Why can’t we accept ourselves: Arja Kraska bravely speaks up and sings with substantial class on ‘Standards’

With her honest insight into a traumatic issue that has been plaguing teenagers and young women for years, Arja Kraska sings so passionately about the blurred ‘Standards‘ made popular by fashion magazines, that only creates unnecessary anxiety for impressionable minds.

Electrifying San Francisco, California-based singer-songwriter Arja Kraska, has grown up with music flowing through her creative veins, from getting the taste of the arts at elementary school, to returning to her true love when she was sixteen years old. She sings with that real passion and her meaningful voice makes your whole body shiver with admiration, at what her message is portraying.

This is the sadly very real story of a talented young woman who has grown up like so many before her, scrolling through airbrushed fashion magazines and looking at skinny models, wishing that she was like them and worrying about her looks.

Her voice grows stronger as the song moves into high gear as she has grown the self-awareness that she is indeed real, while other girls use their looks to get free drinks but inside, are actually unhappy and don’t have anything else to offer the world. She is worried for fellow girls like her, who haven’t been able to break free and instead starve themselves, hurting their malnourished bodies in the process.

Standards‘ from California’s young pop starlet Arja Kraska, is a truthful gem that shows her glorious voice to the world and maturing role model mind at one, realizing that she is on the right path to ignoring mainstream hype that is actually damaging and not helpful for her health in the slightest.

Her real message is one that needs to be heard worldwide, over and over until things change. Accepting yourself is the only way to true freedom and those that truly care about you, will lead you into the right direction of fulfillment with that real love.

Hear this inspiring new track on Spotify and see more from this incredibly gifted young singer on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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