalls mentality on his previous release from May 2022 called Throne, Poppa King Oats knows he just needs that one hit song so that he can live like Nas on Together.

Poppa King Oats aka Carlos Carela is a Massachusetts-based indie trap solo artist and is known for his catchy songs that will get the heart pumping.

With a huge smile, a positive mindset, and expertise in droves, Poppa King Oats returns to our consciousness with a terrific single that sets him apart from others in this oft-selfish game. Showing us he is ready for anything as he knows that talent isn’t an issue, as we are reminded of his smooth style that will make many nod their heads all night.

Together from Massachusetts-based indie trap artist Poppa King Oats is a faith-filled soundtrack to those who believe that without God, they don’t feel great at all. Rapped with his signature charm and skilled lyrical projection, this is a fine single from an artist who knows what is most important in life.

Oozing with underground quality and a message for all those who have perhaps forgotten to pray for a while, this is a song that leads the way to that guiding light.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Massachusetts Bellevide takes us higher and higher on the soul-shaker ‘Featherweight’

Showing us that party pooper who has ruined his mood for too long, Bellevide throws serious shade in his chill-to-the-bone style that shall urge your volume to go to into maximum instantly on ‘Featherweight‘.

Bellevide aka Daniel Duran is an experimental alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who is based in Massachusetts, USA.

Themes of Bellevide include psychological darkness, personal transformation, death and rebirth, and healing. Despite the seriousness, Bellevide attempts to communicate with a light-heartedness.” ~ Bellevide

Bellevide is a storyteller like no other. He brews confidence and shows us that underground music is the core of our identity, no matter what anyone else thinks. Brooding with a real self-assured technique, this might catch you off guard if you aren’t ready for its piercing energy.

Featherweight‘ from Massachusetts, USA-based experimental alt-pop solo singer-songwriter Bellevide is a spooky performance that has underdog written all over it. Featuring his signature vocal style that is striking, calm, and crammed with a message, you have to look deep inside. With a smokey disposition that shall get you off your feet, this is a sizzling track that might burn your hand if you aren’t too careful.

See this new music video on YouTube and see his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Northern Texas Fantasy is in the zone with the spectacularly sizzling **U&I&Me&U**

With an intense scenery that could take your mind hastily and twist it as far as you can could imagine, Northern Texas Fantasy takes us on a real quest-like ride via this heart-quickening psychedelic track which is intriguingly named **U&I&Me&U**.

Northern Texas Fantasy is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie dance act who blends in sensational shoegaze and ear-bending vaporwave.

Taken from the new 12-track experience to behold called ‘It Girl‘, Northern Texas Fantasy shows us their birth from the internet with a pulsating single to get rather rowdy with. Stuffed with a thrill-a-second and thoughtfully projected song with raw vocals to burst your eardrums with. This is a quite fantastic anthem to get electrified inside that shocks you sharply if you touch it too closely and is a song that is impossible to forget.

**U&I&Me&U** from the hugely promising Boston, Massachusetts-based indie dance project Northern Texas Fantasy is a brilliant performance from a quality artist who sends us into a merrier world than before. Packed with a punch bowl filled with flavoursome beats to get lathered inside, this is a quality track to enhance your speakers with all night long.

Feeling the groove is all that matters.

Listen up to this magnificent new single on Spotify and see more via their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

laceleaf slows everything down to satisfying levels of common sense on ‘Stay’

Released from LA/NYC indie label I’m Into Life Records, laceleaf is in enticing form with a single from their 10-track debut full album ‘Richie‘ with a song that will appease the heart called, ‘Stay‘.

laceleaf is a Boston, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo who performs a nostalgic sound that has you visualizing about a different time altogether.

While frequenting the Allston DIY scene, Adam and Ethan moved into an apartment of their own where they began making music of their own- a mellow fusion of pop melodies from the early 2000s’ juxtaposed with the patience of 90s’ slowcore.” ~ laceleaf

Dailing down the excess of extra thoughts that make planning life so hard to stomach when your belly is so anxious, laceleaf leads us down the cosy path that might set you free from any stress that is so unnecessary for your precious soul.

Stay‘ from Boston, Massachusetts-born Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo laceleaf is a glorious love letter that simmers down the mad rush of life to a tranquil splash into the river. The vocals are so mellow and seem to brush off the heavy thoughts that certainly need to be less, with such an expert style that you might need to listen twice. Constructed with a supremely likeable production to cuddle with, this is a single to remember affectionately for its peaceful message of unity with your chosen partner.

Listen up to this new creation on Spotify and see the moves made on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Massachusetts Trap artist Poppa King Oats feels like he is Biggie right now on, ‘Throne’

After finding his Beyonce on ‘Fasho‘ from July 2021, Poppa King Oats feels like he’s in the zone right now with his latest track to shake your ears alive as he locates that comfy ‘Throne‘.

