Broken Chords urges the world to be better on BROKEN DORSIL FIN

With a booming style that flows through the door with something rather real and meaningful, Broken Chords shows us all what nature really means on the environmentally astute single, BROKEN DORSIL FIN.

Broken Chords aka VINVAL is a Toronto-based indie music producer/DJ who is known for pulsating the toes off avid listeners of his impressively powerful music.

All my tracks are subjects that people don’t want to talk about or the forgotten ones. This track is about whales and dolphins whom are in captivity which with broken dorsal fin. When this fin is bent it means they are unhappy. They are performers for your entrainment and profit.” ~ Broken Chords

Saving the ocean one beat at a time and navigating the world into a much better place, Broken Chords is on a mission and will never be stopped no matter what. We find a Batman-like hero lurking amongst us, as our ears are treated to a techno track mixed in with that progression-fused moves.

BROKEN DORSIL FIN from Toronto-based indie electronic music producer/DJ Broken Chords is a nature-loving party track which will set the standard for what is possible if enough humans care. Heating up all fingertips and showing so much love for those beautiful sea-bound creatures who need our help (right now), we find a statement track made with serious skill and care.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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