Pr0xy drops on his knees and asks for that love to return on new single, ‘Picture On My Phone’

As he flips to the image he knows shouldn’t trigger those feelings but still does nonetheless, Pr0xy gazes in a daydream and wishes that this sweet love would come back and be more simple this time on ‘Picture On My Phone‘.

Pr0xy is a 19-year old West Tennessee, USA-based indie multi-genre artist who intertwines alt-rap, trap-metal, pop-punk and grunge into one original piece of art.

His music comes deep from his emotions, feelings, and past experiences. From heartbreak to abuse, first love to great memories, the inspiration is everywhere.” ~ Pr0xy

Singing with a really contemplative look into a former romance that was loaded with laughs but ultimately more pain than was needed, Pr0xy is so honest and leads us into this fiery time – that he misses so much – but know that the memory should be fading away quicker than it is. This is a real anthem for anyone who has dealt with trauma in love before and needs that reassurance, that they are not alone in haggling with these conflicting emotions.

Picture On My Phone‘ from West Tennessee, USA-based indie alt-rap/trap-metal solo musician Pr0xy, is a dynamic single that has you recalling back to the time when you were in a relationship that was strained but the good times were amazing. The overriding feeling is that you wish that you could kiss again and make everything better, but know that ultimately you aren’t good for each other as the mental strain was too much. If only love was just tranquil, without any of the pain attached that hurts your broken heart to its core.

Listen to this stirring new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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