DemiGawd Ken captured the lusty vibes of closing time in his vibe-heavy RnB Hip Hop single, Last Call

The Florida-residing first generation Haitian American up-and-coming artist, DemiGawd Ken, captured the lusty vibes of closing time in his latest release, Last Call. We’ve all been there, not wanting the night to end while intoxicated on the company as much as the alcohol that has heightened the emotions; DemiGawd Ken’s compelling narrative lyrical style will take you right back there.

With its radio-ready production, soulfully playful disposition, and earworm tendencies inspired by Drake, T-pain and Kanye, Last Call is a serious contender for RnB hip hop track of the year. There is no listening to DemiGawd Ken without being pulled into the vibe of his sunny side-up demeanour, which makes the airwaves infinitely sweeter.

Last Call is now available to stream on YouTube, and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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