Jaggermouth – Stillwater – Blues Meets Indie Rock With A Powerful Set Of Personal Lyrics

There is really something special about those artists who are able to let the audience in through their music. For some performer, it is not just about getting up on a stage and play: their art is all about human connection. It is a mean of expression that allows them to share their ideas, fears, hopes and dreams with whomever out there is willing to just stop for a couple of minutes and listen up.

Showing your feelings through music requires a lot of strength, because you have to be quite brave to expose your most vulnerable sides for the world to see! This is definitely the case of JaggerMouth, a band whose songs are like a mirror into the soul of the performer, and a powerful example of what it is like to write songs that mean something on an emotional level.

JaggerMouth’s recent release, Stillwater, is a wonderful and direct song where the compelling and tasteful melodies go hand in hand with the artist’s emotional lyrics, igniting the sound with blues, jazz and rock overtones!

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