Carlos Carela aka Poppa King Oats is a Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist who makes a catchy blend of street-filled music to nod your head with.

With a fun personality and showing us his skill set behind the mic, Poppa King Oats displays his high-flying rap attack and leaves no doubt that he’s in that immortal mindset that can take you to places that were presumed inconceivable before.

Throne‘ from Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist Poppa King Oats is a track that shows us a highly confident rapper who senses that he is ready for the next step. With a punchy beat and lots of catchy lyrics to swim deeply into – plus an assortment of strip club references to throw your money at – this is a song to turn up loud when you have had a few cold ones with your mates and feel like a late night.

Rapped with a clean tone and packed with conviction, Poppa King Oats shows us that he is certainly ready for the big leagues.

Listen up to this new audio on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston-based songstress Elisabeth Waters knows that the tears can’t continue on, ‘No Good for You’

Knowing that she needs to reflect as her recent behaviour isn’t befitting the nature that she is deep inside her creative essence, Elisabeth Waters sings with a real insight into a situation that has spiralled way out of control with, ‘No Good for You‘.

Elisabeth Waters is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie RnB/jazz solo singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rollerblading enthusiast.

Since she was very young she sang and played instruments, including piano, flute, clarinet, and guitar, and wrote her first songs by the time she was 8 years old.” ~ Elisabeth Waters

Eloquently adjusting our mindsets to what it’s actually like to be in a toxic relationship that has taken to shark-bitten moody waters of no return, Elisabeth Waters reminds us that it’s okay to be totally frank with the world no matter what the consequences.

She attended Berklee College of Music and graduated with a degree in Jazz Composition.” ~ Elisabeth Waters

No Good for You‘ from Boston, Massachusetts-based indie RnB/jazz solo artist Elisabeth Waters is one of those singles that will undoubtedly shake your stomach and get you thinking extra to find out quickly, if you are with the right human or not. This is the refreshingly honest story of admitting that you could be better, albeit feeling like the games thrown your way unnecessarily didn’t help the situation at all.

Sung with a glorious presence by a skilled singer-songwriter who only seems to get better like fine wine, you shall be thinking a bit more than usual after sipping on this new track.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Promising Boston-based singer-songwriter Alexa Cabral wonders if she is reaching expectations on her excellent new single, ‘Need to Know’

Pondering deeply if she is actually fit for this and actually trying the best she can possibly muster up despite the self-doubt raging in her veins, Alexa Cabral sends a vital message from a maturing young woman who is finding out more about herself each day on, ‘Need to Know‘.

Alexa Cabral is a 16-year-old indie-soul/pop singer-songwriter who is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and sings with a stunningly tremendous ear-tingling tone.

She thrives on live shows and has been performing since she was a young teen, participating in the All You Got Tour and Performers on the Go events.” ~ Alexa Cabral

With her scintillating vocals that shall have you feeling like you have just heard someone rather special, Alexa Cabral is a marvellously talented artist who soars so high here as she searches for that happy balance in her life. With lyrics about wondering if she belongs and not wanting to let anyone down – this is an important transmission for all the teens out there who are a bit anxious – with all the plastic fakeness on social media that can make you feel so average when you actually do belong after all.

Need to Know‘ from Boston, Massachusetts Alexa Cabral is an emotional plea to be given space to map out her own path. Sung with a glorious vocal ability that sends your throbbing heart into overdrive, this is a dynamic single that so many will definitely relate to. The world is full of unreal expectations that can drown you like you are underwater with no light, as you swim frantically to survive instead of enjoying the natural voyage to your happy place.

This is a wonderfully natural vocalist who glides so brilliantly, to bring the world an important single to truly embrace. Everyone’s journey is different after all.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out her IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston duo Falls So Fast reminds us that life is a lot shorter than first envisaged with ‘Your Life Is’

Taken from their 11-track album called ‘Calm‘ that has recently been released on the 25th of February, Falls So Fast slows down our busy minds with a top showing that shall have you thinking about your journey on ‘Your Life Is‘.

Falls So Fast is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock singer-songwriter duo who loves to collab with other others and bring a sense of understanding into a rather resentful world.

A collaboration by guitarist Alec Francesconi and singer and guitarist Todd Stephany. Together, they write and arrange original tunes, then contact their network of pro musicians from the Boston area and beyond to perform and record with them.” ~ Falls So Fast

Showing us their life experience that has brought them into this self-enlightened state of knowledge for the spirit that needs to be heard, Falls So Fast are the type of duo that you want to be mates with and share a laugh after the gig. They are totally in tune with the world and are on maximum form here, with a super single that shall bring so much inspiration to those sleepy slumbering souls.

Your Life Is‘ from the Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock duo Falls So Fast, is one of those mellow tunes made by two understated artists who seem to love what they do. This is the message of taking your life to a new level if you haven’t already as living with regrets about what you could have done, will only cause you to be bitter.

Listen up to this reflective gem on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen