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Stafford Galli sends peaceful message with ”We Are Your People” country style

We Are Your People” was written as a rally cry in the spirit of community. The song resonates more than ever in these strange a surreal times, when supporting each other is so important but some need it more than others. So let’s join together as one race, one love because ”We Are The People.” This is the message from this vibrant country band from the UK.

Stafford Galli are a Folk Rock band from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in England. This outfit are for sellout shows and rocking entertainment spanning a career of over 25 years. This is a band that has seen the whole road and when they play, the crowd come and they are a fantastically supported act.

We Are The People” is the culmination of their career and this is a humble message of peace that needs to be celebrated.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alt Rock band Sacred impress on significant ”Berlin Wall”

Alt Rock band Sacred return for deep and meaningful track ”Berlin Wall”. They reminisce about how times were back in the day when the Berlin Wall fell back in 1989 and the whole incredible moment. This was a huge day in the world and very significant in Germany of course. The band speak about the feeling of the locals on that big day and how it changed everything emotionally.

The band have a really good style about them and certainly sound tight as an outfit. This is high tempo Alt Rock that certainly pushes the volume up here. I like the sound of Sacred and they have a huge amount of potential. With a style that is very popular in the US and globally, I see no reason as to why they can’t be a huge name and pick up some incredible festival slots.

With a powerful energy and cutting lyrics, ”Berlin Wall” is a huge song by Sacred that is on a high level and deserves more love.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Folk infused beauty with ”Shadow & Form” from Burke & Krowe

Burke & Krowe are a New York based rock band that fuses jazz and folk influences to very satisfying results that tingle our fingers. They are clearly masters at what they do and the whole musical creation is quite wonderful. There is a very mellow style and everything in this song has been put together perfectly.

Shadow & Form” is all about staying consistent in life and having those who believe in us to be there. This is the only way to stay sane in life during these gloomy times. Coming to age must be on a whole new level in NYC and the feel never gets too gloomy but always honest. I feel refreshed after listening to this indie rock song.

Riley Burke, Brendan Krovatin, Nick Loud, Michael Coiro and Adam Schorr all deserve credit here as they make a tight band with their own chilled vibe that must be perfect with an intimate crowd.

To see more about their music, message and future gigs head through to Facebook.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

California’s No Refunds rock in with solid debut ”No Guarantees”

No Refunds from California have powered in with a debut to remember. With their Alt Rock infused ”No Guarantees”, this is a song about respect, ignorance in mass media and being nice to each other. A welcome message from this young band who are clearly frustrated with the political landscape in the USA and just want things to work around them.

With a diverse background of different music styles among the band, No Refunds come in with a bang here and you can tell that they have been building up to this exact moment. The boys have fine tuned their guitars and are now ready to just play their hearts out and spread their message all over the world.

No Refunds have a quality sound and for a new band, sound really tight with their debut song ”No Guarantees”. A story about keeping things civil and championing positive interactions between humans, No Refunds saunter in with their heads held high and make a rocking statement for 2020. A band with a big future, let’s hope the lineup changes are complete so they can fully make a name for themselves in the gritty Californian music scene. No Refunds are here to warm our hearts with a positive song about thinking for yourself and not just believing everything you hear and see on TV. Wise beyond their years and self-aware, look for impending releases from this motivated outfit.

Hear this debut from the exciting Montebello based act on their new Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Common Chase – Monica: Rhythmically Quaint Alt Rock

Any track which starts off with a RATM style prelude will have me instantaneously hooked. So, it wasn’t hard not to fall in love with the Common Chase’s latest single Monica. Whilst the production may be a little rawer in their almost Gothic approach to lo fi rock, there was so much emotion and momentum packed into the single that the anthemic energy hit you like a brick. However, I would have liked to hear a little more progressive rhythm to the track, the beat sits at a steady momentum throughout the melodies and bridges but what would round the track off perfectly would be a few more instrumental hooks. Yet, there’s no denying the solo which brings the track to a close isn’t intricate aural alchemy.

You can check out The Common Chase’s latest single Monica out for yourselves now by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kwolek – Miscellaneous People: Intelligently Curated Alt Rock

‘Miscellaneous People’ is just one of the singles from the alternatively styled, resoundingly gifted Alternative artist Kwolek’s latest album ‘Masks’. You know when you can practically tell an artist’s IQ when you listen to their music? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Boulder, Colorado-based artist was a card carrying member of MENSA. There’s just as much essence packed into the spaces around the sound as in the rhythmically relentless, yet quaintly lucid acoustic progressions. With an extended duration at 7-minutes long, it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the constantly twisting, seamless fluidity of the tight instrumentals. If the instrumentals aren’t enough to move you, then Kwolek’s sensually light Indie-styled vocals are bound to resound around the relentless weaving of the acoustic guitar around the classical strings and drums.

You can check out Miscellaneous People along with the rest of the tracks from the artist’s latest album by heading over to Spotify, there’s a whole 53 minutes of intelligently curated mixes as the ultimate offering of authentic aural pleasure.

Review by Amelia Vandergast