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Rise And Fall: Aaron Janik holds that golden light on ‘Runnin with the Sun’ (feat. Danielle Wertz)

On a quite spellbinding beat so fresh you will feel the need to slide on those sunglasses and smile broadly, Aaron Janik drops a song rather glorious that leads you away from the rainy skies with ‘Runnin with the Sun(feat. Danielle Wertz).

Aaron Janik is a greatly-respected Massachusetts-born, LA-based professional trumpet player, horn arranger and educator.

Featuring the impeccable capabilities of internationally recognized California-based jazz vocalist Danielle Wertz, Aaron Janik is quite excellent here with a release that shows you why his name has been mentioned alongside the best in the game. Each chord is rather delightful and with the added vocals of an angelic goddess showing us where to go, this is a real pearl to truly recognise.

Runnin with the Sun(feat. Danielle Wertz) from the LA-based professional trumpet player, horn arranger and educator Aaron Janik, is one of those sumptuous tracks that you just wish you could listen to at that perfect moment. The all-around experience here is one that gets your whole soul to glow, as you imagine being on a beautiful island with your lover whilst listening to this gorgeous song.

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Empty Room: Abi Nav paces with that racing mind as he fights the tiring battle with the ‘Devil With No Name’

Influenced by John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and The Script, Abi Nav brings us his latest piece of brilliantly performed art with a true story about trying to brush off those pesky troubles on ‘Devil With No Name‘.

Abi Nav is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter. He writes honest songs about struggles that we all face inside our worried souls, as he sings with such a peaceful style that you can’t help but like this incredible artist.

Abi’s raw, self-aware lyrics, coupled with his ability to write unforgettable melodies make him a songwriter to look out for. His smooth, buttery vocals along with his melody-driven guitar playing come together to create a unique sound.” ~ Abi Nav

There is much to love about such a pure musician who performs with flippers on his feet as he guides his precious heart away from the stormy seas, to instead rejoice with a beaming smile on his face. The beautifully written words are a real gem – on a soothing track that will have you finding that inner superpower – that has been lost like a kite in the woods, that needs to be found again.

Devil With No Name‘ from the Boston-based indie pop/rock-based indie singer-songwriter Abi Nav, is the story about being held captive by your insecurities, as you do your best to swim away from the pain and into the calming flow of happy days again. You will find an inspiring song indeed which also has a happy ending, to teach us that life can be okay if you try hard to tackle your own fears and never give up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its Better Than My Enemies: Young Walt Dez walks away from all the drama and ‘Jealousy’

With that knowing look that is drenched all over his all-seeing eyes, Young Walt Dez wonders if his main girls scorned envy will really be the end of him with ‘Jealousy‘.

Young Walt Dez is a youthful New Bedford, Massachusetts-born indie rapper who projects his fresh style onto the world with shrewd confidence and is certainly on the rise currently.

At a young age, Dez started to write raps under the name “NBK”, long before he chose the name Young Walt. It wasn’t until the death of his father, a diehard fan of hip hop legend Nas, that Dez really started to take music and life, more seriously.” ~ Young Walt Dez

After the sad death of his father – you feel that Young Walt Dez had vital time to mourn – which in turn lead to him realizing what he really wanted to do in life. There is an old school respect strewn all over his raps, with his introspective new era style that is truly his own.

Jealousy‘ from the flowing-with-meaning New Bedford, Massachusetts-based indie hip-hop artist Young Walt Dez, shows us a creative man who is slightly worried about what could happen to him – if the two women he currently cares about – join forces to totally destroy him. He carefully ponders his future and takes him to cross the street with both eyes looking around smartly, into a new world that is hopes will turn out alright.

To honor his fathers name and to make something of his life, is all that he really cares about after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck Between These Walls: Catching Arrows wonder deeply when the beautiful sunshine will come back again on ‘Locked In’

With a thoughtful glance at the past which seems so sadly far away, Catching Arrows are so tired of being stuck inside on their new single which we can all relate to on ‘Locked In‘.

Catching Arrows is a proudly female-fronted four-piece teen indie rock pop band from the legendary city of Boston, Massachusetts.

You totally feel this story about being caged inside like a wild animal when the world was at its lowest for years, as you find yourself wondering when some sense of normal will return. The sound is alive here from a fired up vocalist who sings with that real meaning – that is so lacking in this cancel culture society – as she projects a message that is so true and fills your heart with so much anxiousness, about what tomorrow will bring.

