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Be Nice: Mexican-Austrian artist Paloma Amaya breaks out of the chains on Coming Home

Performed with so much heartfelt desire and unlocking the door to what is possible, Paloma Amaya returns with vocally impressive melodies to enrapture inside with Coming Home.

Paloma Amaya is a Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter based in the UK who is best known for her work at various theatres in Vienna.

After first gracing the stage when she was just 2 years old, Paloma Amaya is the kind of musician who shall stop many in their tracks. Her flourishing vocal technique will surely warm spirits and change moods, as we are treated to a truly inspiring artist who hasn’t even entered her prime yet.

Coming Home from Mexican-Austrian singer-songwriter Paloma Amaya is a rather special track and shows us how a heart may heal up if it opened up again. Spectacular beyond any previous comprehension and taking us into this intricately designed anthem, this is a song to turn up loud when you know a new path is available.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marc Hess lets patience be his guide on his intelligent new single, ‘The Book of Life’

As he encourages us to read between the lines before assuming anything is this rather strange world, Marc Hess gives us the facts on the enlightened single that shall have you feeling in a mightily thoughtful mood with ‘The Book of Life‘.

Marc Hess is an Austrian indie country singer-songwriter. pianist, vocal teacher, producer, musical director, and actor who is well-respected by his peers worldwide.

Marc loves telling stories but also packing sociocritical statements into songs.” ~ Marc Hess

With a truly genuine style that shows his love for the inventive process, Marc Hess is quite brilliant on this soulful track all about making sure that you keep the decisions in your hands forever and never let anyone take your priceless superpowers no matter what.

The Book of Life‘ from the Austria-based indie country singer-songwriter and multi-talented creative Marc Hess, is a joyful track that sheds light on keeping your eyes open and not letting anything get in the way of your vision for success. With so many distractions at every corner if you look hard enough and people trying to take a piece of you – taking your time and doing what you feel is right – is the message here that is so candid and the truth that we all needed to hear.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Madness Has Me Trapped: Soulfully sweet Evok drop memorable debut single ‘Save Me’

Blending splendidly into our lucky speakers from their upcoming ‘Cards On The Table’ album, Evok look keenly for that elusive royal flush on their wonderfully authentic debut single called ‘Save Me‘.

Evok is an ear-pleasing soul/jazz/synth-pop duo formed by songwriter and production duo Vinzenz Benjamin and Ella Jean. They warmly make the type of ravishing music that is such a lovely blend of modern and 80’s, as they take us for a vintage ride with the top down.

Austrian born bass player, producer and composer Vinzenz Benjamin, first met Canadian born vocalist Ella Jean, when they shared the stage doing gigs around the London club scene. At the start of the first 2020 lockdown they started collaborating
remotely, creating a collection of refreshingly different, ear-catching original songs.” – Evok

This is the endearing story that has your happy heart bouncing inside with so much delight, as nothing in this world is a given and you need that special person to help you through it all. The exciting night is still young and you need their hand to guide you though it all, as you think about them constantly and wish that you could be together always.

Save Me‘ from the stunningly creative and new soul/jazz/synth-pop duo Evok, shows us an engaging journey that has your curious ears perked up as you think about that sweet love. Your stomach knots up and you feel a bit sick inside, but also feel so happy somehow at the same time, as you gaze lovingly into their shining eyes. This is that catchy single that is perfect for those late-night house party vibes when its time to get groovy.

We are blessed to have a perfect summer track like this – to lift the mood as its introduced into our awaiting bodies – that just want to dance again. When the world is burning, music helps water out all fires that need extinguishing.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Broken Pieces: Courageous London-based singer Klary carefully puts together her shattered heart so she can ‘Love Again’

As she bravely recovers from those dark times that had her mind racing and thinking twice about her undoubted qualities, Klary sings with such a beautifully authentic style, that has your heart beating like a drum on ‘Love Again’.

Klarissa aka Klary is an entrancing London, England-based indie pop singer-songwriter with Indonesian and Austrian heritage. She makes that honest music about her life — as she shows the way to find the light again — to fulfill her massive potential.

After over twelve years of performing in bands, duos and playing mostly covers, this covid-19 infected season made this wonderful singer thunk more about her own music. After extra time to reflect with no gigs apparent, you feel her determined hunger as she sings with such much pure energy and true love flowing rapidly, like the calming seas of the Caribbean.

””Love Again” was written in December 2020 and tells the story of many heart breaks and many insecurities that came out from them. After she got into depression and she ended up not liking herself, Klary decided she wanted to open a new chapter in her life and finally she came out of it stronger than ever.” – Klary

Love Again‘ from the outstanding London-based indie pop singer-songwriter Klary, shows such care and such determination to put the past behind, the torn heart and the self-doubt that threatened to rip her down, has only made her stronger. With a stunning voice and so much desire, this is a song that needs to be cherished and appreciated for its healing energies.

Big dreams do indeed require big sacrifices. Those scars will always heal if you take a step out of the cold room and vow to overcome, no matter what happened before.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen