Dwight James & The Royals – A right royal smooth groove

Whilst other artists try to create the future, attempt to build new genres, force musical styles together in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, Dwight James and his regal musical posse known as The Royals, know that there is a better way. They carefully sift through the past, gather their favourite sounds and uses those building blocks to create music which both nods to the past and carries some of its musical ideals into a new sunrise and present it to a new audience but without resorting to the nostalgia ticket. This is music of the here and now, but for once it is honest enough to wear its musical heart on its velvet jacketed sleeves.

Need Your Loving is a sumptuous collection of sounds, revelling in funky grooves, soulful vocals, gently flexed R&B muscle and a retro-vibe coating. It tips its natty fedora to a glorious pop heritage whilst striding confidently into a hazy, nu-soul future. Music is cyclical, we all know that and such stridently groovesome music has never really gone out of fashion, not once you get beyond the fabrications and corporate facades of the modern music business. Some may see this as a retro laced musical exercise, and that is fair enough, but having accepted that music is cyclical and fashions always come back around I prefer to see this twelve-legged package of wonderfully mellifluous sounds as way ahead of the curve rather than still riding the last wave.

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