Soapbox Sound – Morning Coffee: Resonantly Bohemian Folk Indie Rock

Cornerstone by Soapbox Sound

Putting a pin in Soapbox Sound’s unique edge could almost be described as an impossible task. It feels as though all you need to know is that you’ve never heard anything remotely similar to the perfect resonance of the bands intellectually melancholic sound and you shouldn’t wait another second before checking out their pensive soundscape. It’s clear that Soapbox Sound don’t make tracks for mass ingestion, they know what they want to say, and they know the perfect way of saying it. I could quite happily get lost in Soapbox Sound’s music for hours, unravelling the complexity of the lyrics and appreciating the sheer ingenuity of the instrumentals which pertain to the rhythmically immersive Indie Rock vibe, yet the band have infused their instrumentals with the haunting trappings of Acoustic Post Punk melodies.

Morning Coffee is just one of the standout tracks off Soapbox Sound’s debut album Cornerstone which you can stream and download from BandCamp right now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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