Don’t Deny: Marvelous Melbourne-based alt-pop artist Lunacy thrillingly encourages us to feel deeply and go for it bravely on ‘Don’t Fear The Fall’ (ft. Kyso)

With her trusty co-writing partner Oliver Kindred on-board and penning some incredibly relevant music together, Lunacy tells us vividly to let go of all self-doubt and just try things that might seem scary at first on ‘Don’t Fear The Fall(ft. Kyso).

Lunacy is a stimulating alt-pop artist with so much potential and strikingly beautiful purple hair, who is from sunny Melbourne in Australia. She makes that honest music that actually means something, her past experiences are courageously shared to assist others to heal from their own love, life and mental health worries, in this very confusing world.

Produced by Lonei Heckenberg, you feel such a vibration deep inside your pounding heart that is taken for a wild ride by Lunacy’s stunningly uplifting vocals that are mixed sweetly with Kyso’s classy flow. This is a such a dazzling song that has you thinking rather freely again- brushing off the dusty cobwebs from many months inside to hide – as now is the right moment to do what you need to be truly happy.

Don’t Fear The Fall(ft. Kyso) from the soul-stirring Melbourne, Australia-based indie alt-pop powerhouse Lunacy, is an action-packed adventure through driving beats, that swerves your mind into action and stomps down some moody synth-filled delicious soul food. This is the inspirational story that should put you into a better frame of mind, as going for your dreams is the only way to catch them, before they float away quickly like lost bubbles into the moody wind.

If its real never give in, as that is the time when you need to grit your teeth and make it happen no matter what. The love is there if you believe enough.

Stream this fab new song on Soundcloud and see her vibrant IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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