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Gotta Be Careful: Boston rapper Ace Capone knows the next move needs to be the right one on ‘HeadSmoke’

With the blaze game on the tightly rolled every time he’s hungry, Ace Capone rips a freestyle quick-fire track to tease us into his next creation on ‘HeadSmoke‘.

Boston, Massachusetts rapper Ace Capone, drops that raw street-hop trap that has you in a flux of emotions, as this rapid energy of a video has your head spinning, as to who he really is.

The mysterious raps has you thinking extra deep as you transfix yourself into his state of mind. The money is slowly starting to build up and he is seeing results, as the pressure mounts up too and loyalties are tested real quick. Its crazy how a maddening pandemic can actually help you truly find out who your real friends are, and who definitely isn’t.

HeadSmoke‘ from emerging Boston rapper Ace Capone, is that raw new track to let us know that he is keeping his eye on the prize, as he gets his music collection ready to blow up. The team needs to be strong however, otherwise all the cards will fall down like a ton of bricks and fold it down to the ground, to be locked up forever.

Check out the video on YouTube.

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Read the wind: Sean Moriarty tells us ‘The Story of America’

Taken off his latest eight-track album called ‘All for Everything‘, Sean Moriarty gives us the inside look into ‘The Story of America‘ as he sees it.

Sean Moriarty is a multi-talented Ledyard, Connecticut-born, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter and current farmer, who makes that reflective music for us to ponder on, as he soothingly sings from the heart about what he has seen.

The former copywriter knew that world wasn’t for him and decided he needed to be outside to feel free again. He sings with such honesty, almost shyness at times, his talent is easy to hear but he underrates himself. This wonderfully humble man with a striking voice, has the hair on the back of your neck standing up as you feel his life’s journey, finding his way as he looks for a true home.

This is the lesson to always read the wind and set sail when you know the storms are brewing, as following your instinct is the only way to survive this crazy and very strange world. Doing what you have to do in order to feel fulfilled, is the key that unlocks all of your greatness, even if many won’t understand your journey.

The Story of America‘ from the soulful Massachusetts-based farmer, artist and singer-songwriter Sean Moriarty, is that authentic varnished feeling for the heart, his true stories are derived from working around the country and keeping himself busy. The real inside look is fascinating as he only brings peace and tranquility to an often overly-busy world that seems like it is spinning out of control.

Hear this mellow single on Spotify and find out more on his website.

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Be your own trendsetter: Riah Dawn shows such grace on sipping ‘The Tea’ of self-love and possibilities

Riah Dawn flourishes like a shining star that dispels all self-doubt away like a true angel does, on the breathtaking single ‘The Tea‘.

Boston, Massachusetts-born multi-talented R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, violinist, cellist, drummer and pianist Riah Dawn, makes that rare real music about her life growing up as an adopted child, finding her identity and figuring out what she really is passionate about. After this recent self-discovery, she has decided that speaking about her story and fusing her poetry into art, is the best way to inspire others to love themselves and to follow their hopes and passions to the fullest. This is indeed a role model musician to appreciate and to listen to her intently.

We are let into this fascinating R&B-fused story by a singer with a truly stunning voice, who has learnt that you need to work with what you are given in life and to not worry about what you don’t have. You are a special person inside and out, with so much value and the future possibilities are endless, if you love that person in the mirror, while being self-aware and staying open-minded.

The Tea‘ from the soulful multi-skilled Boston native Riah Dawn, is the type of song you feel compelled to listen to again and again, as she has such a pure voice that helps you to unwrapped any self-doubt and throw it away. Opening yourself up to new and exciting possibilities is the only way to truly grow and to follow those goals and dreams you have deep inside you. This is the type of artist that shows you where the key is, as she has been there and knows what it feels like.

Unlocking that happy side of you is possible, if you believe in yourself enough and want to walk through into the sunlight.

Hear this wonderful song on her Spotify and learn more about the lovable Riah on IG.

