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Boyz II Men remix: Black Camaileon drops soulful tribute to ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’

With a stirring message that is so relevant in these troubled times, Black Camaileon is back with the remix to the classic ‘It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘.

Black Camaileon is a New York-based producer and indie r&b influenced singer-songwriter who sadly lost his loving wife recently to cancer, and makes music to courageously honor her name.

With stunning vocals that flow out of his soul from his rough life growing up, he had a successful career before taking a long hiatus, as money and fame was never the pursuit, only making music and inspiring those who choose to listen to it.

He sings with love on this conscious classic that speaks on important issues that are still facing many today and with vocals that strike your heart and make you feel warm inside, he is an underground legend that is back in the game after many years away. You can feel his passion as he remembers the incredible 90’s, each word is sung with such precision and meaning to heat your senses and help you forget the worries of modern times.

It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday‘ from New York’s indie r&b singer Black Camaileon, is a stirring rendition of a track that is one of the top songs of its generation and is sung so gloriously here. A fitting tribute indeed. that helps us realize that we can be so much more if we work together and plan for a better day tomorrow, as one team.

See this terrific remix here on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only for the real: Birmingham singer Pavit Sanghera doesn’t want that ‘Fake Love’ on superb new single

Telling it how she truly feels, Pavit Sanghera sings so beautifully about what her heart really wants on ‘Fake Love‘.

Pavit Sanghera is a honey-tipped voiced soulfully real indie r&b/soul/Indian classically trained singer-songwriter from Birmingham in England. She sings marvelously with that inspiring honest feel, her captivating vocals rise above the tempting fake doors around you, as she affectionately leads you into the authentic energy that adds value to your mind long-term, whilst masterfully shutting out all of the unnecessary noise that just distracts you from where you need to be in your life.

She adds in her glorious Punjabi singing to blend such a tasty treat together for us to consume hungrily, as we think about those times we were with the wrong person for us completely, as we let our bodies decide, rather than our hearts. Her truthful story is sung with a loving touch, experiences interwoven into her caring nature, as she is a strong woman who is teaching us the right ways through her lovely music.

Fake Love‘ from the wonderful Birmingham, UK singer Pavit Sanghera, is that true story about how love gets cloudy sometimes between what your body feels is right and what your heart truly desires. Feeding your heart leads your soul into being full as ultimately, you want to be fulfilled in life where it counts.

Stream this sensational new single on Spotify, YouTube and see her honest stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional’

Singer-songwriter Lauren Murray is excellent on her R&B-coated debut ‘Emotional‘ and sings with such soul.

Released through Bandicoot Studios, this R&B-Jazz number with droplets of beauty makes today seem so much better. Lauren has that voice that makes you listen twice.

Lauren Murray’sEmotional‘ is a real song about letting things go even if you don’t want to right now. Things have changed so quick and trust evaporated, just like that. You know you need to heal up and this stunning song will help anyone with that emotional state that has come up, when you least expected it.

Emotional‘ from Lauren Murray is a brilliant song that shows this singer’s wonderfully crafted sultry voice. The pain from this breakup is strewn into her lyrics, the powerful sounds never become too much to the listener. This is all natural from a new talent that has given us a debut to truly think about.

Click here to watch the video.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chicago emcee Tae Gwapo scorches the mic with touchdown track ”Visions”

Tae Gwapo is a Chicago based indie emcee with a fine flow and he get the MVP with his new track called ”Visions”. This is a life-lesson masterclass with a sumptuous beat that bellows through the speakers with hauntingly beautiful female vocals added in to complete the team.

What are you main goals? This is the story here and the real advice continues. People are either gonna love or hate you. That is facts that might seem hard to understand at first but it will sink in eventually. Tae Gwapo has seen it all and he fully aware of feeding your team and keeping your eyes wide open in this crazy world.

Tae Gwapo’s ”Visions” is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite Hip Hop track of 2020 and this song serves a purpose. This quality storyteller who is on top form and shares his view of the world on this one. I like how self-aware he is and how the fame hasn’t gotten to his head. If anything, it has made him wiser. Turn this up and hit that repeat.

Stream the video on YouTube.

Read up on this top notch emcee here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen