Be Nice: Mexican-Austrian artist Paloma Amaya breaks out of the chains on Coming Home

Performed with so much heartfelt desire and unlocking the door to what is possible, Paloma Amaya returns with vocally impressive melodies to enrapture inside with Coming Home.

Paloma Amaya is a Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter based in the UK who is best known for her work at various theatres in Vienna.

After first gracing the stage when she was just 2 years old, Paloma Amaya is the kind of musician who shall stop many in their tracks. Her flourishing vocal technique will surely warm spirits and change moods, as we are treated to a truly inspiring artist who hasn’t even entered her prime yet.

Coming Home from Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter Paloma Amaya is a rather special track and shows us how a heart may heal up if it opened up again. Spectacular beyond any previous comprehension and taking us into this intricately designed anthem, this is a song to turn up loud when you know a new path is available.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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