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Feelin’ real hot right now: Weapon flame their music to the world on ‘Fire’

Taken off their latest hot 5-track EP called ‘Winterlude‘, Weapon bring the ‘Fire‘ and keep on cookin’ during these dark and gloomy days, to rise up and keep us all in the right zone.

Weapon are a riveting rap duo based outta Boston in Massachusetts, USA and feature former hoopers Tyshawn aka Fantasy plus Darren aka DFizz45. Together as one formidable team, they make that street-hop real story-filled melodic hip-hop that makes you feel good, so you can get through the day and feel alive.

With a smooth flow, these two talented rappers leave no doubt about their emotions right now. They are both feeling like this is their time to give back to the music world that has given them so much. They give us a top performance that shows their incredible lyrical ability, over a sumptuously tasty beat for the ages.

Fire‘ from Boston rap duo Weapon, is a look into the lives of two emcee’s who are feeling good right now and want to share it with the world. They rap with effortless abandon and show that things can be happy with clear skies in this dark and gloomy world.

When you feeling good, spreading this positive vibe is a much-needed element to inspire others to reach their goals. With so much negative energy around, this is the reason why music was invented in the first place. Assisting others when they are low, so they can aim high again and get those three points every time.

Hear this toasty gem on Spotify and see their rise to the top on IG.

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The kitchen got too hot: Jesenia shows undeniable greatness with story about vanishing ex on ‘Do Me Like That’

Jesenia drifts through the distant memory of a former lover that made the wrong decision via her spectacularly hot new single called ‘Do Me Like That’.

Jesenia is a Boston, Massachusetts-based R&B/Hip Hop singer-songwriter/emcee who is an artist you need to know about. She projects sultry soundscapes into the sunset-lit sky and makes you feel like you are floating with her- on a calming cloud of love and grace.

This is the vividly descriptive story of how her ex made her feel lathered in open-popping moments and things were going well, when all of a sudden they folded on her like a pack of cards. She sings about shining throughout the pain and moving on, while also remembering how she helped him so much,

When the time came to help her when she needed it most, they sprinted out the door like Usain Bolt. This is the true test of a thriving relationship and to see who is your rock and who is not.

Her dynamic voice is so smoothly delivered and the aura she brings in her mic appears very authentic. This is a strong woman who has been through so much growing up and has seen dysfunction right before her young eyes. She seeks to uplift the sad with music that wets your ears, so it can ease your pain tenderly-even for a few minutes during these tough times.

After finding much success on TikTok recently, the new-found fame hasn’t gone to her head and you can feel the humble nature of a motivated woman that wants to reach the top and do it the right way.

Her intoxicating energy makes you smile and even though the subject matter is sad, you feel like you have just heard a special talent who’s voice transcends into your curious speakers and you feel a warm glow inside your happy bones.

Do Me Like That’ is one of the best songs out there at the moment and Jesenia is here to stay for a while. She shows so much class throughout and doesn’t need to show any ass to reach her goals.

Hear this fast-rising voice of a genuine goddess on YouTube and see how she flourishes with that extra inner self-belief on IG.

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Helping people survive and playing music to heal: Boston’s The Fever Breakers show inspiring compassion on ‘The Human In Me’

Hospital employees want to do more to help out and decide to form a band with exceptional results. This is a rare moment that inspires so many though this wild pandemic and Boston’s The Fever Breakers are top quality on new single ‘The Human In Me‘.

”We are a Band made up of racially and socio-politically diverse hospital employees and craft our socially themed songs in the basement of a Boston based hospital using a piano used for cancer patient music therapy.”- The Fever Breakers

When you can think outside the box like this, good times are on the horizon for their listeners. This is a Trans-Atlantic collaboration with the legendary Stu Epps and the classy effort is a pleasure to hear and I feel so relaxed here, the stunning sounds cools down the heated soul that has seen way to many flames for one lifetime.

The splendid piano drifts through the open window that is for fresh air but is now for fantastic tunes to heal. The vocals shine through and adds a sunset kind of vibe here. This is a story to help us smile and move our bodies again, putting extra energy into the blood flow without needing CPR.