Locked In‘ from the youthfully exuberant Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock pop band Catching Arrows, is a reflective theme track for all of us who absoloutely hated being stuck inside. Featuring freshly-sung vocals from a wonderfully talented young lady and backed up by a loyal band – who keep things tighter than a kitty cat sliding through the pet door late at night – there is much to love about a group who only seem to get better and better.

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Filled With Love: Boston’s Maxtallies sees his lover paint with the lights on with ‘Van Gogh’

As his eyes spark when he sees his sweet candy crush in full view, Maxtallies is at his supreme best on the latest bass-busting single from this vocally pleasing artist with ‘Van Gogh‘.

Maxtallies is a very confident rapper/RnB artist, music producer and thriving fashion model who is from the busy streets of Boston, Massachusetts.

From producing his own tracks and writing, Maxtallies seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through music and art.” ~ Maxtallies

This is the terrific story of feeling the unadulterated love from someone who is painting your whole body closely, as you look at them deeply and feel their affection towards you. With purely written and meaningful lyrics that shows us that kind atmosphere at its fullest, this is an heartfelt single that will have you turning the lights on low.

Van Gogh‘ from the Boston-based model, music producer and rapper/RnB artist Maxtallies, is the type of track which has you moving and grooving all night long. This is that I-appreciate-your-skills kind of release – that has the air of love attached – and so much respect for this Queen-like figure, who he sees right before him. Featuring a sensually stimulating background and smoothly lipped vocals, you will feel your heart warming when you turn this gem up to the max.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For Peace: Marcus Liuzzi remembers the conviction-filled tumultuous sixties on ‘Whatever Happened To Aquarius’

As he carefully opens up the memory book and shows us that standing up for your rights is the only way to go, Marcus Liuzzi recalls when marching was so frequent and still groovy at the same time on ‘Whatever Happened To Aquarius‘.

Marcus Liuzzi is a highly respected Boston, Massachusetts indie Pop singer-songwriter and theatre actor. He makes a sterling blend of nostalgic music that brings you back to a time that must be never forgotten.

This song is a reflection on how things never change – we’re still fighting the for same things year after year. Whatever Happened to Aquarius is about the tumultuous sixties, when we fought for our rights, for equality, for ideals, and for peace. We marched against the Vietnam war and police brutality. We shouted loud in the streets to make our voices heard. We never gave up, and we’re still fighting today.” ~ Marcus Liuzzi

There is so much style with groove-laced vibrations in this epic track – packed full of important lyrics for those who have no idea about the past – with a blend of vocals that has your mind alive and glowing about such incredibly real music. He sings with a real purpose, packed with a tremendously uplifting energy to educate those who feel that the fight isn’t worth it.

Whatever Happened To Aquarius‘ from the experienced Boston, Massachusetts indie Pop singer-songwriter Marcus Liuzzi, is that memory lane lane type of experience that has you feeling united as you stand. With so much hate and divisiveness around that is sadly so abundant, this is a real insight into the brave folk who stood up when the time was right. Being free is the only thing that should ever matter after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Story of Haunting Guilt and Remorse: Boston’s Shotgun Waltz begs for forgiveness on the blood-on-my-hands ‘Ghost Train’

Shifting Gears by Shotgun Waltz

Taken off their July release all about living in the here and now called ‘Shifting Gears‘, Shotgun Waltz ride in with a reflective mood to that fateful day which took away a soul who should still be here on ‘Ghost Train‘.

Shotgun Waltz is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece band. They are a group that have a world class sound that has been fine tuned from many years perfecting their craft, as they combine like classic wine to make that specially flavored type of energy.

The fresh, energetic nature of Jim DeTore’s songs is reinforced by a highly capable veteran lineup featuring the arrangements of former Leonard Cohen touring guitarist Bob Metzger, as well as two veteran Boston musicians: former Lines drummer Rick Weden and Pete Abajoli from Penny Outlaw, The Melatonins and formerly Superlow.” ~ Shotgun Waltz

With a startling message which strikes right in your knotted stomach as you imagine the emotional toll this has taken after all these years of guilt – we are placed into a message of redemption – that is splendidly sung with such determination. There is much to admire here, as the band are on top form and show us their world class ability.

