Can’t give up: Eamonn Conor drives as fast as he can to keep the love alive on ‘Dig Deeper’

With so much jazzy energy and soul laced perfectly to embrace ultimate sensations of love, Eamonn Conor asks his lover to ‘Dig Deeper‘ and feel that passion again.

Eamonn Conor is a thrilling Melbourne, Australia indie-pop singer-songwriter, who sings about those deep passions within and performs with an honest and caring nature, that complements his incredible vocal ability.

He isn’t over them yet and the story opens the door to us looking into this salvage operation in the works. He wants things to be like they were before but he question is, do they feel the same? Sometimes we have to be realistic but if you believe in this as much as the words coming out of your mouth, you have to give it one last shot and drive as far as you need to go, in order to know if you were mistaken, or actually right to do whatever it takes.

Over a lovely beat that calms your heartbeat, we witness glorious vocals over that saucy jazzy/soul/pop background that is such a pleasurable listen. His voice is so sumptuous, each word clear audible and the passion is such a tremendous inspiration to all lovers out there.

Dig Deeper‘ from the exciting Australian pop artist Eamonn Conor, makes you think about the times you gave up on love too easily and regret that moment, vowing never to ever (ever) do that again.

Doing your best to fix a relationship is courageous but this only works if both of you are willing to drive on the same path and try to make your energies sync together again. Otherwise, you will be the one driving by yourself and they will jump out of the car sooner or later.

Head to YouTube for the track and see more about this rising artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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