California’s No Refunds rock in with solid debut ”No Guarantees”

No Refunds from California have powered in with a debut to remember. With their Alt Rock infused ”No Guarantees”, this is a song about respect, ignorance in mass media and being nice to each other. A welcome message from this young band who are clearly frustrated with the political landscape in the USA and just want things to work around them.

With a diverse background of different music styles among the band, No Refunds come in with a bang here and you can tell that they have been building up to this exact moment. The boys have fine tuned their guitars and are now ready to just play their hearts out and spread their message all over the world.

No Refunds have a quality sound and for a new band, sound really tight with their debut song ”No Guarantees”. A story about keeping things civil and championing positive interactions between humans, No Refunds saunter in with their heads held high and make a rocking statement for 2020. A band with a big future, let’s hope the lineup changes are complete so they can fully make a name for themselves in the gritty Californian music scene. No Refunds are here to warm our hearts with a positive song about thinking for yourself and not just believing everything you hear and see on TV. Wise beyond their years and self-aware, look for impending releases from this motivated outfit.

Hear this debut from the exciting Montebello based act on their new Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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