Ghost Train‘ from the Boston-based indie alt-rock roots four-piece act Shotgun Waltz, is the story of wishing that you could have that moment back which changed everything. Your mind goes back to the time the accident happened, as you beg for forgiveness and try to make amends in any way possible.

Performed with a real edge and a terrific soundscape, this is one of the most honest tracks you will hear all year.

Check out the Bandcamp link for this new single and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spend Some Time With You: Boston rapper Kieh fleetingly wonders where she went on ‘Dash’

As his thoughtful mind drifts back to when they were cool and things seemed like they would last for a minute, Kieh lights up briskly and smokes out the memory that has been blazed away like old smoke on the quick-fire new single all about that ‘Dash‘.

Boston, Massachusetts-based rapper, music producer and audio engineer Kieh, likes to make that striking music which is about life, love, and making that paper in this tree-felling type of world.

His smoothly tinted vocals flows through rather organically on a sharp edged beat – which has your head nodding rather briskly – as you get inside Kieh’s mind to see what he is truly aiming for. His skillful bars flosses over the catchy melody to have you feeling like he is only headed to the top, as he wants it more than anyone else.

Dash‘ from the youthful Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rapper and trap producer Kieh, is a striking message to the quick-to-bail girl who was close. He wishes for her to be around but after things were going well she disappointed him, and decided to make other moves which turned out to be a huge mistake. He is now counting hundreds until his fingers go blue, and is only going upwards to reach those huge dreams, that keeps him hungry all day.

Sometimes people come into your life and leave before you’ve even truly gotten to know them, as your mind on focuses on the all-important bank account only.

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Come Back Home: Splendid new Boston rock band Silvirtongue know what they want on ‘Heartstrings’

Taken off their much-awaited upcoming debut EP, Silvirtongue skillfully tell us the true story of wanting that loved soul to be present right next to your caring eyes again as there is so much more to say on ‘Heartstrings‘.

Silvirtongue is a promising Boston, Massachusetts-based four-piece alt-rock band. They are a new act who have been working hard over this supremely challenging last year, and power in with a sterling effort that needs our attention.

Inspired by classic bands such as Radiohead, Oasis, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, U2, The Cure and The Police, you feel their quality throughout this absolute gem. After a few seconds you quickly realize that this is a specially brewed band, who are oozing natural class without trying overly hard.

The band formed when things got tough for all of us at the start of 2020. With some original works already lined up, band vocalist and bassist (Cozzo) reached out to some musician friends both new and old (Kelleher, Colarusso, McGuirk). Within a years time they were writing collectively, and have been ever since.” – Silvirtongue

You hear such clearly intention-filled vocals here that are backed up by a sensational sound, who seem to get it all right with ease. Your head seems to nod organically and there is so much pureness here – nothing is ever rushed unnecessarily – as you sit back and admire such cleverly penned lyrics, that seems to mesh perfectly with the mood at hand.

Heartstrings‘ from the booming Boston alt-rockers Silvirtongue, is the movie-like story about wanting to be with someone so bad, as you had feelings back in the old days at school. There is something there that you can’t stop thinking about it, and you want to be close, so you can find out exactly what it is. This is a fantastic track that will certainly have your heart beating with so much energy, and is one of the most exciting releases from 2021.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Give Up: Massachusetts native Jade Moede enthusiastically urges us to hold onto our ‘Pride’

As he rocks into the music bar with a telling story that inspires us to lift ourselves up, Jade Moede returns triumphantly with the true story about keeping our chins to the sky no matter what the circumstances are on his relevant new single called ‘Pride‘.

Jade Moede (pronounced Maydee) is a creative indie rock singer-songwriter, award-winning visual artist, and drummer, from peaceful Cotuit, Massachusetts, in the USA. He makes that old school feel that has you feeling all cozy and nostalgic, as his wonderful ways take you to a vintage place that is way out of the matrix.

It’s almost more net art time capsuled from the early 90s than anything else.” – Jade Moede

There is such a rebel nature here that is so great to listen to and the gushing guitar riffs are so fun to embrace happily. His determined vocals swarm the mic and uplifts your mood like winning the lotto, as he takes us for a ride that has you feeling alright again after a few losses.

Pride‘ from the New England-based indie rock artist and visually creative artist Jade Moede, is that walking with an extra step type of track. The misty maze of the world can hold you back and confuse you as there are so many different paths you could take. He sings with such passionate energy and this is a song you need to hear loud, as its your right to do so.

Stream his new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more visuals plus music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen