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Those Peaceful Travels: Magnus Josefsson is authentically introspective on ‘Jimmy’s House’

After concluding that it was time to drop his debut album after many years of deep thoughtful planning, Magnus Josefsson used all the experience gained from previous mixtapes with his lead single that will have you jumping for joy on ‘Jimmy’s House‘.

Magnus Josefsson is a brilliant Vienna, Austria and Fröseke, Sweden-based dreamy instrumental solo artist and music producer.

There is so much to lather in splendidly here from a kind soul who is ready to get his music out to the world, as he projects wonderous soundscapes of a higher echelon than most of us mere mortals can even fathom. The musicianship is so tight you might need a cold glass of water to calm down, as there is so much to take in here. From the catchy riffs to the mind-bending soulful ambience, this is just excellent the whole way through.

Jimmy’s House‘ from the highly efficient Vienna and Fröseke-based top-notch instrumental solo artist and music producer Magnus Josefsson, is such a calming single which seems to crystalize in your psyche and take you to places you can only see in your dreams. Each second has been made with such love and ultimate affection, from an artist who takes you on a fascinating journey to a new world of love.

Hear this lovely new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Spill: Synesthetic Ivo brings his unique tea-filled wonderland in full force on ‘Stop Sakka’

Taken off his highly anticipated new album ‘Live at KallmanBoom‘, Synesthetic Ivo spills the tea everywhere and there is lots of innocent cutlery flying all over the place on one of the most mind-blowing tracks of 2021 called ‘Stop Sakka‘.

Vincent Pongracz aka Synesthetic Ivo, is a Vienna, Austria-based indie composer/clarinet player/neodada rapper and video producer.

The eccentric fictional character Synesthetic Ivo is played by the Austrian jazz musician and composer Vincent Pongrácz. Dadaistic raps and invented words which celebrate a modern musical nihilism in an outlandish and humorous manner are Synesthetic Ivo’s trademark.” ~ Synesthetic Ivo

He raps fluidly with such a wonderfully unique style which has your head bobbing and your feet tapping in unadulterated delight. This is the type of track that leaves your mouth open in wonder due to its dizzying creativity – his rare style is magnificently unorthodox and maze-like in delivery – as he swarms the mic like a hungry bee ready to be frenetically fed.

Without compromises he creates an audio-visual work of art that moves between David Lynch, J-Dilla, Fear
and Loathing in Las Vegas und Dadaism.” ~ Synesthetic Ivo

Stop Sakka‘ from the multi-talented Vienna, Austria-based video producer/rapper Synesthetic Ivo, is that terrifically charged release you put on loud, and tell your mates about. He displays a supreme ability to grab your attention beyond normal imagination – and with such a clever visual backing – this is a real underground gem to open your mind. Just don’t spill the tea.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Austrian singer Maddy Rose stuns with exquisite video for ”In A Better Place”

Austrian singer-songwriter and pianist Maddy Rose is an optimist and a wonderful talent. You can feel that she is practically busting to perform live again. This is the voice of a real soul that loves singing. There is no ego here and the music is pure and untainted. I really like how ”In A Better Place” is so mellow and the video lives up to expectations and more.

The Vienna based songstress is in fine form on ”In A Better Place” and Maddy Rose feels like she is ready for the next step in her career. She is grateful for playing live before and I feel like she will want to be travelling and performing live all over the world. She is ready and with songs like this, the world is her oyster.

With the late great Amy Winehouse, Carol King and current legend Adele as influences, you can hear the vocals of Soul and that pure Jazzy R&B that enters your ears and you just smile. Maddy Rose has a Jazz style that fuses so many genres in one that will resonate with millions all over the globe.

Stream this stunning song here on YouTube.

Find out more here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

TANTRIC CYCLE releases Corona (It’s a long, long story)

TANTRIC CYCLE has dropped the latest release ‘Corona (It’s a long, long story)’. A song based on the way we’re all living at the moment and it’s safe to say it sums it up well.

A rather long piece of music, at a solid seven minutes, with lyrics that portray the truths of the world at hand. Besides the meaning of it, the instrumentation that goes through it is a lot more lively and catchy. Having the fast pace riffs on the guitar and the tap on the drums adding in the electric guitar shreds towards the end.

The vocals are filled with energy and have a rather quiet volume to them, with a soft texture. Halfway through the style changes a little and becomes more of a rock song, as the volume is heightened and the instrumentation becomes slightly heavier.

