Match My Energy: Yefta is afraid for the future on the instant underground classic Symmetry

Urging us to keep that short memory within easy access, Yefta is authentically himself and shows humanity we have everything we need if those past messes can be cleared right now on the rather excellent masterpiece for those who want the truth, Symmetry.

Yefta is a German-born, USA-based indie hip hop artist and music producer who drops bars that contain valuable scriptures to enhance the world’s mood.

Before his arrival, he had already been influenced by South Memphis rap music and felt a strong sense of connection to the sounds from the West. Fast forward to 2002, yefta was introduced to some kids who spent a lot of time writing and producing rap music.” ~ Yefta

Music with a positive directive that is made with only true intentions seems to be harder to find these days. Yefta is the messenger we have been waiting for. The humble hero spits rhymes that most rappers dream of and it feels like he is only just getting started.

Symmetry from German-born, USA-based indie hip hop artist Yefta rips so eloquently on one of the best underground tracks so far in 2022. The skill on the mic is rather transcendent as he keeps it real and gosh, this beat is a work of art. After fine-tuning his technique and only coming up to relay a message of sense, all hip hop heads are in for a treat of much significance.

If you want it, go and get it.

Hear this new song on Spotify. See more vibes on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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