Dan Saulpaugh – Mother: A Soundscape of Crisply Un-Catholic Cathartic Indie Folk

I know what you’re thinking, a track titled Mother sounds a bit Norman Bates, yet, after I checked out Dan Saulpaugh’s latest debut track Mother I was convinced that no psychopath could create such an ethereally sensual Indie Folk sound. The Folk singer-song writer has a uniquely distinctive reproach to his sound, he infuses an eclectic mix of elements into his sound. His clever lyricism “it’s cool not wearing shoes on holy ground” may just be the most Folk lyrics that I’ve ever heard. Yet, they go much beyond the aesthetic of a genre, they’re deeply entrenched in the New York City based artists own emotion.

Mother was released March 15th, 2018 by the ambiently inclined experimental artist who wrote Mother as a track as an ode to his own mother, reflecting on nostalgic memory and complexity of religion and relationships. Through the deeply evocative sentiment behind the track, you’re treated to a mix of Alt-Country, and Indie Pop influences that perfectly encapsulate the essence of the sound.

You can Listen to Mother on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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