We all want to live again and be free from this horrific pandemic that has changed and bent the world upside down. Through music we can heal and Boston’s The Fever Breakers put their work duties and passion to play music together to unite us all together and make the world a better place on ‘The Human In Me‘.

View the video here and see how they balance life on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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Fast-rising Massachusetts band RoseR rock in with the truthfully awesome ‘Nice, Guy’

Fast-rising Massachusetts band RoseR rock in with the truthfully awesome ‘Nice, Guy‘ and this fantastic 5 piece act are back with a supremely memorable new single. This is for all those nice guys out there that are going for the wrong girl.

Lowell, Massachusetts is the home of this fiery band with an indie rock sound that is such a nice massage to the ears and has a vibe that is so fascinating. With lusty vocals that is backed up with a funky bass-line and lyrics that get to the message right away without fuss. You can feel the jazz, blues, and grunge influences here and this is a treat.

This is the story about how a nice guy can fall for the wrong girl. They are perfect for each other and there are so many laughs. The problem is that he loves her so much and she sees him as a friend. They flirt and joke around but deep inside she doesn’t realize that this is a guy that will care for her so much and be loyal. She doesn’t see it and he will be chasing this love for years and his heart will be broken unfortunately.

Nice, Guy‘ from the excellent Massachusetts band RoseR is a thunderous single that shows us their quality yet again. They show their experience and creativity to the max here and this is one of the most promising indie rock tunes you will hear in 2020.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Click here for the Facebook link.

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Fancy J commits to a well-rounded dream pop sound with ‘Forever’

Pop vocalist originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Fancy J has released her new pop track ‘Forever’. 

Smothered with a healthy glaze of lo-fi R&B production, ‘Forever’ soars into high pitched vocal notes with Fancy J providing an almost ethereal atmosphere in her crooning. The track is a gorgeous, dreamy number and doesn’t hold back in covering listeners in a wall of emotionally vulnerable lyrics and undulating vocal drawls. 

Hauntingly beautiful at its apex – the track will sing to the ears of those who enjoy lo-fi melodic dream pop with oodles of R&B influence and ‘Forever’ shows Fancy J has the chops to make it into any moody pop playlist. 

You can check out Fancy J’s ‘Forever’ on her Spotify page here.  

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Soulful Steve Schuster is back with united ”One Lonely Voice’

The soulful singer-songwriter from Westborough in Massachusetts, Steve Schuster, returns with his new song called ”One Lonely Voice”. This is a united message of speaking up if you have something positive to say and how we should all support this notion. One lonely voice can indeed change the world and its great that Steve has brought out this song during the highly challenging and stressful COVID-19 time.

I like this song for a variety of reasons and the main one is that it is so simple. You could teleport back to the 60’s and it wouldn’t be out of place in that era of game-changing music. This is ear-food for consumption that won’t make you sad but instead do the opposite and inspire you.

With a happy-soaked base, Seattle-born Steve Schuster’s strong lyrical content coupled with a rhythmic guitar riff & his vibrant voice, ensures that ”One Lonely Voice” should be treasured as one of 2020’s most uplifting theme tunes.

Stream more from Steve Schuster on his SoundCloud page and look inside for more fantastic music.

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Lovable Boston native Kerrin Connolly Geek-Rocks her way in the game with ‘’Thanks for Playing’’

This is a solo artist on the rise. With catchy songs and a genuine nature, the world needs more artists like this to cherish- especially during lockdown. 

The cat lover, self-confessed nerd- all with a gorgeous voice- sings her way into the hearts of the world with her new single ‘’Thanks for Playing’’ from her new album Almost, big things are coming for this humble singer from Massachusetts in the USA.

Kerrin is the cute girl next door who keeps on smiling at you and who loves to sing all day. Her music is light-hearted and she is clearly fascinated by the supernatural. Let’s enjoy Kerrin’s fun vibe and remember that life should be enjoyed despite the daily challenges.

Hear more of the wonderful Kerrin and order the new album here .

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen