Des Montana drops Mileage Prod. HL8: A slow-pace Rap hit

Rap, Hip-Hop and Trap come through with a bang in rapper Des Montana’s most recent track ‘Mileage’, along with a music video, it’s honest and has a rather catchy rhythm.

It’s not too up-beat, not like most Rap songs, it’s slower and that gives the listener a chance to hear each lyric as it’s thrown out, each lyric stands out a lot more and it having a more leisurely pace definitely works in its favor. It just shows how revised Rap is now, that it doesn’t always have to have a high tempo, it can be more mellow and still stand out.

As for the beat, you can hear the suspense cutting through, knowing that a breakdown will happen at some point, it’s interesting to listen to a melody that is slow however does still give off a suspenseful feeling to later on lead into a killer breakdown.

Nothing is too crazy or too fast-pace everything flows in and out perfectly, not only has Des Montana created an infectious beat, it also follows with a crazy music video, be sure to check it out.

Listen to Des Montana newest track Mileage Prod. HL8 now by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall

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