Powdeer – Everywhere I Go: Genre-Defying, Funk Riddled Indie Folk

Powdeer are an absolute powerhouse trio, that have made my job defining their sound pretty damn impossible. With minimal reminiscence to any other act on the scene to date, it’s clear that the band may have their inspirations and leanings but fitting them into a nice tidy box is impossible. I’m sure they’ll be getting slapped with the ‘Alt Rock’ label and the majesty of their off-beat ska rhythms, jazzy infusions, and Folkish Indie sensibility would get lost under the generic branding. The imagery contained within the lyricism packs quite the punch around the tentatively and intricately executed progressions of each instrument. Instead of just going for your average guitar riffs Powdeer mix it up with some seriously soulful thorny breakdowns that will leave your lungs rendered temporarily useless.

Can we also get a bit of respect for the fact that Powdeer attacked the notorious Hollywood sleaze Harvey Weinstein in the most amazing way possible? Not to discredit the MeToo movement but God damn, I loved it. It makes a change to see an all male line up tackling such issues with their music.

You can check out Powdeer’s track Everywhere I Go from their 2008 EP ‘Everything’ on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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