Boyz II Men remix: Black Camaileon drops soulful tribute to ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’

With a stirring message that is so relevant in these troubled times, Black Camaileon is back with the remix to the classic ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘.

Black Camaileon is a New York-based producer and indie r&b influenced singer-songwriter who sadly lost his loving wife recently to cancer, and makes music to courageously honor her name.

With stunning vocals that flow out of his soul from his rough life growing up, he had a successful career before taking a long hiatus, as money and fame was never the pursuit, only making music and inspiring those who choose to listen to it.

He sings with love on this conscious classic that speaks on important issues that are still facing many today and with vocals that strike your heart and make you feel warm inside, he is an underground legend that is back in the game after many years away. You can feel his passion as he remembers the incredible 90’s, each word is sung with such precision and meaning to heat your senses and help you forget the worries of modern times.

It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘ from New York’s indie r&b singer Black Camaileon, is a stirring rendition of a track that is one of the top songs of its generation and is sung so gloriously here. A fitting tribute indeed. that helps us realize that we can be so much more if we work together and plan for a better day tomorrow, as one team.

See this terrific remix here on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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