Listen to TANTRIC CYCLE’s single Corona (It’s a long, long story) by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

A&R Factory Present: Hunger

Hailing from the idyllic suburbs of Vienna, Austria, electronic pop/rock band HUNGER first formed in early 2014. Coming off of the success of their band FDTF, childhood friends Daniel Rumpel and Johannes Herbst approached long-term fellow and vocalist Lucas Fendrich with the intention of creating a truly dark and cinematic sound.

In the beginning, the trio was meant to be a songwriting collective focused on epic songs that provoke an immediate, specific feeling within a listener. Standard song structures and melodies were disregarded in favor of the tone and evocation of the music. Perspectives shifted as soon as the band went into studio with British producer Dan Weller in the fall of 2014. The trio couldn’t deny their band roots and ended up with a vast, dark, cinematic sound – and the formation of HUNGER.

HUNGER’s sound is the result of three very different, yet complimentary minds. Although it took time to define their musical direction, the three band mates were able to use their differences to come up with a unique vision in which they were all comfortable and confident. Each member of the trio brings something distinctive to the overall collective.

The band constantly discusses and adjusts the band’s direction – the song concepts, sound, branding, images, videos, and artwork. Each small aspect makes up a larger vision, and each member of the trio has their own place in the process. Process has no place without inspiration. Their sound is primarily art and story driven. Each song stems from a particular concept, which affects the mood, sound and lyrics of the finished piece.

In order to create the right atmosphere for their first record, the band used a small home-studio in an old house in the hills outside of Vienna. The house sits directly in the woods and made its own impression on their first album.

In 2015 the trio decided to relocate to LA, where the band was signed. December 2015 will see the release of HUNGER’s first single, Gravity. Gravity is the second story in a trilogy of three connected music videos. Though it was difficult for Daniel, Johannes and Lucas to choose their first single – “We just had the feeling that this story and this track is the right thing to release first. This song is very special to us, it is very poppy but at the same time super dark, epic and painful…this song represents the whole project.”

The song was, listed on Spotify´s NMF Playlist and was recently featured on Netflix’ new TV show ’13 Reasons Why’.

A&R Factory Present: Viviola

Often the beauty of the independent music scene is just how remarkably eclectic and bizarre it has a tendency to be. Last week, a rising duo who calls themselves Viviola released a new single, ‘Flesh,’ that perfectly embodies that side of the indie music community. Self-described as “epic, ecclesiastical, erotic, electro,” Viviola’s music is certainly quite unique unto itself. Is ‘Flesh’ a single worth picking up? Let’s find out.

Viviola definitely hasn’t boxed themselves into a specific corner with their music style. It has pop influence, yes, but it’s heavily layered in electronic influence. Consisting of Viktoria Schöffl and Mario Wienerroither, the duo lives and breathes through Schöffl’s lead vocals. Her soft musings are the undeniable centerpiece of ‘Flesh,’ and her delicate, vulnerable delivery makes the song particularly special.

The lyricism of ‘Flesh’ does border into the erotic, as Schöffl croons about bodies becoming “matching blocks” when they connect. It’s tasteful, though, and there’s an artistry to the intimate lyricism at play here. Similarly, the duo’s stunningly shot music video complements the poignancy of the single even further. The video for ‘Flesh’ is one of the best music videos in the indie scene thus far this year; it’s very well shot and edited.

As Viviola reaches the peak of intensity on ‘Flesh,’ the listener is met with a masterful soundscape of sweeping synthesizers and heart-pounding electronic beats. ‘Flesh’ is a wonderfully produced track, certainly worth taking notice of amidst a sea of indie electro-pop artists with far more sketchy and poorly executed compositions.

Every element of ‘Flesh’ also feels meticulously organized, from Schöffl’s vocals that slowly grow in intensity to the occasional, anthemic choral harmonies the accent her in the middle of the track at the two minute mark. The music video clearly has some depth, too, seemingly showcasing Schöffl being cleansed both literally and metaphorically, naked in the shower.

There’s a lot of pop music with electronic stylings in the indie scene. It’s one of the most popular subgenres. Viviola have done something very difficult with their new single, though. They’ve created an entry in that part of the scene that actually feels fresh and different. That’s an accomplishment worth lauding.

Words By Brett David Stewart